Marvel Happy system ch 33

Chapter 33: Power of Choice

Nick Fury’s answer made Lyon feel relieved.

In his impression, Nick Fury is a person who does whatever it takes to achieve his goal.

Whether it is to protect the earth, to form a superhero team that is almost independent of him; to prevent crime, engage in an “insight plan” such a murder weapon that will cause great controversy once exposed.

He is only going to do something to achieve a certain goal.

Whether this goal is to protect humanity, not to be invaded by aliens, or to protect the SHIELD…

It is the same in Black Widow case.

Since Black Widow is allowed to join the SHIELD, the secret information of the Russian intelligence agency “Red House” can be obtained, and new blood can be injected into the team of the SHIELD elite agents.

Why do you not agree to the proposal of doing so?

Not to mention Lyon’s expectations, but he guessed a lot, Nick Fury will agree with his proposal.

With the promise of the SHIELD Director, Lyon is naturally more emboldened to face Black Widow in a state of confusion.

After hanging up the phone, Lyon smashed the phone in half and threw it into the trash can.

“In this case, the next thing, only the escape from chasing down…” Lyon thought so, but the pace did not stop and went to the bedroom again.

This time, Lyon knocked on the door and waited for a “coming in” voice to push the door again.

As soon as he came in, Lyon noticed that the mushroom porridge that had been placed on the table had been eaten.

This undoubtedly made his mouth rise slightly, and he said in his heart: “This is a good sign…”

Looking into the direction of the bed, he rushed.

Natasha, who had a bandage on her head and arms, she was not on the bed and sitting in front of the open closet, she was changing her clothes while facing the mirror.

A simple white vest reveals Natasha’s wonderful slim body.

In a hurry, Lyon still feels the sexy charm of this Russian woman.

Upon seeing it, he turned quickly and turned his back to Natasha. “Oh! Sorry, I thought you let me in…”

Lyon does not mind continuing to watch the beauty change clothes.

However, Natasha is not a woman who has had a new relationship with him, at least respect, or something.

After all, he is romantic, not indecent.

However, before he apologized, Natasha’s voice interrupted him.

“Here, are there woman?”

“No, I can go buy it for you, if you need it”, Lyon replied, facing her.

“Forget it, I’ll wear it.”

With a creaking sound behind Lyon, Natasha quickly changed her clothes.


After listening to Natasha’s word, Lyon also slowly turned around.

The tempting figure was covered by a large baseball jacket, and Lyon could not help but sigh.

“What a pity…”

In order to cover the bandage of the head, she also put on a black cap.

Of course, these are all picked out of Lyon’s clothes.

Looking at Natasha’s face, with a hint of greenery, Lyon showed a harmless smile and asked: “How is the injury?”

“Fortunately, in addition to some headaches, the feeling of dizziness is much better.” Speaking of this, Natasha thought about it, or added: “No matter what, thank you for saving me…”

“You’re welcome, I’ll save you just to complete the task.”

Lyon said as he pulled the chair off and sat down.

“The man in the Red house didn’t find your body at the scene. They should already know that you are not dead. Even if I didn’t leave living at the scene, they can’t stop the pace of their continued pursuit.”

“Here is not safe, they should find us soon. So, for the sake of safety, we have to leave here as soon as possible to the next safe place.”

When she heard Lyon’s analysis, Natasha nodded silently.


“Clean up as soon as possible, we are ready to leave.”

Finished, ready to turn to leave Lyon, the pace of the foot suddenly slammed, standing in the same place.

He seemed to think of something, suddenly looked back and asked: “Yes, I am very curious about one thing, I want to ask you.”

“What is it?”

Lyon stared at Natasha’s eyes closely and said in a somewhat embarrassing tone: “According to the truth, you know that you have been betrayed by the organization. You should try to leave Russia in the first place to avoid these people find you.”

“But, you did the opposite, stayed in the Russian mainland, and it is still in the big city of Novosibirsk, which is very easy to expose.”


This is the doubt that Lyon has been trying to understand and cannot dissipate after seeing Natasha at the Opera House.

It is not too difficult to leave Russia with the power of Black Widow.

However, she did not do so.

Instead, she stayed in Russia and stayed in a big city like Novosibirsk, as if she was afraid that others could not find her…

What is the reason?

He wants to hear her answer.

Lyon’s problem, made Natasha stunned. She did not think that Lyon would ask this question.

She bowed her head slightly and gently licked her hair with her slender fingertips. After a long time, she replied:

“I do not know.”

“I don’t know why I don’t escape, but stay here. I obviously don’t have any sense of belonging, or attachment…”

“Besides this country, this country, I don’t know where to go…”

In the tone, it is full of confusion about the future, and the sadness in the heart after being betrayed.

Looking at the charming little face, there was a trace of sorrow. Lyon was also felt hot, and persuaded: “In this case, I think, you may wish to join us.”

“Under our protection, you have plenty of time to think about it.”

“In the end, we must continue to move forward and start a new life; continue to stop in the same place and remember the past…”

“The choice is in your hands.”

Natasha cheered up, and she had a sincere look at Lyon, and her heart could not help but wave.

She continued to deepen her feelings that should not appear, and then made her own decision.

“From the conditions you have proposed, you should be very clear about my identity.”

“Although, I don’t know who you are, or the organization behind you, which country it belongs to.”

“I don’t care about these.”

Natasha’s tone is full of smashing.

“I can give you all the information you want; I can join you too. However, I have a condition.”

“That is, If I join your organization, I only hope that I can have the power of choice!”

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