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My fury will burn the heavens ch 59

Chapter 59 Who sealed it?
  Jiang Yunhai saw Jiang Yi look like this, his face showed a trace of distress, but he did not give much comfort, because he did not know how to comfort. This kind of thing Jiang Yi has to know sooner or later. Anyone knows that he has no father. Is it sad that his mother will die? Jiang Yi is still a calm and tough character.
    Jiang Yi forced himself not to think about these things, but there were still too many doubts in his mind. After a moment he calmly asked: “Grandpa, is the seal in my Dantian also made her?”
    “Maybe, maybe the lady wants Seal your dantian and let you be an ordinary person. This is when I was too persistent, it will lead to a series of things happening. If I don’t leave, there will not be so many things happen…”
    Jiang Yunhai sighs then he thought of something, his gaze was brilliant, and he looked at Jiang Tian’s Dantian and asked: “How is your seal unleashed? Is it really when Jiang Yun snake kills you? The fire dragon virtual shadow automatically came out to protect the Lord, so the seal was unlocked?”
    “Not all!”
    Jiang Yi shook his head, silent for a while, began to fully out what happened half a year ago, even the mysterious unnamed exercises and Black Qi did not hide. In his heart, Jiang Yunhai is definitely a trustworthy person. Of course, he is also very puzzled inside. He wants Jiang Yunhai to see what this black Qi is. Why is this so mysterious?
    Jiang Yunhai listened and shocked his hand. He stretched his hand on the back of Jiang Yi and immediately ran a trace of Qi into the body of Jiang Yi. After a while, he was surprised: “Young Master, In your Dantian, there is no black Qi.”
    “It run out, I will refine it!”
    Jiang Yi quickly sat up and began to practice, but this cultivation speed scared himself. Because in the past, it took a little half an hour to refine a trace of black Qi. Now it is only a glimpse of the black power in Dantian, and the refining speed is dozens of times faster than before!
    “Right, seal, my seal is completely cracked, the speed of cultivation should be a lot faster! Hmm… look at the speed of refining the blue Qi!”
    Jiang Yi’s heart was shocked, and he quickly dispelled distracting thoughts and began to run Jiangshui. Running his body once again trembled, and suddenly opened his eyes, the eyes was unbelievable.
    “What’s wrong, Young master?” Jiang Yun asked.
    “My cultivation speed…” Jiang Yi opened his mouth and exclaimed for a long time: “At least a hundred times faster than the original!”
    Jiang Yunhai was also shocked and asked: “Young Master, Are you sure?”
    Seeing Jiang Yi’s affirmation nodded, Jiang Yunhai’s heart stirred up. Jiang Yi’s original cultivation speed was very slow. It was thirty or forty times worse than Jiang Hanshui. Now his cultivation speed is 100 times that of the original. Doesn’t that… his cultivation speed is now two or three times that of Jiang Hanshui?
    Jiang Yunhai is clear about the talent of Jiang Hanshui. He has reached the top of Qi Condensation stage and he is second to none in Tianyu City. He will definately reach True profound relm! If Jiang Yi’s cultivation speed can be two or three times faster than him, then Jiang Yi’s talent is definitely better than the top genius of Shenwu, even if the top five geniuses on the Qingyun list are only equal to this cultivation speed!
    Shenwu State has a blue cloud list and young geniuses under the age of 20 can be included in the list, according to the comprehensive calculation of talents. The martial arts who can go to the top ten of the Qingyun list are not peerless geniuses. In the future, as long as they don’t die, they will definitely have a promising future.
    “Oh… I am so confused, my Master and that person are so strong, how can the qualifications of the young master be worse? The lady must know that the young master talent is against the sky.
     They do not want you to be a cultivator before sealing his dantian ?” Jiang Yunhai whispered and mumbled a few words, suddenly realized, he and Jiang Yi said: “You can extract the black yuan force?
    I will use True profound relm Qi to perceive this time, will not let your Qi disorder”     Jiang Yi nodded his head, a wisp of black Qi mobilized with blue Qi integration and mobilization of the eyes, let the vision become sharp, turned around and looked at Jiang Yunhai said:” great Grandpa, you see something? ”
    Jiang Yunhai has been keeping his eyes closed, but the color of an old face is getting more and more intense. Finally, he opened his eyes and continued to sigh: “Quirks, quirks, how can there be black Qi in this world? Still so, The rest of the power integration? After the integration, the power has doubled, and it can increase the five senses? This is definitely not Qi.”
    “What is this?”
    “Hey …”
    Jiang Yi is not surprised, even Jiang Yunhai does not even know about this black power?
    Jiang Yunhai whispered a few words, once again let Jiang Yi refine a black power to merge, with a strong sense Qi to induce a certain, only to say: “Young Master, this is definitely not Qi! You also know that in this world of cultivation, everyone relies on the absorption of the five elements of the heavens and the earth into the elements of the various attributes. Therefore, the mainland warriors are basically have the five elements and of course… there are some people in the world who have special Qi. For example, I am practicing the thunder attribute, so my Qi is purple. There are thirteen kinds of special Qi known in the world, but I have never heard of you like this – not only it can integrat with the rest of Qi but also increase it’s power! And your black energy can only refine the Ten strands, so I decided that this should not be Qi, it should be some kind of magical energy, this nameless method is likely to seal your Dantian open…”
    Jiang Yi frowned and said: “Grandpa, don’t you say that Dantian is my sealed? Since she doesn’t want me to practice martial arts, she don’t want to let me know my life. She want me to live a mediocre life, then why does she leave such a powerful nameless practice?”
    Jiang Yunhai nodded: “So your Dantian is not your mother sealed, I am not sure! If it is the lady She is absolutely impossible to leave any powerful exercises, but not her words, who will it be?”
    Jiang Yunhai indulged in a sudden, suddenly very solemnly said: “Young master, you must remember never tell anyone about this nameless martial art and about black Qi thing. Except for me, you must not pass it on to outsiders! Otherwise, it will definitely bring you endless troubles…”
    Jiang Yi nodded. Jiang Yunhai waved his hand and walked toward the outside. He said: “Young master, you should rest first, let me go out and arrange something. Your this thing should still be hidden. Otherwise, it will be troublesome if it spreads… “
    “Lord, the headquarters returned the news, Zhenxi Wang determined that there is only one son, that is the river countercurrent. Zhenxi Wang is a life-thinking old-fashioned, most disciplined, his life style is also extremely rigorous, never heard any illigal relationship, so Jiang Yi can’t be the illegitimate son of the prince.”
    Wu Dian Neifu reported that the lord, who is touching his silver earrings on his ear and nodded: “Zhengxi Wangjiang I have never seen him before, but he is indeed an old-fashioned person. It can be seen from the popularization of the legal system in these years. He advocates jurisprudence and wants to let the god Wushu abolish the human system and promote the legal system! Since everything must be taught, then he naturally should set an example, it seems that Jiang Yi is not his son …… “
    “Tell me everything about Jiang Yi”
    There are gossip about him that Jiang Yi Dantian was sealed, In the past six months his speed of cultivation has been so fast. First, he have the help of our medicinal Dan. Second, his cultivation speed is now better than that of Jiang Hanshui and Ji Tingyu. And his strength is so strong that he is said to be cultivated a kind of martial arts that her mother left behind. In addition, there is news of the flaming dragon that killed Jiang Yun’s snake. It is a powerful weapon left by her mother, which contains a strong energy. It can save Jiang Yi a life at a crucial time, but this magic weapon is one time use.”
    “Martial arts skill? Magic weapon?”
    Wu Dian’s Lord shook his head and sneered: “These messages are made by Jiang Yunhai.” Jiang Yi’s mother? Fart! Such a powerful magic weapon, how strong is Jiang Yi’s mother to refine? At least it is the peak True Profound relm, this kind of powerful women are no more than five across the continent! But… anyway, Jiang Yi’s parents are absolutely powerful. At least one person is the peak of True Profound relm, or much higher level than that. Otherwise, it is impossible to leave such a powerful magic weapon for Jiang Yi.”
    “Jiang Yi’s bet How do you count?” Old inquired, Jiang Yi’s parents so powerful, but also let Jiang Yi became a lifetime slaves in the house?
    “Abandon it!”
    The lord of Wu Dian hall waved: “Of course we can’t mention this, wait for Jiang Yun’s to come and let Jiang Yunhai owe us a good feeling.”
    The news that Fei Lao heard was naturally Jiang Yunhai’s deliberate release. The fire dragon shadow that emerged from Jiang Yi Dantian is too stunning. It can kill a 7th level of Nascent profound relm warrior. If there is a strong mother, then everything will be explained.
    Although many of the big families still don’t believe this explanation but it have stopped many people’s suspicions, and no one dares to talk about it after the news spread. Jiang Yunhai can put the news out, it shows that he does not want anyone to talk about it, otherwise he will be very angry…
    Jiang Clan and Ma Clan Courtyard is still surrounded by the Zhenxi Army Corps, no one can get in, Jiang Yunhai also did not care about it. At this moment, he met three instructors of the Beast Mountain College in a partial hall of the city government.
    “Do you want Jiang Yi to continue to participate in the competition?” After the old man learned Jiang Yunhai’s intentions, the two white eyebrows wrinkled and fell silent, and the other two mentors were also somewhat unnatural. Jiang Yunhai said on the same day that if Jiang Yi is dead, everyone must be buried with him. The three of them naturally have some unsatisfaction …
     Jiang Yunhai nodded and said: “Jiang Yi was forced to give up the game that day. Because someone has kidnapped his maid, you must have heard about it. This is really not to blame him. You have seen his strength. If he can join your college, I think he will never let your college lose face, even … Your college will surpass the other two colleges because of him!”
    If Jiang Yi’s seal is not solved, Jiang Yunhai may take him away and go to another small town to live comfortably for a lifetime. But after learning that Jiang Yi’s cultivation speed is such that he still has such a magical black power, Jiang Yunhai’s heart is moving. Although Jiang Yi’s mother does not want him to practice martial arts, How can Jiang Yunhai let a genius buried?
    A cold drink brought Jiang Yunhai’s thoughts back. The young male tutor said with certainty: “The rules are the rules. Since the 5336 has already retired, it is absolutely impossible to participate in the competition. Otherwise, how can we give explaination to competitors?”
    Fu Lao also nodded: “It does not work, the college has the rules! For any reason, loss is loss!”
    That cold as iceberg, beautiful girl, which is better than Ji Tingyu, Su tutor also shook his head slightly, apparently disagreeing.
    “The mentors, that day, Yunhai said in a moment of anger, but also hope that the three will forgive me!”
    Jiang Yunhai sighed slightly, and bowed. The young male tutor waited for him to leave, and immediately sneered: “Jokes! They are all 16-17 years old and reached top level of Qi condensation stage. And he only reached 4th level of Qi condensation stage. How can the college go beyond the other two colleges because of him? Dreaming, Right?”
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