Marvel Super Extraction

Mark has crossed into the Marvel world! What, turned out to be the younger brother of Iron Man, does Iron Man have a younger brother? It doesn’t matter if you become the younger brother of Iron Man, what will happen to the weapon launch conference in Afghanistan? Fortunately, he has golden fingers and can extract the power of other creatures!

Ant… strength

Spider… spider sense

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Marvel Super Extraction
Chapter 1 I fell asleep by Iron Man Chapter 2: Extraction of Ant Power Gene Chapter 3: Power Soars
Chapter 4 Go to Afghanistan with Iron Man Chapter 5 Murder testimony?! Chapter 6 Surrounded by a group of mobsters
Chapter 7 Kicked Flying with One Foot Chapter 8 One-Handed Motorcycle, Hanging Mobs! Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Weapon Conference Tour to Afghanistan Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Caught a spider
Chapter 13 Extracting Spider Ability, Enhanced Spider-Man! Chapter 14 Terrorist Attacks Chapter 15 Save Iron Man again
Chapter 16 Advance with gunfire Chapter 17 Grenade flies out of 600 meters and bombs at a super long distance! Chapter 18 Returns, anger and killing intent!
Chapter 19 Guides Iron Man to Make Portable Armor Chapter 20 Debunked Portable Exoskeleton War Armor Chapter 21 Flying Iron Man
Chapter 22 Ant-Man, a combination of Spider-Man and Iron Man! Chapter 23 Sudden Punch Chapter 24 Killer Strikes
Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Makes him shut up forever Chapter 27 The upgraded version of the Iron Man armor
Chapter 28 has a set of Iron Man armor Chapter 29 The Shelling of the Night Chapter 30 Gambling Battle with Iron Man
Chapter 31 Kill with one sword Chapter 32 is delivered Chapter 33 Extracting the gene of electric eel?
Chapter 34 Electric Eel Gene Extraction Chapter 35 Successfully extracted the four major genes of electric eel Chapter 36 Absorbs electricity
Chapter 37 Capture Chapter 38 Go to Osborne Group Chapter 39 Found a Wild Spiderman
Chapter 40 And the wild green monsters haunt! Chapter 41 Super Soldier Project Chapter 42 Electric Shock Green Devil
Chapter 43 Green Goblin’s Soft Clothes Chapter 44 Dr. Lizard Chapter 45 Kidnapped
Chapter 46 Spiderman was also caught Chapter 47 Tony Stark compromised Chapter 48 Raises and Kills
Chapter 49 advances in the attack of bullets Chapter 50 The Threat of Hydra  

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