Marvel Happy system ch 50

Chapter 50: Adds another general

Hearing his real name directly from another person’s mouth, Luke Cage’s heart slammed.

He knows that he is exposed…

The young man in front of him, who is not like the Italian mafia of “Dalito”, whose site and the main activity areas, are mainly concentrated in the local cities.

He is a special agent.

He is a desperate agent who can fly all over the world, in order to investigate a case!

This means that Lyon and his organization behind him know Luke Cage’s identity and the past he wants to hide.

In this way, even if he boarded the ship that left Los Angeles, Luke can’t escape the man who already knows his identity and existence…

Thinking of this, Luke Cage’s expression slowly became serious.

He stared at Lyon and asked: “Since you know my identity, what are you going to do?”

Accompanied by this question, he secretly tightened the muscles of his whole body to cope with the upcoming battle.

However, Lyon’s answer was beyond his expectations.

“I just want to talk to you.”

“Talk? What do you want to talk about? I don’t know you at all. I don’t even know what the organization of the Bureau of Land and Resources is talking about or Is it a real department or not?”

In the tone of Luke Cage, there is something that he wants to say.

Sometimes, the other person knows you well, but you feel nothing about each other, it is very bad…

Hearing Luke Cage’s words, Lyon leaning against on the bench, he moved his visual line of sight from the sparkling Los Angeles River to Luke Cage’s face and said: “Also, the trust of each other.”

As he spoke, Lyon took out his own SHIELD secret agent certificate from the inner layer of his windbreaker and handed it to Luke Cage.

“This is my identification.”

Luke Cage took a look at the black certificate, in addition to the unusually eye-catching eagle logo, as well as Lyon’s ID photo and name, number, and other information.

“Formally meet again…” Lyon extended his right hand and smiled.

“Lyon Coulson, agent of the National Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.”

Looking at Lyon’s hand and his smiling face, Luke Cage hesitated a bit, and reached out his hand to hold the other’s hand, and introduced himself.

“Carl Lucas.”

Through this handshake, the two men got closer to each other while exchanging their names.

Feeling the other side’s tight body, Lyon also feel a little relaxed in his heart that this is a good sign!

The two sat on the bench and talked as they felt the breeze blowing on the Los Angeles River.

“Carl… can I call you Carl?”

Luke Cage just took a look at Lyon silently.

Lyon, when he acquiesced, the words are not surprisingly dead: “Carl, are you ready to escape this life?”

Without waiting for Luke Cage to answer, Lyon continued to say.

“I just came to your apartment. Those guys lying on the ground should be local gang members…”

“Although I wonder why you make them look like that, I don’t think this is important. You must have your own reasons and I have no right to interfere.”

“However, is this life you really want?”

Luke Cage is still silent.

However, from his fascinating expression, Lyon knew that his words were working.

Seeing the effect, Lyon quickly hit the railroad.

“Although the time we came in contact is not long. However, I don’t think you are a person who likes to solve problems with your fists. Maybe you will only use them when you have to like special ability…”

It may be the openness of Lyon and the affinity of his body to let Luke Cage feel his sincerity. Luke Cage, who has been silent for a long time, finally spoke.

“They want me to do fake fight, if I don’t agree, they will let me taste their power…”

Lyon suddenly realized.

“Oh! It turned out to be like this, then they must have learned from you now…”

At this time, Luke Cage once again said: “Since you know my name, you know for sure, why do I serve in Haimen prison?”

Lyon nodded and tell. “Hiding drugs, manslaughter…” and immediately added.

“But I don’t think you are a person who kills people for drugs.”

Luke Cage looked at Lyon deeply and said: “How do you know?”

“Intuition!” Lyon pointed his finger at his head and smiled.

“Intuition…?” Luke Cage whispered aloud and asked Lyon again.

“Don’t joke, and tell me about you.”

“You appear in front of me, certainly not to take my fugitive back to the prison and continue to serve. If that is the case, you will not be alone when you come here.”

“So, what do you want from me?”

After that, Luke Cage stared at Lyon with his eyes full of exploration, trying to get all the answers from his mouth.

Lyon, who had a draft, is also gazing at Luke Cage, and slowly proposed his own proposal.

“I have my organization and I can give you a chance.”

“A chance to start again!”

“Your ability can help us a lot. As long as you join us, your case and everything that happened in the past, no one will ever ask. You can restore your original identity, or you can stand before in the world.”

“Even if you want to find out the truth about why you are in jail, we can also provide all the resources you need.”

Lyon’s proposal is very attractive. This is a great opportunity especially for Luke Cage, a fugitive who is hiding his true identity and running everywhere.

A good opportunity to return his life to the right track…

After his wife died in a car accident, he thought that there was nothing in the world that was worth doing.

However, Lyon’s words rekindled his hopes for the future.

Moreover, the truth that was framed in his past, he has not yet checked, how can he go with it like this?!

After pondering for a long time, Luke Cage eventually accepted Lyon’s proposal.

Lyon convinced Luke Cage, who had a long night dream, he immediately took out his mobile phone and pressed a series of familiar numbers.

The phone was turned on after a few clicks.

“Hey, Lyon, what happened?”

On the other side of the phone, a gentle magnetic male voice heard.

“Uncle Phil? I have a person here, I think he is very suitable to join our bureau and make a contribution to world peace. What do you think?”


When Coulson, who was far away from Washington, heard this sentence, he suddenly felt awkward…

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