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Marvel: The King

Marvel: The King

An ordinary person who has passed through the Marvel World to gain the phagocytic ability and began to devour superpowers, and became the king of Marvel!
  There are many female lords. The protagonist has gradually become the king of the Marvel world from ordinary people. The initial ability is the physique that changes through traversing. It can devour and stabilises without any side effects. The system is only an aid, you can also cross the plane! (This story and characters are purely fictitious. If there are similarities, it is purely coincidental. Do not imitate.

Marvel: The King
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Chapter 26 System UpgradeChapter 27: Re-entry copyChapter 28: Fulfil everyone's need!!Chapter 29: Maid KiraChapter 30: Planning the Future
Chapter 31: Is not simple!!Chapter 32: Predicting the Future Chapter 33: FightChapter 34: Gravity Particles!!Chapter 35: Building a Team
Chapter 36: BlinkChapter 37: The ability of Blink!!Chapter 38: Easy to get a lizard professor!!Chapter 39: Gives me a reason to let go of you.Chapter 40: New Recruit!!
Chapter 41: War God Alliance!!Chapter 42: Threaten!!Chapter 43: London, the land of chaos!!Chapter 44: Ether ParticlesChapter 45: Asgurd palace!!
Chapter 46: The chaos of the Asgard palaceChapter 47: The Killing Curse WarriorChapter 48: Who is the ants?Chapter 49: Dating with SifChapter 50: Left something for me as well!!
Chapter 51: Sif’s DecisionChapter 52: Returned!!Chapter 53: The Green Lantern!!Chapter 54: Beauty in the nightclub.Chapter 55: The Unexpected Choice of Light Rings!!
Chapter 56: Integration, Ether and Green Lantern RingChapter 57: Branch task!!Chapter 58: A wonderful experience on the moon!!Chapter 59: Going well!!Chapter 60 West Coast Island!!
Chapter 61: Ether’s Battlesuit!!Chapter 62: Return to Shield!!Chapter 63: The Gift to SimmonChapter 64: Do you know Hydra?Chapter 65: Leg play year
Chapter 66: Pepper Pots!!Chapter 67: Pepper stay!!Chapter 68: Meeting with Natasha!!Chapter 69: The Change of NatashaChapter 70: Distressed, pity.
Chapter 71: Makes a big profit!!Chapter 72: The Berserker's StaffChapter 73: The Blacksmith of AsgardChapter 74: Is being sneak attacked.Chapter 75: Thank you for your home delivery.
Chapter 76: The Happiness of the MorningChapter 77: Different in gradeChapter 78: Virus FusionChapter 79: The Charm of RainaChapter 80: Gives you a perfect date
Chapter 81: The difference between a girl and a womanChapter 82: Hellfire ClubChapter 83: Mind Control?Chapter 84: The Interest of the White QueenChapter 85: Increase in System Functions
Chapter 86: Oliver QuinnChapter 87: You are the Green Lantern?Chapter 88: The objectives of the studyChapter 89: Friendship ImprovementChapter 90: Triad Whiteheaded Witch
Chapter 91: Popularity skyrocketingChapter 92: Will let you go after a danceChapter 93: CooperationChapter 94: Gossip and AccidentsChapter 95: Mystery Company
Chapter 96: Shopping with PepperChapter 97: Venom got scaredChapter 98: Scrapping Dr. OctopusChapter 99: Subsequent impactChapter 100: Shield Academy