Marvel Happy system ch 41

Chapter 41: Hits a slap

A grateful kiss does not change anything.

At least Lyon feels like this…

In the next few days, Lyon took the new agent Natasha who had just joined SHIELD, and went through the formalities of entering the job, applying for a residence, and so on.

After all the complicated procedures were completed, Natasha bid farewell to Lyon and officially went to SHIELD’s evaluation training base.

Since she was a special agent who was rebelling from Russian intelligence agency “Red House”, in order to confirm that she was not sent to undercover, SHIELD needed to conduct a series of evaluations of her and a one-month background check.

This is a very normal internal operation of the organization. In this regard, Natasha also expressed understanding…

Say goodbye to Natasha, Lyon went to New York, and return to his residence place again after a few days.

He just finished his Russian mission, and he was in a state of standby until he received a new mission.

Stand by, it means nothing to do.

However, just after the end of a long trip to Russia, Lyon also felt that his body is taking a little time to adjust.

After all, the gunshot wound behind him reminded him from time to time that he needs some time to recover…

. . . . . .

Lyon really doesn’t know if the special medicine of SHIELD is powerful, or his body is recovering fast. Only three days ago, when Lyon looked in the mirror, his wound has started to scare!

During the period, Coulson was very busy and came to visit him once.

When he found out that Lyon is fine, and he was lying in his house getting fat, he did not come again.

After all, he is very busy as one of Fury’s confidants…

In addition to his uncle, Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz, two friends, also came to visit him.

Especially as a biochemist with two doctorates, Jemma Simmons also brought a quick recovery agent developed for Lyon, so that Lyon wants to hold her and shout “Simmon, you are the best!”

Thanks to this recovery agent, Lyon’s gunshot wounds quickly recovered.

The body is good, someone’s heart is turbulent, and it’s no longer silent…

This evening, the night is dark, and the bustling New York is still there.

Staying at home for a few days, Lyon misses New York beauty, so he gets ready to go out for a wave.

Who knows, just as he changed his clothes and was ready to go, the door of the apartment rang.

“Knock Knock!”

Very rhythmic knocking on the door, let Lyon’s body a slight meal, with doubts in his heart, while walking, Lyon whispered.

“Who is this time?”

However, when Lyon opened the door, he was surprised to find that the person standing at his door turned out to be the director of SHIELD, Nick Fury!

The completely unexpected visitor made Lyon feel shocked.

“Don’t you ask me to come in?”

Fury’s ridiculous words, makes Lyon come to his senses.

“Oh, please come in!”

After that, he quickly retreated and let Fury come in.

Fury, wearing his black trench coat, walked into the apartment at a steady pace.

Looking at Fury’s back, Lyon’s heart somehow began to get nervous.

What is he doing here? What is its purpose?

It’s not that Lyon is suspecting Fury. It’s really a sudden visit by Fury, which feels a little abnormal.

In other words, Fury is not the kind of enthusiastic person who cares about his subordinates and pays visits in person…

“This is the first time that I come to your home…” Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Fury looked around and asked: “How is it? Is it still used to living?”

Standing in the kitchen, Lyon, who was about to pour coffee in the mug, heard such words of Fury.

He can’t help but pick it up. “Well, okay, I am still adapting.”

“After all, I just lived here for two months…”

After that, he took the mug, and went to the living room and handed it to Fury.

“Thank you.”

Fury took a sip and placed it on the table.

Inferred from the actions of the other party, Lyon felt that Fury has something to say to him. . .

Before he asked him, Fury spoke first.

“This time you have a very good mission!”

“From Romanoff, we have learned a lot about the high secrets of Red house. This information is very helpful for our future actions in Russia and for maintaining peace.”

“And It’s all credit goes to you…”

As soon as he came up, Fury came to Lyon with a fierce boast. This made Lyon a little unexpected.

However, what made him even more unexpected was the sudden change in the attitude of Fury.


Fury stared at him with his only remaining eye. “I’m still not satisfied with your mission performance!”


Lyon slammed his spirits, and even his body that was originally sitting very straight, tightened every muscle.

He vaguely felt that the next words would be the reason why Fury personally came tonight…

Fury continues his words.

“You have done a great job in this mission, whether it is collecting intelligence or lurking. However, you have forgotten a very important thing…”

“You still remember, when I let you pay attention to Black Widow, what else did you say?”

From Fury’s full of discontent eyes, Lyon finally realized the intention of Fury.

The reason for coming here!

From the moment of defying the order, Lyon was ready to plead guilty to Fury.

However, everything went according to his plan, so he thought that Fury would, perhaps not delve into these little things.

who knows…

The mind was full of thoughts, but Lyon could only open the bitter mouth and whispered Fury’s question: “You don’t hesitate, don’t hesitate, before killing her directly…”


Although Fury was still sitting on the sofa motionless, the coldness that emanated from him made Lyon feel very clear, the majestic scene of the observer hiding in the shadows.

“If I don’t understand the mistake, this is a clear command! And obeying the order is a vocation of subordinates!”

When he heard Fury, Lyon was speechless. He can only hold his lips and bear the accountability he should have.

“It is a very good trait to be able to change the strategy according to the situation, I also appreciate it. But that is the job of the commander.”

“And your job is to do everything you can to completely give each task and order to your superior!”

Fury slightly leaned forward like a lion who was about to sprint and catch the prey in front of him. Looking in Lyon’s eyes, he said one word at a time.

“This time, it depends on your intention to complete the task better, and not to pursue your defying orders…”

“But, the next is not an example!”

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