My fury will burn the heavens ch 61

Chapter 61 leaves

Jiang Yunhai went to Jiang Clan and Wudian afterward. No one in Jiang Clan member knew what he said. However, after Jiang Yunhai left, Jiang Yunshan immediately ordered a blockade. Except for Jiang Henshui and Jiang’s higher member, no clan members can go out. Most of Jiang’s industries have begun to shrink and sell and they are obviously prepared to understate self-protection and recuperate.

Jiang Yunshan had to do this. Jiang Yunhai went to the Jiang Clan but he did not say anything. But left a sentence – to eliminate him and Jiang Yi’s ethnic origin, in other words, he and Jiang Yi no longer belong to the Jiang Clan. Jiang Yunsuo and Jiang Yunshi were killed. The Jiang Clan have act in a low-key manner from now onwards. They feared that after Jiang Yunhai left, they would be annexed by other clans…

Wudian’s visit is to abolish the agreement with Jiang Yi. But Jiang Yunhai also owed to them. He is also not a no-brainer. Wu Dian is too strong. If he tries to fight against them, Jiang Yunhai and Jiang Yi will die.

The army withdrew its troops and Tianyu City resumed its calm again. The game of Lingwushan College continued but it was obviously not as lively as it used to be. Many people watched the game on the field and Jiang Yi’s face appeared in their mind. Every time they thought, he could not win, he creates a miracle.

However, Ji Tian and Jiang Yunhai both issued a clear warning that no one dared to talk about Jiang Yi again. After a few days, Ji Tingyu and Jiang Hanshui win regularly. Everyone forgot Jiang Yi and began to pay attention to them.

During the time agreed by Jiang Yunhai, Ma Clan sold their clan property, purchased 5,000 Diqi Dan and collected 500,000 Gold coin. And to Ji Tian’s house.

Ma Kui was very clever. After sending Dan and Gold coin to Jiang Yunhai, he immediately led the whole clan to leave Tianyu City and settle down in the nearby town to stay away from other Clans for the time being. But even so, if Ma Clan wants to return to Tianyu City, it will take around 1 decade of preparation…

A few days later, Ji Tingyu took the lead in completing the 100-game winning streak. Jiang Hanshui and Leng Biao also won their places. There was no accident in the back knockout, and Liu He got the last place. The major families are all overjoyed, especially the Liu Clan. He takes Jiang Yi’s quota…

Of course, Hidden clan boy also got the quota. He definitely did not get such a quota so easily, at least the strength of Ma Heqi is stronger than him.

The town’s western army was also quickly started enrolling. Of course, most of the places were actually set. For example, Jiang Rulong was originally one of the defaults. Unfortunately, Jiang Yi kill him…

Lingwushan instructor let the five people arrive in college in 45 days. They left Tianyu City with the guards of the town’s Western Army, and the city was completely restored its calm.

Jiang Yi has disappeared since he entered Ji Tian house. No one except Ji Tian has seen him. And after ten days, the injury was completely healed. He went to the Wu Dian for practice in the night. Jiang Yunhai brought a lot of Diqi Dan, let him increase his cultivation at super fast speed…


Time flies, a month passed in the blink of an eye.

In the cultivation room in Wu Dian, Jiang Yi opened his eyes and sighed: “This cultivation speed is almost like flying!”

His seal was completely cracked, and the cultivation speed was 2-3 times faster than Jiang Hanshui. Plus the gathering of the spirits in the Wu Dian, and his black power to increase the strength of Dan, his cultivation speed can be described as a horror. For such a short period of time, he has already broken through the 5th level of Qi Condensation stage….

“Is it almost time? Grandpa said that after a month, we will leave Tianyu City to go to the beast city!”

Jiang Yi got up and stretched his body. He opened the door and went out. As soon as he went out to, he saw a familiar face, Yang Guan.

Yang Guan’s face if filled with smile, and he patted Jiang Yi’s shoulder and sighed: “Wolf, I know you have to go, no matter where you go, how will be your future, you must keep in mind ‘You have to be patient, don’t be impulsive like before’. If something happened out there which you can’t handle, you can come back here at any time.”

Jiang Yi nodded heavily, then deeply bowed. And finally led by Yang Guans to walked out of the Wu Dian.

There is a luxurious carriage on the street outside, with a big “Ji” written on it. Jiang Yunhai stood under the carriage and saw Jiang Yi coming out. He signaled him to come to the carriage.

Jiang Yi jumped into the carriage and saw a bed in it. Jiang Xiaonu was quietly sleeping in it and he let out a sigh of relief. He opened the window and looked at Yang Guan and waved his hand.


Jiang Yunhai entered the carriage and ordered the coachman of the Ji Clan. The coachman raised the whip and the carriage went straight to the south gate.

The carriage passed through the lively Tianyu City and soon arrived at the City Gate. Ji Tian and Jiang Yunshan stood silently with a group of people. The coachman saw those two people and quickly controlled the carriage to stop. Jiang Yunhai opened the curtain and swept Ji Tian and nodded. “Ji Tian, You came to say bye!”

Ji Tian nodded a smile, waved: “Yunhai brother, take care of yourself all the way! Try to visit us when you have time, we will drink a few cups of wine together!”

Jiang Yunshan sees Jiang Yunhai still did not look at him, his face is very dim but still hold the fist said: ” Uncle Hai, Take care!”

Jiang Yunhai swept on Jiang Yunshan and nodded indifferently, glanced at Ji Tian, give him a special look and pulled down the curtain, and said to the coach: “Drive!”

Coachman held a fist to Ji Tian and said goodbye.

Ji Tian has long sighed: “Hey… Yunshan, Yunhai brother is actually very concerned about Jiang clan, but unfortunately, you hurt his heart!”

Jiang Yunshan’s suddenly bowed his head. When Jiang Yunhai left, he solemnly explained that he must take good care of Jiang Yi but he did not care too much. Why do he concern about a sealed waste? Jiang Yi was beaten over the years and was suppressed. He always thought that Jiang Yunhai was dead and he simply don’t care about Jiang Yi. He didn’t think that one step was wrong, step by step, Jiang family is now very badly hurt, it can be said that everything is his own self-blamed…

After a long time, Jiang Yunshan asked: “Where did they go Ji Tian, Will they come back later?”

“I don’t know!”

Ji Tian shook his head but said very firmly: “Wait sometime we will get the news. With Jiang Yi’s legendary talent and his temper, he will soon be famous in the world then we will know where they are staying.”

“legendary talent?”

Jiang Yunshan frowned, puzzled and asked:”Jiang Yi’s talent is not that good, even if he can enhance the overall combat power because of his technique but his cultivation is still low, he is still a waste?”


Ji Tian couldn’t help but look down on him. When Jiang Yunhai was leaving, he gave him a look and asked him to take care of the Jiang clan. At this moment, he was too lazy to mention this. He looked at Jiang Yunshan and said: “Martial art technique? Even if there is Jiangyi’s martial art technique, can you feel his cultivation? Jiang Yi cultivates for less than a month and he breaks through the 5th level of Qi condensation stage! Although there is a Diqi Dan to increase cultivation speed but such a talent is absolutely comparable to the top genius of the continent, this kid has more secrets than you can imagine! You ah … not only you hurt the heart of Yunhai brother but also let Jiang clan lost a peerless genius, If Jiang Yi does not die, I have a hunch that his achievements will definitely exceed your imagination!”

“Swissss …”

Jiang Yunshan was shocked, his heart was in full swing, his eyes were looking at the carriage. He is full of regret and helplessness. If in the future, Jiang Yi is really like what Ji Tian said?? he can become a strong person against the sky, then how he will look at the ancestors of the Jiang clan’s face?

“Ohhh, finally left!”

There is a young girl hidden in the crowd, wearing a flaming tight skirt, her body is extremely hot, and her eyes are looking at the carriage farther and farther, sighing. Ling Xue knows that Jiang Yi will go farther and farther away from her!


“Grandpa, where are we going?”

The carriage drove around hundreds of feet, and Jiang Yi gently stroked the face of Ai and asked in a low voice to Jiang Yunhai.

Jiang Yunhai smiled and said. “We go to the most beastly city in the southern part of Shenwu. You need to go there to participate in a competition so that you have the opportunity to enter Lingwushan College! Then you have the opportunity to get close to the Tianji therapist. When you get his good feelings, I will give you some money and treasures, so that you can ask him to solve Ai’s poison easily.”

Jiang Yi blinked and asked: “Grandpa, can’t we talk directly to the therapist in the college? What is this competition?”

“Silly boy!”

Jiang Yunhai said with a smile: “Ling Beast Mountain covered around 30,000 km forest, the college is not part of the six countries. It is independent of all the forces. Don’t say about us, even if the sacred warriors are not allowed to enter, they will not let you enter if you not participate in the competition!

“As for blood refining competition, as the name implies, it is a very dangerous competition! Lingwushan College will hold a competition for every enrollment, so that the students enrolled in each city will pass through the 30,000 mountains to arrive at the college alone, such as this time in Tianyu City. Five people, They have to cross the mountains and kill the low-level beast, to have officially arrived in college as its students. If you can not reach college within the specified time, then they will still be sent back, of course, for them to blood refining competition difficulty is not great.”


Jiang Yi was even more confused. He frowned and asked: “What is the difference?”

“Of course it is!”

Jiang Yunhai explained: “This blood refining is divided into two types, one is the student who has already got a quota, the other is that there is no quota, such as you! Of course… you go to participate in blood refining, the difficulty will be doubled. After half a year, you will participate in a special blood refining competition to become a real student! And the students of Lingwushan College have many hierarchical systems, such as registered students, ordinary Trainees, elite students, talented students, etc. You can improve your class level step by step and then you have the opportunity to get close to knowing the heavenly therapist…”


Jiang Yi listens and felt his head hurts but turned to look at the sleeping Jiang Xiaonu, his young face immediately became extraordinarily determined.

No matter how hard it is, he will certainly work hard to cultivate, so that his strength will continue to improve, he will emerge in the college, get the approval of the therapist and save Ai.

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