Marvel Happy system ch 42

Chapter 42: Gives another sweet date to eat.

After saying what he wanted to say, Fury left.

As for Lyon, who had been taught a lesson, he did not feel the mood and continued to go out.

Looking at the clock slowly moving towards the early morning on the wall, Lyon dragged the tired body and mind and threw the whole person on the soft big bed.

“Sleep, wake up, it’s a new day.” With this thought, he slowly entered a dream…

The next day, morning.

In a quiet room, suddenly an annoying phone ringing sounded.

“Tring Tring…”

Someone who was sleeping sweetly frowned and pulled the quilt and covered his entire face.

However, this attempt to block the harassment voice is just a deception.

The ringtone of the phone is like a reminder of the god of death and has launched an attack on the ears of Lyon.

From the cover of the quilt to the cover of the pillow, Lyon is still defeated by the ringing tone phone that does not know how to give up.

He reached out from the warm quilt, touched the bedside table, and took the phone to his ear.

“Drip!” The phone was connected.


At the other end of the line, Hill heard someone’s slightly lazy voice, and she couldn’t help but frown.

“Are you still not up?”

“Oh, Maria!”

Lyon heard the voice of Hill, he first yawned and replied: “I have no tasks, why should I get up so early…”

Lyon’s lazy tone makes Hill, who has always been strict with self-discipline, somewhat unsatisfied.

How can you sleep late, if you don’t have a task?!

Her voice turned into the tone of the command and she said: “I don’t care what you are doing now, I’m giving you thirty minutes, and immediately come to the New York branch!”

After that, she hangs up directly.

Still not responding, Lyon can only look at the phone, and shouted: “This woman, how can she talk to me so violently…”

Although he said this on the mouth, he did not dare to ignore Hill’s orders.

After all, she is the adjutants of the bureau, an agent with nine levels of authority, and he is only a fourth-level rookie, cannot afford …

Lyon quickly get up from his bed, wash, change clothes, and go out at a very fast speed!

Two minutes later, a sound of engine roaring sounded downstairs…

Fortunately, it has already passed the peak of work, otherwise, even if Lyon’s car skills are good, it is impossible to come to the Brooklyn area from Queens within 30 minutes.

SHIELD has branches almost all over the world.

Especially in the United States, in addition to the largest main headquarter, and the hub of the transfer station Hub, the New York branch is the most important.

Because of this, Fury will put his other confession, Victoria Hande, in such a critical position.

Of course, with Lyon’s current identity and level, even if he comes to the New York branch from time to time, he still has no chance to get in touch with this competent female minister…

After arriving at the New York branch in the south of Brooklyn, through the security system, he soon reached in the lobby and saw Maria Hill waiting for a long time.

“Hey!” Lyon just wanted to say hello to her, but stopped by her words “follow me!”

Looking at Hill who turned and walked forward with her long legs, Lyon shrugged and looked up.

Under the leadership of Hill, the two came to an empty office.

They just entered the room, and before waiting for Lyon to sit down, Hill took out a black skin certificate from her trouser pocket and handed it to Lyon.

“What is this?”

“Director asked me to give this to you.”

Did Fury give this for me?

Lyon looked up in disbelief and opened it, and suddenly felt a bit inexplicable.

The familiar eagle logo of SHIELD, as well as his ID photo…

Lyon looked at Hill and asked: “Is this a document of the agent? I already have it!”

“You look at the words above carefully.”

Upon hearing Hill’s reminder, Lyon pays attention to the words on the documents.

This time, after looking at it clearly, he could not help but exclaim.

“Hey?! How is it six?!”

He rubbed his eyes with his hands and couldn’t seem to believe his eyes and everything he saw.

The document of SHIELD agent Lyon, he held in his hand, there is in the level column, his level is printed “level 6”!

At this time, Hill, standing on the side, looked at Lyon’s look of disbelief. She slightly raised her mouth and whispered.

“Congratulations, you have been promoted!”

Looking at his new agent certificate in his hand, Lyon’s mind suddenly remembered what happened last night.

He instantly understood why Fury suddenly knocked on his door…

This is clearly the boss’s standard routine for inspiring subordinates, first slap, and then give a sweet date!

However, he has to say that this “sweet date” is still very delicious.

After all, for Lyon, a higher level of authority means that the information that is accessible is more confidential; it also means that he has more opportunities to reach the superheroes such as Iron Man and Captain America.

It is the most important thing for him to survive in this Marvel world by learning the abilities of these people and learning his strength.

Fury may not know at all that Lyon can learn from each other’s abilities by making good connections with others.

However, Fury unknowingly helped Lyon a big deal…

“Besides that, considering that you have been in the bureau for a long time, you have not got a holiday, plus now there are injuries. So the Secretary specially approved a one week holiday for you…” Hill continued.

Let’s not say how much black and countless secrets hide in Fury’s heart. As far as he is concerned with his subordinates, he is indeed a leader with clear rewards and punishments.

Although both the fourth and sixth levels belong to the same level of confidentiality. However, compared with the fourth level, which can only be used for general intelligence, the sixth level can already obtain confidential information related to national security.

It is only a step away from the seven levels of access to highly confidential.

Therefore, Lyon is very grateful for the generosity of Fury.

Putting the new agent card into the inner layer of the jacket, Lyon looked at Hill with a very serious expression and said: “Maria, please tell the Secretary for me, that I will reward him with more outstanding performance!”

Hill nodded slightly to reassure Lyon, “I will.”

After talking about the official business, Hill, and Lyon, who have not seen for a long time, also took advantage of this opportunity to meet and talk about the old.

Although the time of understanding is not too long, the two also called friends.

Even Hill has a headache for this guy who likes to play with it…

When they came to the coffee shop in the branch, the two chatted together while drinking coffee.

“A rare holiday, where are you going to play? Don’t tell me, you have to stay at home for a whole week…”

“Happiness is coming too suddenly, my mind is blank… What good place do you have, can you recommend it?”

“That depends on whether you want to go to China or abroad…”

“In the case of the country, Los Angeles is very good. In addition to Hollywood, the Venice Beach, the evening, the beauty of the setting sun, it is simply impossible to remove the eyes…”


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