Marvel Happy system ch 39

Chapter 39: Is alive for yourself

September 23, 2007, at 12 noon.

Northern Russia, Kara Sea, Novi Port.

This is the main part of the Kara Sea, and the entire port is very large. Residents here mainly depend on fish farming for their livelihood. Not only that, but it is also a fishing attraction that many fishing enthusiasts all over the world love.

But today’s Novi Harbour has ushered in two “uninvited guests”…

The Kara Sea, which condenses into an endless ice sea, is like a snowy kingdom.

While sitting on a bench on the harbor dike, feeling the coldness of the cold wind, the sight in front of them is beautiful frozen Kara Sea, Lyon could not help but say: “True!”

Lyon wearing a heavy down jacket, with a pair of snow boots on his feet, he pulled the woolen cap on his head, and suddenly asked to Natasha, sitting next to him.

“How long?”

“There are still about fifteen minutes…” Natasha, who also wrapped herself in a woolen hood top, admiring the distant scenery, looked down at her watch and replied calmly.

After escaping from the port of Nizhnevartovsk, Lyon, who was shot, was taken by Natasha to a small town called Kudsk.

After simply handling his gunshot wound, in order not to miss the agreed evacuation time, Lyon, whose wound has not fully recovered, will go on the road again with Natasha.

This time, without the chasing soldiers constantly harassing and chasing behind them, the two are like a small couple going on an outing, driving a car, and eagerly heading towards the destination…

Just half an hour ago, the two of Lyon finally arrived at the agreed evacuation point – Novi Port.

At the time of the arrival of SHIELD, only the last fifteen minutes were left.

Therefore, in order to make the last commemoration and to spend the rest of the time, under the proposal of Lyon, the two came to the beach.

While waiting for the arrival of SHIELD, they talked aimlessly…

Sitting on the bench, Natasha looked up and looked at the sun hanging high in the air. She was half-satisfied with a half-sense in her tone.

“It’s weird. Listen to them, there are very few sunny days in the Kara Sea… ”

“Hey? Is that true?” When he heard Natasha’s words, Lyon took a deep breath and immediately smiled. “Then we have a rare time to meet such a good day, isn’t it lucky?”

“Lucky… maybe.”

Looking at Natasha, who suddenly fell low and fell into silence, Lyon was a little curious and asked: “Are you still thinking about what I said?”

On the way to Novi Harbour, Lyon introduced his identity and the organization behind him to Natasha.

When she knew that she was about to join an intelligence agency supervised by the World Security Council, she was somewhat surprised and much eased.

She is also known about the name of the “Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division.”

She doesn’t care much about the organization she would join. It is a notorious killer organization. It is also a mysterious organization that interferes with the security issues of all countries in the world under the slogan of “Maintaining world peace.”

What she cares about is her own affiliation, and the next road, how to go!

After joining SHIELD, as a rebel agent, she completely abandoned the “special agent” status and transferred to the logistics department; or changed the place and continued to use the skills she is best at to work for the organization.

Even, this is a hidden name, a new identity, and a new life…

Among these three choices, she is somewhat uncertain…

Especially on the way, when Lyon introduced her to the operation and internal structure of the SHIELD, it seems that she hopes that she can continue to be an agent.

In her heart, Natasha didn’t know what kind of existence Lyon had for herself.

“Friend?” Can’t be called.

“Partner?” A bit like.

“Couple?” does not exist!

However, one thing is certain, that he protect her and save her from the hands of Red house all the way, very important to her!

It can be said that if there is no Lyon, she may have died on that bridge…

Therefore, Lyon’s opinion is also quite substantial for Natasha.


Natasha nodded and then shook her head again.

Seeing Natasha’s indecisive appearance, Lyon thought about it and said: “Actually, what I said in the car is my selfishness. I want to persuade you to continue to be an agent. Even if it is Your choice, I have no right to interfere…”

He looked quietly at the front, and the tone sounded awkward. “I just thought that if you continue to be an agent, it will be very helpful to me, to the organization, and to the whole world.”

“Because you can do things that many people can’t do!”

As he spoke, Lyon slowly turned his head and looked at Natasha with his bright, deep blue eyes.

“In the previous life, you can say that you have always lived for Red house.”

“And now, you have escaped their control and got the hard-won freedom. Don’t you want to see the world with your own eyes, experience it, live for yourself, what kind of feeling is it?”

“Not to mention, I think that if I form a partnership with you, it should be very powerful. Don’t you think?”

It was said that Natasha couldn’t help but look at Lyon’s face. Slowly, her face burst into a charming smile. “I think so too!”

The two smiled and the air filled with a pleasant atmosphere…

Just chatting and chatting, I almost forgot the passage of time.

At this time, from the surface of the sea, there was a sudden distortion of space.

“That is?!”

Under the very surprised eyes of Natasha, a symbolic Kun-style fighter plane of SHIELD, disarmed and appeared in front of the two.


The strong wind brought by the engine blows the hair under the hat of the two people and keeps flying with the wind.

The gray fighter plane, under the watchful eyes of the two, landed on the open space.

The cabin door at the rear of the aircraft was slowly opened.

Lyon took a step forward and came to the plane boarding gate to make a European knight’s etiquette. He smiled and said: “Welcome to board the plane, Natasha!”

. . . . . .

After seven hours…

Located in the night sky of Manhattan, New York…

A Kun-style fighter that opened the stealth mode, along with the huge sound of the turbine engine, slowly landed on the tarmac of a building.

When the door of the cabin was slowly opened, a straight figure, taking a steady pace, slowly walked down.

And then followed by a red-haired woman…

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