One Piece Bounty System Ch 25

Chapter 25: Shock

After that, Tianlei returned to his room ans start the lottery on the bounty system!

[The bounty system suggests that the host now has twenty-three primary draw chances, an intermediate lottery opportunity]

[Ting! Host kills three Paramecia devil fruit users, has three extraction opportunities, primary body learning probability of 20%, primary sword extraction rate of 20%, primary shooting extraction rate of 20%, primary weapon extraction rate of 20%, Paramecia devil fruit extraction rate is 20% (the probability will increase when you defeat a Paramecia devil fruit user). Start to extract, get a fine iron sword, Paramecia devil fruit, a nameless primary Jiu Jitsu exercising set]

[Ting! The host has killed five Zoan devil fruit user, with five extraction opportunities, 20% chance of primary body extraction, 20% chance of primary sword extraction, 20% primary shooting probability, 20% primary weapon extraction rate, Zoan devil fruit extraction rate is 20% (the probability will increase when you defeat a Zoan devil fruit user). Start to extract, two pistols were obtained, a fine iron sword, two Zoan devil fruit, and no name sword technique.]

After pumping here, the saliva of Tianlei almost flow down. A Paramecia devil fruit and two Zoan devil fruits. Although Tianlei also knows the classification of this devil fruit, like the crystal fruit of Kobi, there are many obvious shortcomings, so they are in primary stage. And Yuxi’s Zoan department – cat-cat fruit – Bobcat form and Cp9 Rob Lucci’s Zoan type – cat fruit – leopard form, the Bobcat and leopard need not say more! That is to say, the weaker animal in the same category is the primary.

Although I will not use it, but it is better for my partners. It is good to know the qualifications of my two partners were already good, it is even better with this devil fruit.

[Ting! Host killed 15 ordinary bounty pirates, with 15 extraction opportunities, 22% chance of primary physical examination, 22% of primary sword extraction, 22% of primary shooting, 22% of primary weapon extraction, Paramecia devil fruit extraction probability is 6%, and Zoan devil fruit extraction rate is 6%. Starting the extraction, You got six long guns, four pistols, two sets of unnamed primary boxing, two sets of unnamed primary guns, and one Zoan devil fruit.

“Fuck! It is also an Zoan devil fruit.”

It is estimated that he is the only one in the world of the One Piece, that having a headache for so many devil fruit.

“There is also two sets of unnamed elementary boxing and unnamed primary guns shooting technique, plus a set of unnamed primary Jiu Jitsu, a nameless sword. I also practiced the Fishman karate, the nameless sword, it can only be provided to my partners! It is good to cultivate for those who cannot practice the Navy six style.”

This time the harvest is a bit big! No matter how much your own people are running out, it’s not bad to get replaced with something from my cheap uncle or Sangoku.

[Ding! Host kills an ordinary bounty pirate, has a chance to extract, the intermediate body extraction probability is 15%, the intermediate sword extraction rate is 15%, the intermediate shooting extraction rate is 15%, the intermediate weapon extraction rate is 15%, and Paramecia devil fruit extraction probability is 10%, Zoan devil fruit extraction rate is 10%, Armament Haki factor extraction rate is 10%, and Observation Haki factor extraction probability is 10%. Starting to extract, You got the sword technique of the intermediate swordsman Tashigi (move: Use Armament Haki to strengthen the attacking power of the samurai sword, and make the lightning strikes against the opponent.)]

Tianlei began to drool again, you must know how to use the awakened Armament Haki! Although Tashigi’s intermediate swordsmanship has only one stroke, it’s okay, but this is also the way to use Armament Haki to strengthen the samurai sword! With this move, with Armament Haki, it can be the same as Zoro.

Turn the knife into a black knife with Armament Haki.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host officially stepping into the middle level i.e ten million to 100 million bounty strength level, rewarding a novice gift package. Is it open?]

There are some doubts on Tianlei’s face, the novice gift package is not given at the beginning? How do you give it now? It’s hard to believe that you get a novice gift after you enter into the middle level!

[Ding! Congratulations to the host to open a novice gift package, get a mid-level specific draw, Armament Haki, Observation Haki, intermediate Paramecia devil fruit, intermediate Zoan devil fruit. Whether to extract!?]

Tianlei is now completely crazy, compared with the previous one, this reward is really rich! And this ratio, the previous harvest is like a cloud! Why don’t you pump it before!

[Ding! Host novice gift package, Armament Haki extraction rate is 25%, Observation Haki extraction rate is 25%, intermediate Paramecia devil fruit extraction rate is 25%, intermediate Zoan devil fruit extraction rate is 25%, Starting the extraction, You get Armament Haki, is it used?]

It’s actually an Armament Haki, Tianlei wants this the most. Once you have Armament Haki, your own attacks and defenses intensity will increase dramatically.


Tianlei’s brain just flashed with the word, and Haki awakening factor immediately made him have a headache and he feels like it is splitting his head. At the same time, there was a feeling that the head was swollen, and then he fainted. When Tianlei woke up next day, there was already sun shining into the room.

The first thing Tianlei do after woke up, was to look at the changes in his body. Tianlei has extended his fists and his fists have turned black. It’s not bad. Tianlei has already mastered the Armament Haki, but unfortunately he can only barely cover his double fists.

It seems that it is necessary to go to the uncle Akainu to get Haki practice method, or else if I try to explore myself, the cultivation will be too slow! But I don’t know if this Haki factor can be used by others or not!

[Ding! The bounty system informs that everything in the bounty system can be used by others. Haki awakening factor, as long as the host touches the body of another person, it can enter other people’s bodies without being noticed by others.]

Tianlei really got stunned, this is just going against the sky! Think about your own crew, every partners is Haki users, even Armament Haki, Observation Haki, what will be the scene? Thinking of this day, Tianlei can not help but shout!

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