Marvel Happy system ch 32

Chapter 32: Asylum Program

“You have to think about it…”

After finishing his own conditions, Lyon left Natasha, who was silent and walked out of the bedroom.

Looking at the figure that Lyon left, Natasha cast her gaze on the table, and the mushroom porridge, which still rises in heat, fell into meditation…

Lyon left the bedroom, came to the living room, sat down on the sofa and began to run his brain fast.

After saving Black Widow, Lyon did not call the SHIELD, nor did he immediately inform Fury.

Because he knows that Black Widow has been on the blacklist of SHIELD. Once Fury or someone else knows that Black Widow is in his hand, they are likely to order Lyon to kill Black Widow.

Judging from Fury’s previous reminders, you can know that the secret “Nick Fury” is not a soft-hearted enemy.

Therefore, before deciding whether the Black Widow could be recruited, Lyon felt that it was necessary to take the other members of the SHIELD.

After all, from the beginning, Lyon did not think about it, to kill “Black Widow” Natasha…

Yes, from the moment when Lyon took over the task that Fury had given him, he realized that for a long time, at SHIELD, why did anyone never talk about the whole name of ‘Black Widow’…

That is because the famous Russian female agent “Black Widow” Natasha Romanoff, at this time, has not rebelled the “Red House” and joined the SHIELD!

This made him extremely shocked, but also gave birth to a bold idea about Black Widow!

As far as he knows, in the Marvel world, Hawkeye was sent to kill Black Widow, he convinced her, and then she defects the “Red House” and join the SHIELD.

Now that Hawkeye is absent, it has become Lyon to come to Russia to perform secret missions.

This makes things more interesting and becomes more unpredictable…

Lyon once thought that if Hawkeye was not sent by the SHIELD to kill Black Widow, then how can Black Widow join the SHIELD and finally become the “Red hair girl” in the Avengers League?

In this way, how much change will happen to the future he knows?

Lyon can’t imagine it.

It is important to know that in addition to the “Happy system” that comes through, it is also a valuable bargaining chip that Lyon can survive under various major events!

Once he loses this chip, he will not be able to survive in the Marvel world with a very high-risk factor, which will be greatly reduced!

The butterfly effect, no one can say…

Therefore, in order to correct the future as soon as possible, Lyon decided, in any case, to pull Black Widow into the SHIELD!

No matter what means!

This is also why, even if the order received is “direct killing”, Lyon did not immediately take the shot at the opera house, but saved “Black Widow” Natasha from the “Red House”.

In order to let “Black Widow” Natasha join the SHIELD, he did not hesitate to violate Fury’s orders!

However, what Lyon is not sure of is that the key to this plan lies in the attitude of Fury.

In the bad circumstances of betrayed by the organization and sent to kill, Lyon believes that as long as Natasha is not bent on death, there should be a high probability that he will promise his proposal.

As for the director of the SHIELD, Nick Fury, will he agree to “Black Widow” who should have been on the blacklist, join the SHIELD and become one of them?

It depends on whether Lyon can convince him…

Thinking of this, Lyon felt that it was time to take advantage of his own network.

He came to the study, took out a new BlackBerry from the back of the bookcase, and bought it by the way.

Disassemble the battery and insert a SIM card that is not positioned and monitored by the satellite.

Turn on the phone, press a series of numbers, and soon the phone is connected!

“Hey? Who is it?”

“Uncle Phil, it is me.”

At the same time, about a thousand kilometers from New Siberia, to Washington…

Phil Coulson, who is chatting with his old friend Melinda May, was very surprised when he received a call from his nephew.

After saying “sorry” to Melinda May, he walked out of the office and went to a corner where no one was.

“Lyon?! How come you suddenly called? You shouldn’t be performing a task at this time?” Coulson asked.

“This is the case, I am very good here, the task is also very good, that is… a little bit of a situation.”

Listening to the support between the words of Lyon, Coulson immediately asked: “What do you mean? Are you injured?! Still…”

“No, no, I am fine, just a little bit of something I want you to help me…”

Coulson, who already regarded Lyon as his own son, would naturally not refuse: “Say! How can I help you?”

“I want to talk to Secretary Fury and discuss something.”

For this inexplicable request, Coulson was a little surprised.

However, he did not ask too much, just for a moment, he replied: “Well, you wait for me.”

Then, after a few minutes, Lyon heard the other end of the phone, and there was a voice of Nick Fury’s personally discerning voice.

“Agent Lyon?”

“It’s me, sir.”

When he heard the voice of Lyon, Fury pressed down the doubts in his heart and asked: “Listen to Coulson, do you have something to discuss with me?”

“Yes, it’s about Black Widow.”

The code name “Black Widow” immediately made Nick Fury’s eyebrows wrinkle. “Have you met her?”

“Yes, sir. Not only met, but I also saved her!”

Later, on the phone, Lyon reported to Nick Fury how he met the “Black Widow” Natasha, and then why he saved her from the “Red house” killer…

Finally, he also presented Fury with his entire asylum plan.

“…so, I think that if we can bring Black Widow into the majesty, what we get is not just about the Red House, but also a very good agent!”

After listening to Lyon’s overall plan, Nick Fury had to admit that sending this young man to Russia to carry out this task is really a wise choice!

Lyon did not disappoint him.

In this mission, Lyon’s ability to demonstrate is worthy of Fury’s inclusion in the list of “key subjects”.

The most valuable thing is that he can not only complete the task alone but also make the choice that is most beneficial to the SHIELD according to the situation at the time.

Just like this shelter plan…

Lyon waited for a long time on the other side of the phone before he heard the answer he most wanted to hear.

“Go ahead!”

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