Marvel Happy system ch 43

Chapter 43: The City of Angels

“It’s not Los Angeles!”

Standing at the door of the Kodak Theatre, watching the streets where people come and go, and the tourists from all over the world, with a variety of POSE, and the stars on the ground, Lyon could not help but smile.

If you choose the most popular tourist city rankings from all the cities in the United States, then one city will always be among the best.

That is the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles!

Los Angeles, compared to the fast-paced New York, has one more leisure.

‘The synonym of American cinema’ Hollywood, ‘Bikini Paradise’ Venice Beach, and the ‘Celebrity gathering place’ Beverly Hills…

A famous attraction makes the city like a bright star in the night sky, guiding countless people.

Lyon is also part of a large tourist base.

He was stunned by Fury’s “Promotion + Holiday” two-piece surprise. After Hill’s recommendation, he decided to go to Los Angeles for a leisure vacation.

The world of Marvel is vastly different from the world in which he was originally, and has many similarities.

The stars of Hollywood are still those people.

* Old Tang Ge, Xiao Li Zi, Captain Depp, and others are all in this world, fighting for their acting career.

Not only that, but many famous companies still exist. In particular, Internet giants such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all developing their own forces.

* However, the companies with the highest market capitalization in this world are no longer familiar names, but the dramatic names of Stark Industries, Osborn Group, and Roxon Oil.

When Lyon just passed over, knowing that there are companies like Apple and Facebook in this world, he didn’t think too much and directly used the legacy of his father and mother to buy stocks!

These companies did not surprise him. Within a few years, his assets have turned dozens of times!

It was because of the nuances of these faint connections that Lyon was able to take a fortune.

His current bank deposits are not too much, and it is only four or five million dollars. Compared to Stark, Osborn, these hundreds of billions of chaebols, of course, not worth mentioning.

However, this is enough for his extra expenses.

After all, SHIELD’s treatment is still good. In addition to the distribution of his wife (Phil Coulson), the basic package can be packaged…

Since coming to Los Angeles for vacation, the first thing Lyon did was to replace his dress with a flower shirt and beach pants. Coupled with a double word drag, Lyon is fully integrated into the pace of life in Los Angeles.

* After taking a group photo with his favorite Hollywood star, Xiao Lizi, Lyon left the Avenue of Stars.

Strolling on Hollywood Boulevard, with the palm trees on both sides of the road, passing by, Lyon’s mood became leisurely.

New York and Los Angeles are two very different cities.

Although they are the most prosperous big cities in the United States, only those who have been to two places can tell the difference between them.

As a tourist, Lyon is very purposeful.

On the first day of his arrival in Los Angeles, he ran to Beverly Hills, known as “the most prestigious residential area in the world,” trying to make a good encounter with Hollywood stars.

However, unfortunately, he was not as lucky as he was in Russia last time. He strolled around Beverly and did not encounter a familiar star.

In the end, he can only enjoy and return.

The next day, that is today.

He is going to go to two places, one is just the Avenue of Stars. The other is his next destination, Venice Beach!

Imagine walking in the warm sun, listening to the tides of the sea, feel the beauty of the setting sun, how fascinating it would be.

At the thought of this, the pace at his feet could not help but speed up a little.

Just then, a roadster that just passed by suddenly braked and stopped in front of Lyon.

A blonde sitting in the co-pilot, looked back, while waving to Lyon, greeted him with enthusiasm.

“Hey! Handsome!”

Having some doubt in his heart, Lyon did not respond. He looked around and found that there were no other people around. Then he pointed at himself with his finger and asked questioningly: “Are you calling me?”

The car slowly receded and stopped near Lyon.

There are two people sitting in the car. In addition to the co-pilot blonde, the brown-haired girl driving the sports car is also a standard beauty.

Especially the broad mind, people can’t move their eyes.

Judging from the bikinis worn by the two, their destination is also like Lyon, is a beach.

The two watched Lyon picking up the sunglasses, revealing the fascinating blue eyes, all of them could not help but brighten their eyes.

At this time, the hearts of the two girls screamed inside. “Sure enough, a handsome guy!”

“Yeah! Handsome, where are you going? Do you want us to take you on the road?” The blonde sitting on the co-pilot asked with a smile.

The enthusiasm of the European and American girls is direct, and Lyon has long been used to it.

He did not reject the kindness of the two girls, he smiled and said: “I am going to Venice Beach, what about you?”

“We are too!” The brown-haired woman sitting in the driver’s seat replied first.

In the face of the enthusiasm of the two girls, Lyon is also respectful and desperate.

“Okay… thank you.”

Pulling the door open, he sat in the back seat in their car.

With the engine “bang”, the car moved again.

Just sitting down, the blonde girl who didn’t need to drive, immediately spoke to Lyon.

“Right, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet…”

“My name is Nicole, this is my friend, Lilly. We come from the UK.”

“What about you?”

While feeling the wind blowing, Lyon squinted and replied: “Hey, hello. My name is Lyon, and I am also come to travel.”

“It’s so good! How long are you going to stay here?” At this time, the brown-haired big-breasted girl who drove the car was also unwilling to lag behind and asked in a loud voice.

“Oh, I should stay here for a few days…”

“That’s great.., then we can come out and play together!”

On the way to Venice Beach, Lyon had a good time with the two.

From the exchange of two British beauty, he got a lot of information.

They two are just college student.

Blonde girl Nicole just broke up with her boyfriend. The brown-haired girl is a very good friend of her whom she took with her and come to Los Angeles.

Both are single.

When they arrived at the destination, Venice Beach, Lyon was just about to part with the two girls, and he was suddenly pulled by the blonde girl and she stuffed a note in his hand.

After stuffing, the blonde girl also gave him a wink. “Call us!”

Lyon opened the note and saw two phone numbers on it!

Seeing this, Lyon’s mouth was not gently raised, and he placed the paper in his trouser pocket.

It seems that in the next few days of the holiday will not be lonely…

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