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Marvel Happy system

Marvel Happy System

I, Lyon Coulson, the nephew of the most ecstasy agent in the history of Shield.

  This is the story of my feelings in the world of Marvel, which gradually become stronger and affect the whole world.

A system which can copy anyone skills and power.

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Marvel Happy system

Chapter 1 Shield newcomers Chapter 2 Happy SystemChapter 3: First encounter with HawkeyeChapter 4 First TaskChapter 5: Bold plan
Chapter 6: Air DiveChapter 7: Rescuing Osborne Chapter 8: Task CompletionChapter 9: It is a great harvestChapter 10: Martial arts.
Chapter 11: Extraordinary SkillsChapter 12: Trident headquartersChapter 13: Do you have a boyfriend? Chapter 14: Observation of Nick FuryChapter 15: Focuses on training
Chapter 16: Fitz Simmons Chapter 17 Met Fitz and Simmons! Chapter 18: Osborn Invitation Chapter 19: Tasks and PartiesChapter 20: Good friends who love each other
Chapter 21: Has no clueChapter 22: The Trace of 9 SnakesChapter 23: Confidential Tasks Chapter 24: Red House and Black WidowChapter 25: 1 Organizational Initiation
Chapter 26: Victims Chapter 27: Opera HouseChapter 28: Natasha RomanoffChapter 29: Sudden killing Chapter 30: "Death" is coming.
Chapter 31: The only option Chapter 32: Asylum ProgramChapter 33: Power of ChoiceChapter 34: Evacuation Point and Pursuit Chapter 35: Counterattack
Chapter 36: Port Guild WarsChapter 37: Hidden retreatChapter 38: Shooting EscapeChapter 39: Is alive for yourselfChapter 40: Black Widow's Kiss
Chapter 41: Hits a slapChapter 42: Gives another sweet date to eat. Chapter 43: The City of AngelsChapter 44: "Diamonds"Chapter 45: Unexpected "acquaintances"
Chapter 46: Lyon is fightingChapter 47: The past of Luke CageChapter 48: People are afraid of famous pigsChapter 49: The invulnerabilityChapter 50: Adds another general