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One Piece Bounty System Ch 14

Chapter 14 Arrives at Logue Town

The speed of the two brothers, Buchi and Sham, was still very fast. When Tianlei used the gun, one went from the top, one from the bottom, and both hit with a double-claw attack.

Tianlei, no matter what attack they attacked, immediately came a left-legged golden chicken independent, and the right leg kicked the air into the air and blocked his attack. He punched normally.

Just listening to the “Boom” sound, these two brothers claws were broken, and then flew out.

Tianlei came to the sky above Buchi. He kicked on the face and went straight to KO. Then he quickly shot with the gun again and shot through Sham’s head.

[The bounty system prompts that the host kills the pirate of bounty 9 million belongs to black cat pirates, rewards a primary body, swordsmanship, shooting, weapons, Paramecia devil fruit, Zoan devil fruit.?

[Bounty system prompts, the host killed black cat pirate group deputy captain Jango and the main combat team Sham and Buchi, he is inspired the defeat the captain of the black cat pirate group and rescued the Syrup Village. Branch line mission: Reward the middle-level refining mobile practice method cat step! Whether the host accepts!?

There are tasks? pick up! Must be picked up, Kuro’s cat step is still very eye-catching when they are combined with the shaving method of Navy six styles, it also becomes silent when using shaving.

[Bounty system prompts, the host accepts, defeats the captain of the black cat pirate group, saves the Syrup village. Branch line task must be completed in one month for the reward of the middle-level refining mobile practice method catwalk! The failure deducted 100 million Bailey.?

“Hey? There is such a punishment for failure? But I have no money fortunately. Fortunately, there is a month, and this task is more than enough.

[The bounty system prompts that if host fails after accepting the mission and doesn’t provide 100 million Bailey, He will be erased or the Penis will be shortened by ten centimeters.?

This system prompts scare Tianlei, there is no 100 million Bailey? Then his little brother will be shorten.

Isn’t this forcing him to make money? Isn’t this forcing him to be corrupt? I am a good person!

After reading this, Tianlei only looked up at the other members of the Black Cat Pirates. They are now scared! In their eyes, the deputy captain, Sham and Buchi are the strongest people besides Captain Kuro but now the three people together are killed by this boy!

Tianlei swept his eyes and immediately they smashed down their head one by one: “We are wrong Captain, please don’t kill us!”

Tianlei: “Where is the treasure room of your pirate ship? Take me there!” Tianlei was led by the pirates to the treasure room, only 5 million Bailey, and some gold and silver jewelry! They are really a bunch of poor ghosts!

When Tianlei came out of the treasure house, Yu Xi and Face had already taken over the warships, and all the pirates had been tied up.

“This pirate ship is worth a little money, don’t waste it. You take some people to drive this pirate ship and go to Loguetown with us.”

Yu Xi listened to the words of Tianlei and could not help but think that his boss is a financial fan!

She just want to say something but Tianlei said first: “I am a money loving guy, so all the treasure will move to my room on the ship first.”

Soon the warship and the pirate ship came to the port of Loguetown, and the system text appeared again in the brain of Tianlei.

[The bounty system prompts that the host came to the Loguetown for guarding. Mission: Guard the Loguetown and annihilate all the pirates in the East Blue Sea. Reward: A set of advanced swords technique, one of 50 Ryo Wazamono Grade Sword of snow.?

“It seems that I have to work hard! This is a naked temptation, no! Speaking of the famous sword, there are two in this Loguetown!”

Ghost Cheer: One of the three sabre of Zoro. The three middle blades are the narrowest, and the most curved ones are characterized by a small piece of white cloth on the shank and the scabbard (it seems to be the cloth is correct) and the knife body is characterized by a flame-like blade.

Snow: One of the three sabre of Zoro that looks gorgeous, one of the 50 workers. It was the heirloom sword of the boss of the prop shop, and he gave it to him because he admired Zoro. However, when they try to fled from the judicial island, it was destroyed by the captain of the Navy’s headquarters. For this snow walk to be destroyed, many people have regretted in the past life, and Tianlei naturally is one of them.

“Yu Xi, you put the pirates back to the station, put it in your name that you catch them! I am not interested in these pirates!” Tianlei is very shameless to start the shopkeeper.

Yu Xi: “Captain Tian Lei, this is not the rule! This must be done by you.”

“From today, here, my words are rules!” Tianlei said with very domineering.

Yu Xi looked at the appearance of Tianlei and knew that he would not do it. She could only follow the orders. It seems that I will be very busy in the future, who will let herself be in his ship!

“Face! You come with me!” Tianlei said.

Face: “Where?”

“Do you want a sword? I know that there are two famous swords in this Loguetown, and the three generations of ghosts and one is the 50 Ryo Wazamono Grade Swords.” Tianlei said temptedly.

“Three generations of ghosts and one of the 50 Ryo Wazamono Grade Swords?” Face eyes immediately lit up. Which swordsman can withstand this temptation.

It took an hour to finally find the weapons store that Zoro arrived. This Loguetown is a big town. It is better to say that this town is equal to a city, but there are dozens of weapons stores! To be honest, they can find this weapons store, thanks to the characteristics of this boss.

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