Marvel Happy system ch 49

Chapter 49: The invulnerability

“Thank you…”

Outside the “Diamond Heart” club, after waving goodbye to a black guy, Lyon picked up the note in his hand and looked at it.

“420 South Figueroa Street…”

The address on the note is the address of Luke Cage’s residence.

This is Lyon’s use of sincere words, and two hundred dollars, from the “Diamond Heart” club waiter.

In his words, he is a big fan of “diamond”, and looking for him just because he wants to meet him…

However, only Lyon himself knows that this is not the case.

He went to his door to persuade Luke Cage to join SHIELD.

In his view, instead of letting Luke Cage become an unstable factor, it is better to let him join SHIELD and do something more meaningful.

This is one of his reasons.

The main reason is his own self-interest.

If he can learn Luke Cage’s inability to get into the game, then he basically attacks the bullet. In that way, it will greatly benefit him in improving his combat power.

After all, being able to ignore the hot weapon marks him, and has entered another extraordinary level.

As a result, in Russia, when bullets penetrated his body and almost caused massive bleeding, they would not appear again.

With such a tempting ability, how can Lyon let it escape from his own face?!

Besides, for future events, he feels that his individual strength is weak, and he need all the help that can be gathered.

Whether it is a superpower who plays black boxing or an elite agent who has defected from other intelligence agencies…

Therefore, regardless of his or her private interests, he hopes to persuade Luke Cage through dialogue.

After all, playing is not a fight…


As he pondered in his mind, how could he persuade Luke Cage’s wording, he called a taxi on the side of the road to head to his destination.

After thirty minutes…

He came to Luke Cage’s residence according to the address on the note.

However, when he came to the apartment on the third floor, he found that the door of the apartment was open!

Lyon doesn’t know what to do, so he quickly pushes the door open and go inside.

As soon as he opened the door, it was all over the place.

Inside the house, the walls were pierced, the sofa covered with bullet holes, and the bearded suit man kneeling on the floor, and the big man with a head that was hard-boiled into the bookshelf…

All of this seems to be telling Lyon that a very stimulating fight happened there or it may be a result of one-sided madness.

Because, in the house that seems to have been smashed by a giant monster, Lyon can’t find the person he is coming to look for.

In other words, this scene is probably caused by Luke Cage!

No matter what happened here, Lyon didn’t have time to sort it out, but instead, he began to think about the next move that what would Luke Cage do next after making his whole house look like this??

The word that came into his mind for the first time was ‘escape’!

Thinking of this, Lyon quickly walked into Luke’s bedroom, opened his closet and drawers, trying to detect his next place.


Not that he expected, the things in the closet and the drawer had traces of rummaging.

In other words, his idea is correct!

Luke Cage has packed up and is ready to run away!

Lyon once again returned to the living room, picked up a bullet casing from the ground, smelled it in front of his nose, and said to himself: “Well, the smoke reaction is less than ten minutes, that means, I still have time!”

Flipping the bullet back on the ground, Lyon looked around as if looking for something.

When his sight touched, the Dell notebook lying quietly on the coffee table, his eyes could not help but shined.

He quickly picked up the laptop and ran out of the house.

He still remembers that at the entrance of the apartment, there was a surveillance camera…

When he came to the door of the apartment, Lyon turned on the laptop and used the wireless intrusion hacking method to enter the storage area of the surveillance camera. And the video ten minutes ago was transferred to the screen of the notebook.

By monitoring the video, Lyon saw the picture of Luke Cage and the guys who were suspected of being gang members, stepping into the apartment.

Also, Luke Cage, with a hood, took a bag and hurried out of the final scene of the apartment!

“Found you!” Looking at Luke Cage on the computer screen, Lyon could not help but smile.

Fortunately, the security of this neighborhood is not bad. The surveillance camera is also every other way, just one.

Otherwise, even if Luke Cage escapes in any direction, Lyon does not know that he is actually taking the road…

When the skill is used, he knows that it is not practical.

Looking at his skill list, he is emitting blue light [hacking skills proficient (excellent)]. Lyon’s mouth is slightly raised up. In this year, who has not hacked knowledge…

Sitting on a passing taxi, Lyon guides the driver and marches toward Luke Cage’s escape route, yelling anxiously inside his heart.

“Luke just Wait for me, your brother is coming!”

. . .

On the other hand, Luke Cage, who had a lot of speculation with the Italian mafia, did not take a chance to take a taxi and came to a pier on the outskirts.

He knew that he had provoked people who should not be provoked. If he doesn’t leave the city right away, he would have to face troubles that will come to his door.

Therefore, after he made a quick decision and simply packed his bags, he contacted a local snakehead and booked the fastest departing boat, ready to escape from Los Angeles by water tools.

Carrying a duffel bag, Luke Cage sat on a bench in the dock, he took out his cell phone and looked at it.

The agreed time is 10:30.

At this time, the time displayed on the screen of the mobile phone is 10:12.

In other words, there are still 18 minutes left, he will leave this place where he has lived for half a year.

When he thought of it, he felt a little confused.

Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco…now Los Angeles.

He has been to so many places, Luke Cage did not know exactly where to accommodate his place.

Is it really necessary to go back to where everything started – New York?

Just as he thought about his next destination, a man in a black trench coat came to the bench and sat next to him.

When Luke Cage turned his head subconsciously, he was surprised to find that this windbreaker man turned out to be a special agent who had been fighting for nothing for no reason last night!

“How come you are here?!”

Looking at the rather horrified Luke Cage, Lyon’s mouth was slightly upturned and revealed a confident smile.

“We meet again at…”

“Carl Lucas!”

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