Marvel Happy system ch 48

Chapter 48: People are afraid of famous pigs

“No! Reva!”

With a cry in his sleep, Luke Cage suddenly woke up from a nightmare!


Sitting on the bed, he breathed in a big mouth, and with a touch of his hand, he found that his forehead was covered in sweat.

The sun rays projecting on the floor through the curtains, and he suddenly realized that it is all ready a new day…

However, his brain is still immersed and he can see a clear picture of nightmares.

In his dream, he saw his dead wife, Reva Connors.

Luke saw her covered in blood on the road, sticking out her right hand to the sky, as if she wanted to grasp something, her face was filled with sadness and despair.

At the same time, she repeated the same sentence.

“Carl, save me, I don’t want to die…”

No matter how he shouts, how can he try to get close, and he can’t grasp his wife’s hand.

He can only look at her with his open eyes, so she spends the last minute of her life in front of him…

Even after waking up, the strong feeling of powerlessness still invaded his body and made him unable to think.

After licking the hoe and temporarily dispelling the nightmare from his mind, Luke Cage (Carl Lucas) opened the quilt, naked and went into the bathroom.

A new day is coming…

After an hour.

Luke Cage, who just ran back from the outside, met several uninvited guests in front of his apartment…

He saw five or six big men stood in front of his apartment, and they didn’t look like a good guy.

Among them, a bearded suit man surrounded by several tattooed men, when he saw Luke Cage, his eyes brightened, he smashed the cigar in his hand and used a cigarette with a strong Italian accent.

“Hey, Luke Cage?”

When he heard the other person is asking about him, Luke Cage couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows and look at him, trying to recognize him.

However, judging from the fact that he has never seen before, it is clear that the other party is not on his “friends” list.

Not a friend, but know your name, then there is only one possibility that the person is not good!

“Who are you?”

“Hey, I haven’t introduced myself yet… My name is Marino, famous as “Dalito” let me come…”

Big Lito?!

Luke Cage, who moved here just six months ago, is also heard this name.

As far as he knows, there are several large underground gangs in Los Angeles. Among them, the Italian Mafia, headed by “Dalito”, its reputation is as a stinky one.

Washing powder, marijuana, arms, human trafficking, underground black boxing…

Everything that can make money, they are involved in them.

They like to force the victims to follow suit by threatening the victim’s family, thus helping them to do bad things that violate the law…

Knowing who he is facing, Luke Cage also has a 12-point spirit. “Do you have anything to do with me?”

“Hey, this is not a good place to talk about things, don’t you ask us to sit in?” The bearded suit man, spread his hand, with a hint of threat in his tone.

Seeing each other’s waist, his pistol that was inadvertently revealed, looking that Luke cage little measured in his heart, and said: “Come in.”

After that, he took out the key, opened the door of the apartment, and walked in.

And the tattooed men behind him also entered his apartment together.

After a few minutes…

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, the bearded man finally has no patience, and he directly tells the purpose of his coming today.

“Luke let me tell you, I want you to play a game with the ‘Rhinoceros’.”

The rhinoceros is also another famous black boxer in Los Angeles.

Although the record is not as perverted as Luke Cage, it is the only one who is considered by the black box world to defeat Luke Cage…

Sitting on the opposite sofa, Luke Cage looked up at him and then said with a low voice.

“Who will play with me, this is not something I can decide. You should go to Adam for this.”

The bearded man seems to have expected this answer.

He slightly leaned his body forward, trying to use the obese body to create a sense of oppression.

However, in Luke Cage’s opinion, he is just a serious bad breath problem, like the ordinary big fat guy…

“Of course, we will go… trust me, he will definitely agree.”

The other person’s full of confidence tone made Luke Cage frown, seemingly aware of something, and he asked: “When you come over to me, what do you want from me?”

“Look, the problem is this…”

The bearded man spread his hands and said with a look of indifference.

“I want you to lose this game!”

Until now, Luke Cage finally understood the intention of the other person to suddenly come to his door, So that he convinces him to play fake boxing in the next game!

Speaking of it, The other party is not looking for him.

Since he came to Los Angeles and played a name in the “Diamond Heart” club, the entire underground black box world knows that there is an invincible black man in the eastern part of Los Angeles, named “Diamond”.

People are afraid that famous pigs will be strong, and many people who try to defeat him and to reach the famous desperate have challenged him.

However, Luke Cage used a wave of non-injury KO’s five-game winning streak, which shocked these guys who were desperate to be famous.

Officially because of this, the name “diamond” is even getting louder.

From the “big Lito” who saw the opportunity to make a fortune, he thought that if he let this invincible guy lose in the confrontation with “Rhino”, then he can trade a large amount of money!

As for why let Luke Cage lose, not let the “rhino” lose?

The reason is simple… because “Rhino” is his person.

“How? In return, you can get a 10% profit, and you can also become a signing boxer for the big profit, go to other places to participate in the boxing match, and enjoy the rich and wealthy life with countless women waving to you.”

“With such conditions, I believe that no one will refuse…”

Luke Cage interrupted him directly without waiting for the chattering beard.

“I refuse!”

The scene suddenly fell into an inexplicable silence.

He didn’t think that Luke Cage would refuse him very rudely in his face!

His whole face slowly blackened, and finally, like a drunkard who drank too much, it was turned red…


Luke Cage saw him slamming the table and shouting loudly.

“Are you playing with me?!”

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