Marvel Happy system ch 38

Chapter 38: Shooting Escape

Call out!

An enemy who was just about to step down the ladder was shot by Lyon and shot directly into the eyelids!

Without a sigh of noise, it fell straight forward.

The head was also inserted with the body of the arrow, rolling down the ladder…

The courage of the enemy was also severely suppressed by this powerful arrow.

These killers, becoming timid and shrinking, dare not go forward, and just hide behind the bunker, in the direction of Lyon, sweeping indiscriminately.

Da da da…

Even if the target is off target, but the MP5, which is constantly pouring bullets, keeps Lyon from standing still and posing POSE.

He can only hide behind a yacht, to avoid the unrelenting barrage.

At this time, Yelena Belova, who was late, saw the performance of Lyon and did not hit a place, immediately ordered loudly.

“What are you afraid of?! He is just a person!”

“Give me up!”

Under the reminder of Yelena Belova, all the killers wake up as they dreamed, and rushed down the ladder to the dike and rushed over to Lyon.

People are more powerful.

Even if Lyon’s archery is accurate, one arrow can kill an enemy, but it can’t resist a group of people from the other side.

What’s more, he only has the last few arrows…

After a few round trips, when Lyon shot the last arrow of his arrow box, he could only start the tortoise.


The bullets were constantly hitting the yacht and it sounded a toothache.

Lyon was hiding behind the yacht. At this time, his heart was tormented.

Just as Lyon kept screaming “The next time you must bring a gun!” Natasha’s voice, accompanied by a loud engine, finally rang.

“Okay! Come up!”

This shouting, fall in the ear of Lyon, is like the sound of nature.

He hurriedly turned around and took a long leg. After a while, a standard triple jumped into a motorboat!

Didn’t think too much, sit in the back seat, directly embraced Natasha’s little waist, and shouted in her ear.

“Go, go, go!”

The brow wrinkled, Natasha twisted the throttle with her right hand, and the motorboat parked on the river was like a string of arrows, rushed out!

The water splashed and there was a white mark on the river.

This motorboat broke through all obstacles, carrying Lyon and Natasha, and rushed out of the encirclement!

Seeing the cooked duck, flying away like this, Yelena Belova was very unscrupulously aiming at the back of Lyon and fired several shots.

Under her leadership, the killers of Red house also shot the last wave of bullets called “Don’t listen to fate!”

Sensitive hearing played a role at this time.

Lyon heard a bullet that was spinning at a high speed, passed through the perimeter of his body, and taking the wind and breaking the wind…

When Lyon had not had time to feel the emotion, he felt a pain in his back, which made him scream. “Ah…”

“I am shot!?”

This thought, at that moment, instantly occupied his entire mind.

The body suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness, so that Lyon had clasped Natasha’s hands tightly, and it began to loosen.

Hearing the boring behind him, the sensitive Natasha was also aware of the seriousness of the matter.

She held the handle tightly and controlled the fast-moving motorboat. As soon as possible, get away from the enemy’s range, and said to Lyon sitting behind her.

“You shot Nothing?”

“It’s okay, it’s just a small injury…” Although it is said in the mouth, the sense of dizziness and weakness caused by body bleeding is like a storm, hitting him!

Gradually, He had hugged Natasha’s hands and it was a lot lose.

Natasha, who felt this subtle change, also shouted loudly, trying to retain the consciousness that Lyon gradually lost.

“Hey! Hold on! We will soon arrive at a safe place…”

Natasha’s slightly anxious voice heard in the ear of Lyon, which was so surrounded that Lyon, who wanted to sleep, couldn’t help but frown and whispered back.

“Noisy! I haven’t died yet…”

When she heard the voice of Lyon, Natasha was slightly determined. “It will be a joke, and it will prove that it can still hold.”

However, she understands that if she can’t find a safe place as soon as possible, he will die!

At the thought of this, Natasha made up her mind. “The last time you saved me, this time, it is my turn to save you!”

A twisting throttle, the motorboat in the Ob River, violently accelerates and flies away from the distance.

. . . . . .

After six hours…

A small town in northern Russia.

In a house that was uninhabited all the year round, the man who was lying still on the bed suddenly opened his closed eyes!

Slamming together, he immediately felt a huge tearing sensation on his back, which made him unable to breathe cold air.


After he looked around and determined the surroundings, he asked: “Here?”

At this time, a red-haired woman walked out of the bathroom and smiled at him.

“You finally woke up…”

Seeing each other’s face, Lyon sitting on the bed, his tone showed a hint of surprise: “Natasha?!”

“Oh, squatting, you fell asleep, I dyed my hair back…” Restored the original hair color, Natasha, squatted to the bed, opened the chair and sat down.

“How long have I slept?”

“Well… it didn’t take long, just six hours and thirty-seven minutes…”

When he heard Natasha’s answer, Lyon couldn’t help but frown. “Okay, we still have about six hours left?”

“Yes.” Natasha nodded and joked.

“Accurately, there are six hours and twenty-three minutes away from the agreed evacuation time.”


Lyon looked at Natasha’s smile and suddenly she didn’t know what to do. After a long time, he took a sentence from his mouth.

“Thank you!”

Compared to Lyon’s tweaking, Natasha’s reaction is very cool.

“You’re welcome, you saved me once, I saved you once, we are equal now.”

Lyon just wanted to continue to say a few words, but it was attracted by Natasha’s good feelings.

He doesn’t know when Natasha’s affection for him has changed from “cold” to “harmonious”…

He vaguely felt that there was a kind of shackle named “Partner”, which slowly formed between him and Natasha.

This surprised Lyon and felt a hint of joy.

It seems that Black Widow already becomes a member of SHIELD. She only a last step away…

Lyon turned to think and suddenly asked: “Yes, where are we now?”

“Kursk, a small town in northern Russia.” Natasha seems to know Lyon’s next question and said the answer in advance:

“Novi Harbour, just thirty kilometers away!”

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