Marvel Happy system ch 47

Chapter 47: The past of Luke Cage

The two men who had just experienced a fierce fight, each standing at the end of the alley, looked at each other.

However, from the right hand of Lyon, which is shaking slightly, he can feel the superpower of the other person, how strong it is…

Looking at the unscathed, most messy Luke Cage, Lyon could not help but think about Luke’s hard as steel skin!

To get the information Lyon want, he intentionally attacked to test the other side, and naturally want to get out of this battle without anyone taking advantage of the cheap.

However, he has not asked Luke Cage for his wish or not…

“So far?!”

The words of Lyon are like oil on the fire, and the anger in Luke Cage’s heart is even worse!

Staring at each other in fierce gaze, Luke Cage’s tone turned indescribable gloomy.

“This is all you provoked, now you tell me, stop here?!”


Also, it is clear that Lyon is not talking about it. He did not give a little preparation time.

Now that the situation is deadlocked, he wants to start slipping?!

There is such a good thing in the world!

Not to mention Luke Cage’s temper is good, in this kind of fucking thing, anyone would get angry…

Seeing Luke Cage also rushing to beat himself, Lyon brow picked up and he also suddenly accelerated to Luke Cage.


With a big bang, the speed at the foot of Luke Cage is also faster.

However, even if he moves faster, it is faster than Lyon who has been rewarded with various Jiu-Jitsu skills!

Under the blessing of high-speed running, his feet slammed hard and his whole body, like a light swallow, flew up!

Under Luke Cage’s full of surprises, while escaping his punch, Lyon made a horrible bounce, in which he pressed his hands on Luke Cage’s shoulders, and in midair, he made a very difficult 360-degree front flip!

The whole person leaped from Luke Cage’s head and fell steadily behind him.

Seeing this Luke Cage also wants to turn around and continue to punch him, but Lyon quickly raised his hands and made a surrender.

“Don’t fight! I admit defeat!”

The practice of Lyon as a bachelor made Luke Cage stunned and suddenly showed a blank expression.

Luke Cage is also not a sinister person. It was only because of the act of being opened by Lyon as soon as he got up, it provoked the fire, and it would not be unreasonable.

Since people have conceded and lost themselves, it is not as good as one thing…

Although Luke Cage saw the fists clenched tightly and slowly loosened, Lyon could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

However, from the change in the goodness of the other side of the head, it can be seen that Luke Cage is unhappy at the moment.

“Good feeling: stranger”

At this moment, he finally realized that he should not be so reckless, but also a step forward. Lyon apologized very simply: “I am really sorry, man!”

“I saw your performance on the stage. I really couldn’t resist the curiosity of my heart. I will make such stupid behavior. I apologize for my stupidity.”

After that, Lyon took out a document from his pocket and introduced himself to Luke Cage.

“I am a special agent of the National Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. My name is Lyon.”


Lyon’s special identity, let Luke Cage, who has a past and a secret that he does not want to recall, is suddenly alarmed.

He knows what identity he is…

Lyon saw him slowly wearing his hood again, hiding his face in the darkness again. Luke Cage turned his back, with a cold tone, and said: “I don’t care what you are a national strategy, what logistics support agents or the FBI, I don’t care about these, and I am not interested.”

“I just want to know, you are looking for me, what is it for?!”

In the face of Luke Cage’s attitude, Lyon did not care, but waved his hand and quickly explained.

“I think you misunderstood… I came to Los Angeles this time, just for personal purposes, not for you.”

“As for the matter just now, I can only say, I am very sorry, I am not malicious…”

“I was just too curious. When I see something that makes me curious, I can’t help but feel it.”

“If you don’t hurt, you can’t hurt…”

Not waiting for Lyon to finish, Luke Cage slammed his turn and glared at him. “It’s none of your business!”

Lyon spread his hands and expressed his attitude.

“Hey, relax a little! I am just curious, nothing else.”

Lyon’s apology and explanation failed to soften Luke Cage’s attitude.

Luke Cage, who has already sounded the alarm in his heart, is unwilling to be too entangled with him. His attitude is very clear and tough.

“I warn you, stay away from me. If you come close to me, I will not show mercy!”

After the warning, Luke Cage did not return, he just turned and left.

And Lyon watched his leave back in dark alley, which gradually disappeared into his own line of sight, and he muttered to himself.

“I think we should meet again soon…”


. . . . . .

Back at the hotel, Lyon took the new BlackBerry from his pocket that he had just bought and quickly pressed a series of numbers.

Soon, the phone was connected.

“Hey?” There was a slightly surprised female voice on the other side of the phone heard.

Lyon directly opened the door to see miss Hill: “Maria, I want to ask you to help me find someone.”

“Well?” Although she was a bit confused about Lyon’s sudden intention to contact her. However, Hill still pressed the doubts in her heart and said plainly.


“Luke Cage… No! It should be called Carl Lucas!”

“Carl Lucas…and what?”

While remembering the big black Luke’s warning message, Lyon said to Hill on the other side of the phone.

“Black men, should have had a police experience.”

“Black male, police…”

Lyon heard, Hill going to the computer in her office, while whispering the information provided by Lyon, using her slender fingers, she quickly input keywords on the keyboard.

Under SHIELD’s global intelligence network, it was only thirty seconds, and the computer screen showed relevant files about the person “Carl Lucas”.

At this time, Hill’s high-pitched voice sounded again in Lyon’s ear.


“Carl Lucas, a patrolman of the Atlanta Police Branch, was sent to a private Haimen Prison for service because of murder and possession of drugs. Two years ago, in a medical accident, he escaped from Haimen Prison and disappeared…”

Lyon listened quietly and deposited this information into his brain’s memory.

“What happened? What happened?”

Hearing Hill’s question, sitting on the bed, Lyon’s mouth gently raised, his face was a must-see expression.

“Oh, nothing just met a very interesting person…”

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