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One Piece Bounty System Ch 18

Chapter 18: Yuxi’s shot

She want to see my own performance, he can’t help but blush! Is it really so bad? Can’t even compare to a woman? Do not! I have to be strong and I can do it. As for the fat woman, Kobi directly ignore Alvida at this time because in his heart, Alvida is not a woman at all!

Tianlei looked at it, and the change in expression on Kobi was quite satisfactory. It is good to change. After all, courage can be refined a little. He laugh and said to Kobi: “Tell me, why you want to be a navy, what are your ideals!”

Kobi thought of these days, how he survive here, the tears in his eyes could not help but come out again, but his face had a bit of perseverance. Although his body was trembling, his voice is firm: “I want to be a navy, I want to kill them, I want to kill the old fat lady Alvida!”

Tianlei listened, and couldn’t help but pick up his eyebrows and laughed. It seems that he has made up his mind: “Okay! It’s good to know how to resist but want to be a navy, your first condition is to protect the civilians. But first of all, your own strength must be strong, or how will you guard them?” After talking about pirates, he said coldly: “Those who kill innocent you have to kill them mercilessly. Remember killing a evil guy is a good thing. Ofcourse there are some peoples who are not evil or kill innocent, you have to let them go. Because we are not murderer.”

Kobi was stunned by him, and the tears in his eyes gradually stopped. He grind his teeth and said: “I understand that this world is were power is everything!”

Tianlei: “Yes, but you have to remember, all pirates are not evil. There is no shortage of scum in the navy. The navy with justice is also different. For example, my justice is that anyone who is killing the innocent are criminal, even if they are navy, world government or pirates! But now only I dare to talk to you because I still don’t have enough strength to carry out justice in my heart. So you have to remember that justice also requires strength to be implemented! Your’s case is also the same!”

When Kobi heard Tianlei, his chin almost fell to the ground. This kind of justice has never been thought of and done in this world. Yuxi is also stunned but her beautiful eyes has some changes.

At this moment, a loud noise came from the door, and Tianlei looked back and saw a ugly, fat, freckled woman standing at the door of the room. She is glaring at them. She broke the door with a mace in her hand.

After Kobi saw the woman, his body shook visibly. He forgot the disappointment he had just made, and his body moved backwards and desperately trying to hide behind Tianlei, not letting women see him.

However, he still can’t hide from the ugly woman’s sight. She saw Kobi was with the two navies and said coldly: “Kobi it seems that you really don’t want to live! Actually dare to bring two navies, ha ~ Ha ~ Ha! Do you think that they can beat me by their own? It is ridiculous!” Needless to say, this ugly and fat face is freckled.

But before she finished, Yuxi smiled. “Before looking at the photos on your reward list, I was thinking, how can in this world there is such an old, fat and ugly woman! But now, you have an well-deserved reputation! The real person is much older, more fat, and ugly than the photo on the reward list! Is it really a woman?”

Yuxi words are really poisonous, it is really amazing! Kobi behind Tianlei, eyes almost falling out. The other pirates are also stunned.

Women are more cruel against women! This Yuxi is beautiful and Alvida most want to kill the beautiful girl the most. Yuxi finally questioned, Is she really a woman, but it is poisonous to the extreme! It is estimated that no woman can stand it.

Originally, Alvida hated others who said she was ugly.

It’s not just ugly now, it’s fat! Still old! Still not a woman! How can she endure it. She immediately lifted up the huge mace and screamed, and she rushed to Yuxi and said: “Damn girl! Actually dare to say that I am fat~~~~ I want to turn you into meat paste!” After that, the mace attack on Yuxi.

Tianlei did not go to block, but he was like watching a movie. If he didn’t know that Yuxi learned a six-style, and he might still shoot. Now! He doesn’t need it!

Kobi also reacted at this time, pushing Tianlei: “You still don’t save her, she is about to be killed by Alvida.”

Feeling a cold wind on the head, Yuxi’s face did not change in the slightest. It’s just when Alvida’s mace was on her head, her feet were on the floor.


She disappeared from the same place.

kobi’s mouth is hooked, and with his eyes, there is a magical power. From the direction of Alvida, she just saw his strange smile, and when she saw Kobi’s eyes, the sledgehammer in her hand paused.

Alvida’s mace hit the air and made a big hole in the floor. At this time, Yuxi, who disappeared, appeared behind Alvida. Seeing the undefended back of Alvida, this is a great time to attack! Immediately, she kicked her on the back.

“Urrrr!” The blood from Alvida’s mouth spewed out, and at the same time, the floor that had been damaged by Alvida could not withstand such power.

“Car! Car! Car!”

The sound of the cracked floor sounded, and Alvida fell to the next level. She was so hurt that she directly fainted.

Kobi looked at the ugly woman who used to be arrogant. Falling straight down in front of him, his heart is far more shocking than joy.

This woman, in his opinion, is like the existence of God. She is so arrogant that she can kill him at any time! She always forces him and always asks him: “Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?” And at this time, he always said in violation of his heart: “Yes, Master Alvida is the most beautiful in the world.”

Although he said this, he always secretly gritted his teeth and thought: “One day, one day I must shout out the truth. One day I must defeat this woman by myself and defeat all the bad guys in the world!”

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