Marvel Happy system ch 46

Chapter 46: Lyon is fighting

Some corners of the city are always a place of sin.

Especially the dark alleys that are far away from the main roads are even more frequent crimes.

However, Lyon is behind Luke Cage, not to grab the money from him…

Although “Luke Cage, good feeling: cold,” from the top of the other side, Lyon confirmed his impression on the other party. However, Lyon feels that he still has to feel more intuitively, what is the ability of the guardian role in the defender league?

Therefore, he was not discovered, he deliberately revealed his footsteps, let Luke Cage walking in front, heard the movement from behind him.

Sure enough, the other party heard the slight footsteps coming from behind, and immediately turned around!

In the dim alley, Luke Cage saw the costumes of the comers and the lower half of the face hidden in the darkness with a slightly raised mouth.

Judging from the wear of the other party, this is not like a criminal who needs to obtain resources by robbing.

However, Luke Cage still stared at the other with a warning look and whispered.

“What do you want?”

Lyon stepped forward, and came out of the shadows, revealed his entire face to Luke Cage, and then set his hand and explained.

“Don’t get me wrong, big man, I just want to have a drink with you…”

“Have a drink?”

“But I changed my mind now!”

Not waiting for Luke Cage to react from Lyon’s strange words, Lyon moved!

He saw his foot slammed hard, and the whole body muscle suddenly burst into a huge force!

Stepping on the pace, the sprinting of Lyon, like a fast shadow, rushed to Luke Cage.

The water on the ground can not be splattered by the shoes.

The distance of just five or six meters, in the speed of the sprint of Lyon wind, is like non-existence, fleeting!

“So fast!”

Just in a blink of an eye, Lyon kicked the side with a blow and attacked Luke Cage, who still lamented.

There is no time to think too much, Luke Cage can barely use a side flash, and escaped the powerful blow of Lyon.

However, the wind brought by the sidekicks, and the hood worn on his head blew open.

At this time, Luke Cage did not have time to pay attention to other things.

Because, in front of the situation, he had to play a 12-point spirit…

Lyon saw him tightening his eyebrows, posing in a boxing position, using the pair of eyes that looked like prey, and staring closely at Lyon, facing him, word by word.

“Who are you?!”


Lyon slowly turned around and looked at Luke Cage, he smiled and said: “I am just a very curious tourist.”

Looking at Lyon’s odious smile, Luke Cage couldn’t help but scream in his heart. “Do you think I will believe you!

Looking at unbelieving Luke Cage, Lyon had no choice but to shrug his shoulders and spread his hands. “I said, but you don’t believe me.”

Luke Cage still maintains a fighting posture and asks: “Why do you attack me when you come up?”

“Oh, that’s just a little test,” Lyon said as he moved slightly.


“Yes, the first step of testing!”

The voice just fell, and inadvertently, Lyon, which was close to the distance, once again attacked Luke Cage!

He slammed his right foot and stepped on the wooden box next to it, and the whole person vacated.

Then, half-turned in the air came a roundabout kick!

This time, Luke Cage, who was slower than half a beat, because the distance was too close, Before he could escape, he was swept by Lyon with a kick!


The huge impact led to Luke Cage’s entire head and a terrible distortion to the left.

This powerful foot attack even can faint the elite special force.


Luke Cage, just moved awkwardly to the left, he turned his head again like nothing and stared at Lyon with his eyes full of danger.

And on the other side, Lyon paid a price for his own reckless foot attack.

His right leg trembled slightly, and there was a pain in his brain center.

“Hey! It’s really hard to do…”

In the previous confrontation, although it seems that he hit Luke Cage. However, only Lyon knows in his own heart that it is he who ate a dark loss.

At this time, Luke Cage, who had been kicked for no reason, a wave of anger gradually aroused in his heart.

He looked at Lyon, as the sudden enemy, and his tone was full of anger that could not be covered.

“You are looking for death!”

After that, Luke Cage gave up his original defensive posture, like an irritated black bear, and launched a storm-like offensive against Lyon!

Using his own years of fighting skills, each of his attacks is full of angles, strength, and even the surrounding breeze.

However, he shocked by Luke Cage, Lyon seems to know in advance which side of his attack to fight, even to completely avoid his all attacks!


Just a little sideways, Lyon hid a fist that was enough to make him seriously injured.

Under the attack of the other side like a stormy sea, Lyon is like a lonely boat that is in the vast ocean, but always tenacious.

No matter how sharp the opponent’s offensive is, he can’t hit any part of his body!

At the same time, every counterattack by Lyon is a fist to the flesh!


Lyon hit a boxing punch on Luke Cage’s belly!

The huge noise did not let the other side’s movements produce a slight shake.


Another punch, directly hit Luke Cage’s chest.

Still, he can’t let the other person feel a little pain…

The fight between the two, although it seems to have come and go, the scene is very hot.

However, because Luke Cage couldn’t beat Lyon, and Lyon’s attack did not have any effect on Luke Cage.

The sudden fight that has led to this has become an embarrassing situation for anyone who can’t help, but now.

Luke Cage came to him for dozens of rounds, and Lyon gradually understood that even if he played like this again, he couldn’t help each other.

After all, in his view, his attack and even Luke Cage’s defense can’t break…

Therefore, in order to avoid the situation of being stabbed by the opponent after the endurance fell, he decided to stop.

Once again, Lyon escaped Luke Cage’s one-click uppercut. Lyon jumped back two steps. After pulling the distance, he said: “Come here!”

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