Marvel Happy system ch 40

Chapter 40: Black Widow’s Kiss

They just arrived in New York, Lyon has not had time to enjoy with Natasha, and in the night view of New York, he was called by Nick Fury.

The place to meet, or the building in which Fury gave him the “Red House” mission last time.

However, this time, something different is that accompanying him is not his uncle, Coulson, but “Black Widow” Natasha…

Sitting on the already prepared Chevrolet Suburban, Lyon and Natasha quickly arrived at their destination.

“Come and see me, bring Black Widow too.” – These are the original words of Nick Fury.

In the car, Lyon did not talk to Natasha, but his mind was constantly pushing out all the possibilities that are about to happen.

Although Nick Fury agreed on his asylum plan during the call. However, before everything has been settled, he has always been unable to let go.

In the meeting that Fury is going to have with them if he tries to kill Natasha on the spot, what should he do?!

This absurd idea is like a haze that has been shrouded in his heart.

Nick Fury, this man is like a secret in the sky.

The time that Lyon spends with him is not so much, it is better to say that it is very little!

His only intersection with Fury was as the director of SHIELD, who gave him his last mission. Moreover, the time to speak and meet is less than ten minutes.

He couldn’t guess what are Fury’s views about rebellious agent Natasha?

He can only meet with Fury with optimistic thoughts and Natasha is also full of doubts.

Entering the building, the front desk woman Lyon saw last time interrupted him first without waiting for Lyon to show his agent’s ID.

“Agent Lyon, Miss Natasha, the Secretary is waiting for you on the fourth floor.”


The two people who were worried about each other took the elevator and soon came to the fourth floor.


As soon as the elevator’s door opened, Lyon saw a tall, beautiful woman standing straight in front of his sight.

Lyon browed and then showed a kind smile. “Maria, I haven’t seen you for a long time!”

In the entire SHIELD office, this woman who is so intimate by Lyon, except for the deputy of Fury is Maria Hill, who else?!

“Maria?” Hearing the intimate name of Lyon, Natasha on the side was also very curious to look at the woman standing in front of the elevator.

However, the woman seems not like Lyon calling her ‘Maria’ in front of outsiders…

Lyon saw that she is wrinkling her brows, and with her a pair of pale blue eyes, she glanced at Lyon and said: “The Secretary is waiting for you in the conference room.”

When she finished, she turned straight and walked with her long legs into the conference room.

Lyon and Natasha looked at each other and immediately followed.

Not long after, the two came to the conference room under the leadership of Hill.

Hill first knocked a few on the door and then reminded the insiders.

“Sir, they have come.”

“Let them come in.”


Under Hill’s gaze, Lyon and Natasha walked into the conference room.

Like the last time, Fury was sitting cross-legged on the main chair of the conference room.

Looking at Fury’s face, Lyon couldn’t see through his heart.

At this time, Fury moved!

Lyon saw him slowly getting up from his seat and taking a gentle pace to come to Lyon, Fury patted his right shoulder with his hand and praised him.

“Good job! Agent Lyon!”

Lyon, who is a bit awkward, is also loyal to Fury.

“Thank you, sir! I will continue to work hard…”

After finishing his performance with Lyon, Fury turned to Natasha standing on the side and extended his right hand.

“Hello, I am the director of this Bureau of Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, Nicholas Joseph Fury. I am very happy to see you, Ms. Natashe Romanoff.”

From the face of Fury’s black lacquer, Lyon saw a glimmer of satisfaction.

This is a good sign!

On the other hand, in the face of Fury’s goodwill, Natasha did not consider too much, directly extended a small hand, and took Fury’s big hand. She smiled and said: “It is my pleasure to see you.”

Not long after the opening remarks, Fury did not wait for Lyon to report the mission and ordered him.

“It must be very hard along the way, Agent Lyon. You should go out for a cup of coffee and take a break. I have something to discuss with Ms. Natasha…”

There is no way, Lyon can only return a “Yes! sir!”, and then turned and left the room.

At the moment the door was about to close, he suddenly saw Natasha, blinked at him, and it seemed to be sending a message to him.

“Do not worry! I will not have anything.”

This is to let Natasha alone face the “one-eyed demon king” Fury, Lyon’s heartfelt calm a little.

After all, Black Widow is not an easy woman.

If Fury really wants to fight, then this one-eyed dragon, may not be able to rival Natasha, she is a beautiful but thorny Black Widow…

After Lyon left the room, he ran to the side of Hill and began to ask about the various things that happened at SHIELD when he was not there.

However, what Lyon did not think was that the conversation between Fury and Black Widow did not last long.

Just twenty minutes later, Lyon saw Natasha coming out of the conference room.

“How come so fast?!” Lyon, who thought so in his heart, greeted Hill.

“How is it?” Lyon asked quickly.

Natasha replied very lightly. “Nothing much, I am just joining it…”

Lyon had some surprises. “Hey? That’s it? No?”

“Oh, yes! The Secretary asked me to follow you, to register for identity, go through the formalities, and then conduct a series of assessment tests.”

“I just need to only pass these tests, and then I can really join…”

From Natasha’s tone and expression, Fury was not too embarrassed about her.

This made Lyon breathe a sigh of relief, but also dispelled the ridiculous thoughts from his heart.

Just as Lyon’s heart snorted and said: “You finally got it!” Suddenly, a familiar voice came from his mind.

[Ting! – “Consult Black Widow” task is completed, the reward has been issued, please pay attention to check.]

The mission is also complete?!

Just as the prompt about mission attracted his attention. Natasha, standing in front of him, suddenly made a move that surprised both Hill and Lyon.

Lyon saw her, she slightly picking up her feet, in front of Hill, and gently kissed him!

Without the reaction of Lyon, Natasha passed the ridiculous explanation and passed it to his ear.

“This is the thank you, don’t think about it…”

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