Marvel Happy system ch 34

Chapter 34: Evacuation Point and Pursuit

The birth of a person cannot be chosen.

However, people’s life is optional.

It is every choice that I have made that has created my present self.

It’s like Black Widow, an orphan who was raised by a spy agency, who was indoctrinated with “obeying orders” and “completed tasks at all costs”, became a tool for killing.

Then, suddenly, she was betrayed by the organization that has cultivated her to be like this!

Huge confusion and incomprehensibility made Natasha lose her faith and motivation to move on.

She doesn’t know how to choose the road of the future…

Originally, if Lyon did not appear, she might sink like this; perhaps she could be caught by the Red House, and finally became a victim of organizational struggle…

However, the appearance of Lyon is like a direct lighthouse in the darkness for Natasha, who is in the bottom of life, he guiding her way forward!

A new path, a new life, he placed in front of her.

Natasha is like a drowning person. If she doesn’t think too much, she will reach out and grasp the life-saving straw!

This also shows that “Black Widow” Natasha, who is still unwilling to die here, died in the hands of raising her, making her, and even trying to bury her organization.

Lyon is naturally very understanding of the conditions put forward by Natasha.

After all, it is normal for organizations that have just been obeyed for many years to betray and to be alert to the sudden emergence of new organizations.

Lyon thinks that as long as she joins the SHIELD and stays for a while, she will understand that the SHIELD is not a Red house.

However, in order to reassure Natasha, Lyon responded: “Of course, everyone should have the power of their choice, isn’t it?”

. . . . . .

Time: Thursday, September 20, 2007, at 1 pm.

Location: Russia, Novosibirsk, a fast food restaurant.

At lunchtime, office workers and shop assistants from nearby companies and shops flocked to the restaurant to try and enjoy a pleasant lunch.

At the innermost table in the store, two people are sitting young men and women who look like foreign tourists.

The cap on their head blocked the faces of both of them.

The two are talking in a low voice and seem to be talking about the attractions that will be played next.

However, once someone is near them, they can hear the conversation between them, like this.

“I have already contacted the people in the branch. They said that the anti-aircraft radar in Novosibirsk is too dense. Their fighters cannot escape the radar and land smoothly.”

“Then how do we leave?”

“The plan is unchanged. We can rush to the agreed evacuation coordinates within the stipulated time, and we can take the fighters that come to meet and leave Russia directly.”

“Where is the evacuation coordinates?”

“Northern Russia, Novi Harbour in the Kara Sea!”


Yes, these two are discussing how to escape, the young man and woman of Russia is Lyon and Natasha.

After leaving the safe house, Lyon and Natasha came to a fast food restaurant.

On the one hand, in order to supplement the energy, to prepare for the upcoming evacuation; on the other hand, Lyon needs a little time to contact the support of the SHIELD Russia branch.

After all, he is not alone in fighting…

However, after the contact, the news from the backup is not very good.

Originally thought that as long as the agents of the Russian branch of the SHIELD dispatched a Kun-style fighter, they could pick them up and leave the damn place.

However, what Lyon did not expect was that due to the obstruction of air defense forces, their evacuation point can only be transferred from Novosibirsk to a more remote area – Novi Port.

Novi Port is a port not far from the intersection of the Ob River and the Kara Sea.

Due to the perennial freezing of the Kalah Sea, Novi Port is also a small port with a temperature below zero.

Like other remote towns in Russia, the residents of Novi Harbour are also very poor.

It is precise because of this that Russia will not set too many air defense forces in such places.

This is also the reason why SHIELD has set the evacuation point here.

It is just that the new Siberia where Lyon and Natasha are located is in the lower reaches of the Ob River!

As long as they follow the Ob River and go all the way north, they can come to Novi Harbour on the upper reaches of the Ob River, and take the Kun-style fighter plane to escape the chasing of the Red house and leave Russia.

The entire evacuation plan is not complicated, but rather simple.

After a short break at the fast food restaurant, the two people dressed up in disguise rented a Land Rover in the local area and embarked on a journey of evacuation along the country road.

However, along the way, it is not easy…

After learning that the killer sent out, the whole army was wiped out, the two factions of the Red House directly blasted the pot!

In particular, the accident of Lyon made the whole situation, become more complicated.

Unexpectedly, there are third-party forces, and the Red house that intervened in this matter is also aware of the seriousness of the matter.

Once Black Widow flees Russia, then all kinds of confidential information about the Red house in her mind will become a piece of favorable information for third-party forces!

The leakage of information is undoubtedly a major blow to the intelligence agency of the Red House!

Therefore, in order to prevent Black Widow from leaving, the two major factions of the Red House soon reached a settlement agreement, and sent elite killers and agents within the organization, and wanted to Kill Lyon and Black Widow in Russia!

Due to the home court advantage, coupled with the speculation of the two people’s action route, the Red House quickly grasped the specific location of the two.

Even though Lyon and Natasha went all the way to Tibet, they dared not take the highway and did not dare to stop.

However, two days later, in Nizhny Waltovsk (located in the middle of the Ob River), he was chased by the chasing soldiers.

Nizhnevartovsk, a city in northern Russia, is also the second largest city in the Hante-Mansi autonomous region of Russia.

It is said to be a big city, but the population of the entire city is only 200,000.

The morning of the whole city was particularly deserted. On the street, even the shadow of the tramp can’t be seen…

The temperature here is about two or two degrees per year, and even in the middle of the night and the early hours of the morning, it will plummet and fall to a terrible minus ten or twenty degrees.

Even the wanderers of the fighting nation did not dare to stay in unobstructed streets at such temperatures.

Just then, the road was far away, suddenly a burst of noise from the engine heard there.

As well as…

The tires are rubbing on the ground!

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