Marvel Happy system ch 36

Chapter 36: Port Guild Wars


After running for a few days from the Red house soldiers, Lyon and Natasha finally blew the counterattack horn and start knocking out the enemies one by one!

Although it is in the daytime, it is not as easy to assassinate after the night falls.

However, what the killers of the Red House are facing, are not ordinary people too. Lyon with his arrows, and Black Widows with her outstanding assassination skills!

Under the cooperation of the two men, the five enemies of the first group were quickly killed by the two without having time to inform other people.

At this time, Natasha finally saw the “baby” in Lyon’s suitcase – a foldable recurve bow!

This is not what surprised her, but even more shocking to her was Lyon’s archery!

Just once pump, pull, throw, and the enemy is on the ground!

Although not every arrow refers to which one is abnormal, every arrow that is shot will make an enemy lose its combat power.

Looking at Lyon’s quick recovery of the back of the arrow from the enemy, Natasha’s curiosity about this man is getting a lot stronger.

“He.., what kind of person is it?!”

It was not too long before the two left, and another group of enemies came to the scene very “in time.”

Looking at the five bodies lying on the ground, the pupils of the leader of small group slightly magnified, he immediately convey an alarm to other companions through the communicator: “Attention everyone of the units, the C team is knocked down, the enemy in addition to the firearms, but also there are weapons like bows and arrows…”

On the other hand, Yelena Belova, who heard this bad news, also involuntarily clenched the firearms in her hands, frowned and said: “I am the only woman who gets the title of Black Widow, I am getting more and more curious to meet you, seniors…”

Especially in the word “predecessor”, she lengthened the tail.

This time, the Red House sent a lot of elite agents and killers.

Among them, in order to motivate and train these female agents who have been training in the Red House, the Red House even sent female students who have not yet experienced the “graduation ceremony” to come and chase Natasha.

Yelena Belova is one of them…

Not only that, but the Red House has also created an attractive reward that “Whoever kills Black Widow, can become a new Black Widow!”

Being a Black Widow means that they can go out and leave the big house that is always cold, fearful, and dark, and go to the outside world to experience the warmth of the sun shining on the skin…

This may be what they want in their hearts.

To this end, many female agents of the Red House have taken this killing as an extremely precious opportunity!

After throwing away the thoughts in her mind, Yelena Belova directed the communicator and issued an order.

“Change the plan! The two groups of neighbors will gather together immediately!”

This order, directly like a heavy blow, slammed into the face of the other side, to let Lyon and Natasha, suddenly fell into a passive situation.

Yelena Belova thinks this way, “Since the two of them can solve a group of people so quickly, then I combine the two groups, from a group of five to a group of ten, and see if they can kill them before the support arrives or not!”

Anyway, they are many people. As long as one group of people has dragged, they can surround the two people hiding there.

In that case, the two people fighting in the beasts will inevitably fly in the wings!

This is Yelena Belova’s bright and ambitious plan and the situation that Lyon and Natasha had to face.

Once again, squatting on one of the containers, using the telescopic glasses to observe the enemy’s movements, and seeing the enemy’s merger, Lyon frowned at the same time.

Lyon looked bitter, and Whispered: “It seems that the other party is not all stupid…”

“What do we do now? Five people, we can solve it quickly… Ten people, even if we are fast, can’t let the other party not give any alarms?” Natasha, who was on the side, also asked for the solution.

Lyon looked down for a moment before he looked up again and looked at Natasha with a serious look. “I think we have only one way left.”

“What do you mean?”


When she heard the “method” of Lyon’s slap in the air, Natasha couldn’t help but flipped her eyes. “Do you know how much fierce the other party’s firepower is? We just have two small pistols in our hands and an ancient stone artifact bows. Do you think we can fight with other’s Uzi and MP5?”

“It’s not good to be not sieved…”

When he heard Natasha’s words, Lyon suddenly looked awkward.

“The Paleolithic Age???”

He did not think that he had not had time to explain his own methods in detail, and he was squandered by Natasha with his own bow and arrow.

This makes Lyon a little dumbfounding.

He is okay, but he feels that he is deeply lurking in Russia and brings this highly concealed weapon for his identity.

However, if Black Widow joins the SHIELD, and see Hawkeye who never uses a gun, all day holding a bow, the buddies everywhere, maybe like today, being squandered.

At that time, how beautiful the expression on the face of Hawkeye would be…

Lyon shakes his head and put these thoughts that should not appear at this time, and come to his senses. Lyon directly pretends that he has not heard the other person’s spit, and directly explain.

“I know that the other side is fierce, but if I say, I have a way to make them invisible to us?!”

“Hmm?! How to do it?”

She saw Lyon pulled out two silver metal spheres from his trouser pocket, and confidently handed it to Natasha and said: “That depends on these two gadgets…”

Then, Lyon explained to Natasha the role of the metal sphere in her hand.

Hearing the role of the sphere and Lyon’s storm plan, Natasha’s eyes are also splendid, and complained about his face: “There is such a good thing, can’t come out early!”

“Hey… Do you think I have a lot? This thing is extremely expensive. I came to Russia with only two of them, and I am always not willing to use it.”

“Why are you willing to come out now?” Seeing Lyon’s disappointment, Natasha snarled.

“In order to save you and my life, there is no way.” After that, Lyon spread his hand and expressed helplessness.

Just as the two are talking about it, the target of the storm is set on which team, the ear of Lyon is slightly moved!

He heard the dense, uncluttered subtle footsteps, slowly approaching them.

“They are coming!”

Lyon reminded Natasha to concentrate on the pistol with his hands clasped.

The two men squatted on the container like this and waiting for the arrival of the enemy…

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