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One Piece Bounty System Ch 13

Chapter 13 Black Cat Pirates

Akainu: “Tianlei has this much strength? Is this kid still not shown us his full power before me?”

“I don’t know about this, but I can see that he combined the iron block extension in the six style with the fishman karate and the power is greatly increased! But his fishman karate does not seem to have been modified. It is not a real fishman karate. I suggest to find the real fishman karate for Captain Tianlei, so I think his strength will definitely increase again.” Yuan Zhi said.

When Yuan Zhi said this, Sengoku immediately said: “I agree, Fishmen Island have joined the alliance, and no one is allowed to take them as slaves. At the same time, I will try to ask them for Fishman karate.”

When they talked, Tianlei has already so happy that he begin sing song. Because it is good to have his own warship!

A month later: “Reporting to the Captian, we have already arrived in the East Blue Sea, and we found a pirate ship in front. From the above-mentioned pirate flag, the black cat pirate group suspected of being destroyed.”

Tianlei was happy when he heard it. It seems that his luck is really good! Its not right! Isn’t the Black Cat Pirates the first small BOSS meet Luffy? But how can their pirate ship be here? Their captain Kuro is not in the home of Usopp?

He really can’t figure it out! who cares! He went up and said: “Everyone listens to the order, advances at full speed, and catches up with them.”

Navy soldiers: “Yes! Captain!”

On the other side, Black cat pirate group also discovered the Navy. The black cat pirate group naturally saw the warship of Tianlei. A pirate Ronaldo ran over: “The deputy captain, there is a warship chasing us from behind!”

Jango: “Well? In the East Blue Sea, there is a navy who dares to chase us?”

He said: “Take them down! Directly kill them?”

Sham: “You know that Captain Kuro said that we can’t expose us now. Now that these navies see us, they must die.”

Jango didn’t want to have much trouble, but when he thought of Kuro, he couldn’t help but shake his body: “Fire at the warships behind!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The shells fell on the side of the warships of Tianlei, and some fell on the warships. They only saw the swordsmen, a leap, the swords at the waist suddenly came out, the swords flashed, and the shells have been split into two halves.

Black cat pirate group could not help but wonder, is this the weakest of the four seas? How do you see the navy so powerful?

In the past month, Tianlei has not been idle, and the initial steps have been learned, but it can only be used in a short distance, and the speed is not fast. If the black cat pirate group does not return, Tian Lei can only rely on the warship to chase, the moon step is really not good. But now it is not the same. He can directly reach to the black cat pirate group.

Tianlei: “Face and Yu Xi, together with the Xingqiang! I am going to these daring guys.” After saying that Tianlei jumped up, he use moon step to go to the black cat pirates.

Tianlei is approaching a little bit faster, and the black cat pirates also found Tianlei in the sky. A pirate pointed to the air: “Deputy captain, Someone is flying and coming toward us.”

Just finished, Sham and Buchi shot down on the ground: “Mom~~ What are you going to do? Is there a flying person~~~~~~?” They look in the direction that Ronaldo pointed out: “Is anyone really flying in the air?” Sham’s eyes burst out.

Jango: “What?”

At this time, Tianlei was already over the black cat pirate ship. He fell on the black cat pirate ship and asked curiously: “The boss of your black cat pirate group is not in Syrup Village? How come you are strolling here?”

Jangao, Sham and Buchi had seen Tianleir flew down from the air, and they had already stopped. Now, when they listen to Tianlei, they are completely stunned and stuttered: “How did you know that our captain was in Syrup village?”

“Is there something I don’t know about this world? The hypnotist Jango, the deputy captain of the Black Cat Pirates, reward of 9 million. You two guys like cats, fat one is Buchi, Thin one is Sham, the strongest fighter of the Black Cat Pirates!”

After a while, Sham asked: “How do you know? Now you must die, otherwise Captain Kuro will not let us go.”

Buchi and Jango looked at each other: “Brother!”

Sham first rushed up and extended his claws to Tianlei. Tianlei can’t help but smile, and the gallbladder of these pirates is really big enough. Tianlei did not mean to hide, and immediately sighed: “Iron!”

When Sham saw that Tianlei couldn’t avoid it, he couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t hide is the best result, and he got it! But the facts are often unexpected. Sham’s claws attack on the thunder’s body and only heard a harsh sound, like a metal plate.

Tianlei touched the place where Sham attacked, he found that only the clothes were broken, and the others were harmless. Just Tianlei didn’t even feel the pain, for this point Tianlei is very satisfied, but also probably know his own defense.

Tianlei looked at the three people who had been scared, and smiled coldly and rushed straight to the three.

Looking at the rushing Tianlei, Sham and Buchi can only fight hard. One on the left and other on the right attacked Tianlei. The most ridiculous thing is that Jango took out his hypnotic props and used it against Tianlei. He said, “Look at my eyes and look at my eyes!”

Tianlei’s head could not help but drop a cold sweat, this trick may be very dangerous. He immediately took out the gun and fired, bullet directly penetrated the heart of Jango. Tianlei did not have a slight affection for the Black Cat Pirates. He did not plan to let them go anyway.

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