Marvel Happy system ch 37

Chapter 37: Hidden retreat

The group of ten people was in a jagged array, and when they came under the container of the two, Lyon shot!

He threw down two metal spheres, and then slammed on the ground, making a striking sound.

First, he found the enemy of the unknown sphere, and shouted very alertly: “There is a situation!”

However, before the group of people reacted, the metal sphere exploded in an instant!


Two strong white lights, like the holy light of the angels, will instantly deprive the enemy of the entire region!

At that moment, what these enemies saw was only endless darkness.

And this moment is exactly what Lyon and Natasha are waiting for!


“My eyes!”

“I can’t see anything!”

Just as the enemy glared at his eyes and screamed with pain, Lyon and Natasha stood up at once and launched a rapid and violent attack against the enemies below!

Take a bow and shoot!

Pull the trigger!

Every shot and every arrow accurately hits the enemy and takes away the other’s life.

Faced with these humanoid targets, these two people like ruthless killer made their most sharp attacks, and destroy one enemy who was unable to fight.

During the period, several blind enemies also tried to take their own submachine guns and shot them around indiscriminately, almost hitting two people.

Fortunately, Lyon, which has a very fast rate of fire, did not give them the opportunity to fire the next shot. The direct “Swoosh” arrow killed the enemies who dared to fight back.

In a short ten-second operation, this group of ten people was instantly destroyed by two people.

And Lyon and Natasha are unscathed.

The price paid is just two powerful flashes that Fitz named “Please close your eyes”!

When Yelena Belova heard the explosion and shouting, she rushed in and saw that only the body fell in the pool of blood was left. She knew that her own conspiracy was easily solved by the other party…

This caused her heart to ignite anger.


She kicked the container to the side and kicked the iron door into a depression and shouted loudly: “You useless fools!”

At this moment, Yelena Belova in anger suddenly found an arrow that was still inserted in the body and the gun that was not taken away!

She turned and suddenly her eyes brightened and said: “They should have no ammunition left!”

“As long as we continue to exchange fire with them, they will definitely have only a few arrows and bullets left, and they will be exhausted soon. In this way, they will only be allowed to kill us!”

“Go! Next, let’s act together!”

Just as Yelena Belova led the last ten people, they began to frantically search for two people while they were on the other side…

Already fleeing to Lyon and Natasha near the banks of the Ob River and began to check the ammunition.

Just when Lyon touched the arrow behind him, he discovered a very serious problem.

“Well, I have only five arrows left!”

It turned out that because the enemy had come too fast, Lyon had not been able to recover the arrow and was forced to flee the scene.

Therefore, Lyon will face a rather embarrassing situation, lack of ammunition!

At this time, Natasha on the side, also seriously revealed bad news.

“I am almost out of bullets too.”

As a surprise attack, the flash bomb was used up, and only a few rounds of bullets and arrows were left.

In this way, the materials owned by the two men could not support them for another raid.

Even with a brief exchange of fire with the enemy, it is possible to exhaust the remaining ammunition…

Without the ammunition, the weapons in their hands will become useless.

“It’s time to think about retreating…” Lyon, who thought so, couldn’t help but look at Natasha.

It’s just that Natasha seems to have thought of it with him. With the pair of tourmalines, she looks at him.

“I think it’s time for us to leave here!”

“But how?”

Looking at the container in the side, Lyon looked at Natasha and continued to ask: “Their support should come almost. They will definitely come in from the main entrance and control the main entrance. This place has only such an entrance. That is to say, apart from the ship, I can’t think of other ways to escape from the port.”

“And at this point in time, there are no ships entering the port…”

As he spoke, Lyon suddenly remembered one thing and looked at Natasha violently. He hesitated and asked: “Unless… the escape tool you mentioned in your mouth is a ship?!”

Looking at Lyon with a look of appreciation, Natasha no longer sells it at this time.


“But it’s not a boat, but a motorboat!”

“Follow me!”

Under the leadership of Natasha, Lyons came to a ship mooring in the port.

The two walked down the stairs and walked along the dike to a more hidden corner.

“Origin, this city is the location of one of my safe houses. You know, to do our trip, I don’t know when will be chased. So, just in case, I left a motorboat in this port, just…”

Natasha explained to Lyon and pulled down a piece of fireproof cloth covering the following things.


Opening the occluded fabric, Lyon finally saw a well-preserved black motorboat, so quietly waiting for its owner.

In the eyes of Lyon, this motorboat is more than just a means of transportation, it is hope!

Hope to take them out of here!

Just when the two men joined forces to push the motorboat down in the river, a sudden shout made the two people lose their horror.

“Found it! They are here!”

The two men looked at the source of the sound in unison.

They saw an enemy, standing on the ladder not far away, holding an MP5 gun and aimed at them!

The black lacquered muzzle, as if there were countless bullets, poured out to them.

Haven’t waited for Lyon to draw arrows, and Natasha on the side first triggered the gun!

Da da da…

All the bullets in the pistol are poured out at once!

A few blood holes appeared in an instant in the enemy’s body and fell to the ground.

At this time, Lyon, who was reacting, pulled an arrow from behind him, and said to Natasha, who was running out of ammunition: “Go and start the motorboat, I’ll cover for you!”

Natasha didn’t tweak, just nodded, turned and jumped on the motorboat.

At this time, the support of the enemy also came to the scene very promptly.

They saw Lyon, who looked like a torch, standing in the same place, holding a bow in the right, holding an arrow in the left hand, aiming at the front, and whispered.

“Come on!”

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