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Marvel: The King ch 25

Chapter 25: Shield’s Aircraft Carrier

“He has been beaten very heavily and has already fainted, I am afraid that his ability has been swallowed up.

Natasha checked it around and said to Nick Fury, then went to see Susan, who had never woken up, and her expression was a bit weird.

“She… she’s fine, just drunk.”


Hearing this answer, Nick Fury and others had a bad feeling.

“I hope you can give me an explanation!” Nick Fury asked Raj.

“Oh, but I also want an explanation! I think you know about 084? After completing the task, I go out to relax then I meet Susan at the bar, ask her to have a drink. When I come out Just happened to see her drunk, a person walking in the alley, followed by a person. I wanted to help her out but was misunderstood by her that I am the main villain who wants to Rape her. I tried to explain to her but she did not believe. I want to leave that place but she said I am trying to run away and she launched an attack on me. I have no way but to attack. As a result, she was drunk at this time. I want to take her here and wait for her to wake up and explain this that she misunderstand me! ”

Pointing at Spider-Man, Raj sneered: “I don’t know if you guys have been arrogant for too long and all of them think they are god or angle of justice? Is it not to polite to ask what happened and then you decide who is the villain or not? Or you directly decide that some are a bad guy? I thought he should be less stupid. Naturally, I want to let him inquire about the situation? So, I told him my name, as long as he first inquired, from the people of the SHIELD! The result is that he teams with Human-torch and attack me. Human-torch is more arrogant, even didn’t give me the opportunity to explain, directly start launching an attack, how? You thought I am so easy to bully? What to say I solved them in my way!

“It’s just that, and he’s not as strong as he said… Hehe…”

“The way things go is like this, believe it or not.” Raj said faintly.

“Can devoured ability, can be returned?” Nick Fury did not react to the story of Raj. These things can naturally be investigated. He would like to know if the ability of Human-torch can still be returned.

It is necessary to know that although the character of Johnny is not very pleasing, he is still in a party of justice. What’s more, the importance of the Fantastic Four does not need to be said more. Human-torch power is devoured, who knows how much trouble will arise after the follow-up.


Raj calmly said. I am not able to return the abilities but even if I can, I will not return!

He deliberately said this. In order to devour the power of Johnny, he deliberately began to show weakness, and then was forced to do so, in order to be able to swallow his ability without causing trouble.

If he devours Human-torch ability for no reason, Fantastic Four, SHIELD and Avenger, these people will probably find him for trouble.

Although the Raj is not afraid of being an enemy of the world but it is still better to avoid it for the time being.

What’s more, the case Human-Torch also makes them helpless, this feeling is really good!

Nick Fury frowned: “Go to the battleship first, then tell the other members of the Fantastic Four to come over.”

Raj did not have any problem, he is really curious about the SHIELD aircraft carrier.

On the battleship, Raj did not pay attention to the depressed and busy Nick Fury, curious to go around. Of course, he was also followed by the Natasha, it can be regarded as a kind of surveillance!

The style of the SHIELD is like this. They won’t believe anyone, and everything must be in your own hands. Because of this, although Raj has joined the SHIELD, he is not prepared to stay here for a long time!

“I think you deliberately devour Human-Torch ability. This time, I think you pre-planned all of this. And in terms of ability, you also need Johnny’s ability!”

Natasha suddenly whispered.

Raj stopped and looked at her, faintly said: “You don’t forget, if he is not so arrogant, come directly to me for trouble. And listen to my explanation directly, I think there is no way to devour his ability. So, even if I am interested in his ability, if it is not for him to create an opportunity for me, I can’t do it, isn’t it? And I don’t have the habit of getting beaten. He is not my woman nor my friend, I don’t have to listen to his nonsense. Anyone can come to create trouble for me? But they have to consider they afford the price or not!”

Natasha got silent. Yes, even if there is such an idea of Raj, what can he do, if Johnny didn’t attack him first. To blame, you can only blame Johnny for being too arrogant.

“I will arrange a place for you. You should take a break for the time being. This is not so easy to handle. After all, it involves the Fantastic Four. Phil Coulson is also on the way, and will wait until there is a result!” Natasha said.

Raj shrugs indifferently: “Alright, just sleep, I hope to get a good result after waking up!”

Natasha did not speak, went to a room with the Raj.

This room looks normal, and I don’t know if it is monitored but Raj does not care. He believes that in any case, SHIELD will not do anything to him for a time being.

Especially Nick Fury, don’t look at him when he appears to be a sinner but as long as you have a value, he will try to retain yourself to use you. But it doesn’t matter, he wants to use me, Am I not using him?

So after coming in, Raj simply lay down and began to sleep comfortably…

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