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Marvel Super Extraction ch 29

Chapter 29: Late night attack
    “Hey, Tony, are you still wearing a portable armor?” Hearing a series of mechanical sounds, Jiang Yuan subconsciously looked at Tony Stark to the side, very strangely asked.
    “Of course, it has identify method. If your armour was stolen, what will you do?” Tony Stark asked.
    Although Jiangyuan has a gene extraction of 9527 system, there is no need for a portable armor, but he can’t fly now, and such a thing is also a good means of transportation, just like a sports car.
    In addition, you can fight.

    In the case of encountering some sudden situations, or in the case of some of your own physical conditions, such things are absolutely useful.
    Just as it was recently attacked by a black bodyguard, if there was an exoskeleton armor, Jiang Yuan could fly back with that bodyguard and don’t need Tony Stark just to carry them back.
    Then, Jiang Yuan began to use the the Armour.
    When Jiang Yuan first tried to control, he moved his body, clenched his hands into fists, loosened something, and walked away. After he had some understanding of the body, he followed the rocket that opened the exoskeleton armor. The injection system allows him to move his body off the ground.
    At the time of this step, Tony Stark at the side looked at this scene with a sigh of relief. He was obviously looking at Jiang Yuan’s jokes.
    The first time you control the exoskeleton armor, this kind of thing is not controlled by manipulation.
    As for Tony Stark, He has a habit of controlling all kinds of guns and machines but even he tried to control this armour for the 1st time, he face lots of problems.
    He believes that Jiangyuan will certainly have a sad reminder.
    However… as Tony Stark thought, Jiang Yuan was in control of the flight. Because of the initial control, he couldn’t completely control such things. After flying, he just tried to move to the side. When you move, you suddenly slammed into the ground with a center of gravity.
    When he saw Jiang Yuan, Tony Stark immediately laughed. At the same time he laughed, he also ordered Jarvis to prepare to film the scene of Jiang Yuan’s ugliness.
    However, when the Tony tank thought that Jiang Yuan was going to be sad, he saw Jiang Yuan’s super strong reaction. When he fell to the ground, his body twitched, his waist twisted and he was hard. It’s actually a reversal of this tendency to fall. It doesn’t look like it’s not awkward, it’s still very cool.
    Tony Stark.
    Well, he is a deeper understanding of Jiang Yuan’s reaction speed.
    Then, Jiang Yuan tried again and again, and there were several signs of falling, but they were all beautiful twists.
    In his attempt, in just seven or eight minutes of trials, Jiang Yuan made the flight control of the exoskeleton armor a model, and Tony Stark was awkward.
    Although he is flying well now, but to reached the level of Jiang Yuan, it took lots of training time.
    At seaside villa where Tony Stark and Jiang Yuan lived.
    When these two are practicing the exoskeleton armor in the laboratory, a group of uninvited guests came to the villa.
    These people came to the night with their black clothes.
    They have headgear on each other’s heads, so people can’t see their faces at all.
    When they arrived at the villa where Tony Stark was located, someone gestured and then saw one of them took out an electromagnetic interference device and opened the device.
    After the equipment was opened, one of the black men slammed a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher and fired a shot at the villa.
    Although Tony Stark’s villa door was bulletproof, and Jarvis was responsible for security, but under the attack of the rocket, it was also blown up.
    Jarvis started the villa alarm and informed Tony Stark.
    In fact, They don’t need Jarvis’ notice, such a loud roar, and shocks has already alarm Tony Stark and Jiang Yuan.
    “These guys are really coming, and they are so crazy when they come up, directly start attacking!” Tony Stark slammed his face and weared his suit.

    Although this situation makes Tony Stark very angry, but his exoskeleton armor has not been opened, there are terrorists coming, just to test the power of his Iron Man suit.
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