Marvel Super Extraction ch 49

Chapter 49: Bullet attacks!

In the Marvel world, the existence of mutants is not a secret, and most people know their existence.

However, anyone who knows a mutant has a certain degree of alert, fear, and disgust for the mutant.

Because the mutants have the power to go far beyond ordinary people.

They tend to be too strong. Once they are shot and can’t control themselves, many people will die.

It is precisely because of this that they have always been equated with the devil in the eyes of some people. The existence of the plague has made many people unwilling to contact them, even if they are their own children. If their loved ones are mutated, either they want to kill them, or abandoned in the first place.

If Jiang is not still holding their boss at this time, then these armed terrorists will definitely shoot at Jiang for the first time and will not give any chance to counterattack them again.

But now…

Jiang Yuan’s hands are holding their boss, Obadiah.

They worked for Obadiah, mainly for money.

If boss dies, who gives them money, so they will naturally not be able to shoot.

But if they don’t shoot…

This person is too dangerous.

For a time, it is natural to let the surrounding terrorists get upset and do not know how to handle this well.

“Jiang, although you are deeply hidden, also have the strength beyond ordinary person, but now the whole factory is filled with my own peoples, you can’t go out. If you don’t want to die, it’s best to let me go. Otherwise, hehe…” Obadiah suddenly warned again. It makes Jiang face full of gloomy look, and his eyes are extremely rich in killing intent.

“Otherwise, otherwise you will kill me? Hahahaha”

“Oh, you can’t do anything. I played with you for so long. I tell you Obadiah, you are going to die today, and not only you are dead, but you all these guys have to die.” Jiang Yuan said.

“Big words!”

“Kids, have the ability to let go of the boss, see if I don’t beat you till your mother can’t even recognize you!”

“You are so arrogant.”


Not waiting for Obadiah to reply, the surrounding terrorists started to curse on Jiang.

“Peter, help me see this guy!”

When they were so violent, Jiang Yuan suddenly dropped a sentence to Peter Parker. When the words fell, he gave Obadiah to Peter Parker.

Peter Parker saw Jiang Yuan like this, although he was a bit worried, but he subconsciously reached out and grabbed Obadiah in his hands.

“Look at him, beware of some of the high-tech weapons on his body. It is best not to give him the chance to shoot at you.” After Peter Parker seized Obadiah, Jiang Yuan told Peter Parker.


Peter Parker replied, then quickly took off Obadiah’s coat, and then used the coat to tie Obadiah’s hand behind, and at the same time, he used his hand to hold the neck of Obadiah.

“Don’t you want to beat me, now come on!” Jiang Yuan looked at Peter Parker’s behavior, and then he said coldly to the terrorists around him.

“Kill him!”

“It’s too arrogant!”


Seeing that Jiang was so uninformed, the anger of the terrorists reached to the extreme, one by one roaring, and suddenly saw a large number of bullets attacking Jiang.

With these bullets attacking, Jiang Yuan glanced at them and then used the spider sense to quickly evade. When he was dodging, his body ran toward one of the terrorists. It was a tall and thin terrorist.


Bullets were attacking like a tidal wave, but they failed to hit Jiang. When bullets attacked Jiang, Jiang’s body was like an all-round long eye. Unbeatable speed of response, all the bullets are evasive, and many bullets are rubbed against his body.

The so-called difference is a thousand miles!

Under such circumstances, Jiang Yuan soon came to the thin terrorists.


Seeing Jiang Yuan running in front of him, the thin terrorist face subconsciously emerged with fear, and then kept shooting, but still failed to hit Jiang, Jiang suddenly disappeared in front of you.

“Be careful, behind you!”

Someone suddenly yelled at him, letting the thin terrorists subconsciously turn around and attack behind them.


Not waiting for him to attack, Jiang Yuan behind him suddenly pulled out a dagger from the legs of the thin terrorists, and suddenly cut the neck of the thin terrorists. He died on the spot.


Seeing Jiang Yuan murder, Peter Parker subconsciously trembled. This was his first time he saw a murder so close.


The death of the thin and tall terrorists caused the surrounding terrorists to be further attack. They shot more madly at Jiang, but only saw Jiang back flip, or dodge to the left, the right side, reclining and so on to the bullets to avoid.

When Jiang escaped the bullets, the body of the thin and tall terrorists killed by Jiang Yuan was hit by a large number of bullets. The attack was bloody and fuzzy, and the face was completely ruined.

This situation makes other terrorists look ugly.

Two of the terrorists took the guns and then smashed their tactical daggers to kill Jiang.

This is the rhythm of direct close combat.

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