Marvel Super Extraction ch 48

Chapter 48: Violent killing

After Obadiah came to Jiang’s side, he tried to put a slap on the face of Jiang. He was obviously ready to put a slap on this bastard to release his previous anger

He saw Jiang Yuan’s hand that was shackled used a violent force to break the chains.


The sound of the shattering of the handcuffs sounded, and with such a sound, he saw Jiang suddenly violently grabbed the hand of Obadiah and other hand waved it to Obadiah’s face.


The harsh slap, followed by the squirt of ‘blahhh’ sound came. And they saw Obadiah’s face was swollen by Jiang Yuan. At the same time, several teeth also flew out with the blood.


Obadiah Stane!


Obadiah was directly beaten by Jiang Yuan’s slap, and his eyes stared at Jiang. He could not believe that these things were true.

When Obadiah was beaten, terrorists who were armed with guns were equally embarrassed.

They also did not think that this boy who was easily controlled by them before will became violent when their boss arrived.

More importantly, Jiang also seize Obadiah, so that they are completely afraid to shoot.


“Damn, let go of the boss.”

After terrorists were stunned, they immediately reacted and screamed at Jiang.

“Don’t move.”

Jiang’s right-hand out and seized the neck of Obadiah, and then said to the surrounding terrorists.

“Hey, man, you are so cool.”

The excited voice came from the mouth of Peter Parker next to him. He didn’t expect things to turn around like this.

“But buddy, since you have such ability, when they caught you, why don’t you resist.” After a happy moment, Peter Parker stood up from the chair and asked Jiang.

“I will explain it to you later.” Jiang smiled and dropped a sentence to Peter Parker.

“Oh.” Peter Parker responded, and then no longer asked, but put his hands in front of Jiang: “Can you help me get rid of this handcuffs?”

“Can you not use your own force now?” Jiang asks with a little strange manner.

“If I can get rid of it, I have already got rid of it.” Peter Parker said.

“It seems that you have not adapted to your strength.” Jiang words fell, and he stretched out the left hand, and suddenly crushed Peter Parker’s handcuffs, and Peter Parker’s hand restored his freedom.

“Jiang Yuan, you have hidden so deep! Are you deliberately arrested, and then use this to lead me to appear? You and Tony really long suspected about me, right?” Obadiah said sharply to Jiang Yuan, with a very incomparably angry look.


Jiang Yuan’s backhand was a slap in the face of Obadiah: “I just don’t like your face.”


“Damn, no.”



What’s more, one of the terrorist directly shot when he completely locked on Jiang’s body.

Terrorist who shot were very confident in his own shooting methods and thought that he could definitely attack Jiang.


However, when saw that Jiang had escaped the attack, but while avoiding the attack, the left hand slammed against the terrorist who shot and suddenly saw the high-voltage pulse got out. It instantly hit the heart of the terrorist who fired, but the terrorist who shot the gun directly died on the spot.

Since the electric storage capacity of the electric raft was extracted, although the first day because of the leakage switch, Jiang failed to absorb much electric energy, but in the next few days, Tony Stark has transformed the circuit of one of the rooms. It can fully support Jiang’s absorption of current.

As for the need for electricity, it is not a problem for Jiang, which is calculated in the bank card for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Terrorist who shot was dead, and the other terrorists next to them suddenly stared at Jiang one by one.

If Jiang has just shaken off the power displayed by the handcuffs, they can still accept them to a certain extent. At this time, Jiang’s fingers shot high-voltage pulses, which can’t be described by normal people.

“Mutant!” is almost instantaneous, and the surrounding terrorists have labeled Jiang so.

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