Marvel Happy system ch 45

Chapter 45: Unexpected “acquaintances”

Some staff members, holding towels in their hands come to the platform to wipe the blood on the ground; the audience under the stage also returned to their seats, and start waiting for the next boxing match…

During this short break, many of the audience who had just followed the fierce confrontation on the stage and kept yelling came to the bar in the club and ordered a variety of wines in order to ease the dryness of their throat.

At the same time, in a deck at the corner of the “Diamond Heart” club, Diamond Heart’s club owner, Fat Adam, is apologizing to the table guests.

“Oh, I’m really embarrassed, “Diamond” is a bit of a thing, he may not come, please ask for more. In order to apologize to you, I will accompany you to drink a few cups!”

After that, Adam took out an empty glass and poured a full Scotch whiskey into it.

At this time, sitting in the center of the deck, the young man, surrounded by two beautiful women, took out his right hand, and stopped the fat man Adam to continue the action of pouring wine.

Adam saw this handsome young man in a black leather jacket, he smiled and said in a light tone: “No need, I know, this request is a bit too much, I can understand.”

“Oh, this guest, you say this, I will pay more for you!”

When the voice just fell, the fat Adam picked up the glass and poured the whole glass of whiskey into his throat.

After drinking a few cups with this male guest, Adam said goodbye to him.

“So, now I will not bother you to continue watching the game.”

The man nodded. “Okay, you go slowly.”

When Adam left, A blonde girl sitting next to him leaned towards him.

While holding the man’s arm with a full chest, and dripping in the man’s ear, blowing the wind. She said: “Lyon, just this game, it is too exciting! People’s heartbeat, to It, has not calmed down yet…”

The beautiful brown-haired girl sitting on the left side also nods her head and agrees.

“Hmm! Especially the big black one, he is too powerful?! It seems that he is hitting him, he has no reaction, is it not painful?”

With the jealous eyes of the surrounding male compatriots, the man sitting in the middle of the girls, but his mouth slightly raised, in some dim light, he revealing his blue stars like eyes.

“Maybe, it’s not that he doesn’t feel pain, but his opponent’s attack is too weak…”

He picked up the glass in his hand and looked at the whiskey in the glass. Under the light, it was like a psychedelic color of gold. The man gradually came to his senses…

Lyon didn’t think that he had heard a piece of news on the beach and accidentally let him meet a very interesting person in this club.

That’s right.

This left and right hug, in order to have a drink with the winners on the stage, and called a few expensive guests, it is Lyon who traveled to Los Angeles!

Everything, going back to two days ago…

Two days ago, Lyon had just arrived in Los Angeles, the city of angels, and met two British college girls who were also traveling.

A blonde, a passionate girl with a wheat complexion, called Nicole; another brown-haired girl with white skin and a slightly dizzy chest is called Lilly.

From the first moment of encountering two people, Lyon saw that many women’s on the site eyeing on him. The charm of handsome guys!

Especially the blond girl who just ended her signal, her eyes are full of deep teasing, as if she couldn’t help but eat him into her stomach…

In the face of the strong desire of these girls, of course, Lyon of fraternity is coming.

When they were on the beach, the girl put a note with a number in his hand.

In the next two days, Lyon, who was alone in the vacancy, felt that It’s not as good as three people to play with one person.

So he called and asked the two girls to come out and play together several times.

And tonight, the reason why he came to this boxing club called “Diamond Heart” to watch the underground black boxing game was that Lyon went to Venice Beach that day and saw a pair of buddies when he was hanging out on the beach. They were talking that…

“Hey! The day after tomorrow, “Diamond Heart” has a match, do you want to go see it together?”

“Really? Will diamonds also play?”

“Of course! When Adam was propagating everywhere, it was very special to say that the opponent of the diamond is ‘headshot Arthur’.”

“Wow! This is definitely a very exciting game. I think it makes me a little excited…”

From the words of the two men, “Diamond Heart”, “Diamond”, “Headman Arthur” and “On the Game”, Lyon quickly concluded that the game in the other side is only among a few people underground boxing match.

Lyon, who was provoked interest, to see the underground boxing match that the two brothers called “the battle of the century”. He took both girls to watch it.

As a result, it is better to say that he did not let him down.

In the ring, he found a very familiar person – the black man named “Diamond”!

After the fight, a black boxer with no scars left the ring as nothing happened, and a superhero image in his memory, can not help but overlap.

In order to verify the conjecture in his heart, Lyon also tried to ask the boss to call the black buddy who had a very foreign nickname and came over for a drink.

But Lyon did not expect that he will directly reject his invitation.

However, Lyon is not discouraged.

Since the other party refuses to come, he is good!

At this moment, the lingering light in his eyes, he reached a burly figure and walked out from the back door.

Without thinking too much, Lyon put the glass in his hand directly on the table and slammed up.

Seeing the sudden rise of Lyon, the two girls are somewhat inexplicable.

“Hey? Lyon, where are you going?”

There was a sorry look on Lyon’s face.

“Sorry, I suddenly remembered that I still have something to do. I have already paid for it. You can continue to play, you don’t have to wait for me.”

As soon as the voice fell, Lyon took a long leg and hurriedly chased the back door.

In the deck, only the two beautiful women who face each other are left behind…

Escaped from the vocal boxing club, through the back door, to the alley behind the club, Lyon was not far ahead, saw his goal – a burly man wearing a hoodie and a hood.

Seeing that the other side was going through the zebra crossing and went across the road, Lyon quickly accelerated the pace at his feet.

In this way, Lyon has fully played his own tracking skills and has been hanging behind each other.

After the two went one after the other, they walked into a dark alley, where there was no one and no surveillance camera…

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