Marvel Happy system ch 31

Chapter 31: The only option


There was a burst of pain in the head, which made Natasha feel as if she had a big hand and kept stirring in her head.

However, the pain can’t hide the vigilance that strange environment brings to her.

The soft bed, the ceiling of the white flower, and the scent from somewhere.

She slammed up from the bed and looked at the empty bedroom while frowning.

“I remember, I was thrown out by the motorcycle on the bridge? How I came here? What place is it?”

All kinds of doubts arise spontaneously.

“Ah!” Perhaps it was because the action was too big, causing her injury, and immediately sent a signal of pain to her.

At this time, she quickly checked her body up and down, only to find that all the wounds she had fallen on the ground had been dealt with.

Head, legs, arms…

Moreover, from the perspective of dressing wounds, it is no different from professional medical personnel.

As a very good agent, Natasha quickly learned what she was doing based on various details and information.

However, countless questions are even more difficult for her to understand.

“I was saved? But who is it? and why?”

Just then, a clear footstep came from outside the bedroom door.

“Someone is coming!”

Natasha quickly lay back on the bed, pretending that nothing had happened, and continued to sleep.

Just as she closed her eyes and slowed her heartbeat, the bedroom door was opened!

And Lyon holding a bowl of mushroom porridge walked in.

He glanced at Black Widow who was still lying in bed, then put the porridge to the desk next to the bed.

“When you wake up, get up and eat some porridge…”

Still thinking about picking up the other side, he violently angered Natasha, who was subduing the other, when she heard this sentence, she was shocked.

At this time, she understood very well that the other party did not how, but already know that she is awake!

In this case…

She didn’t have much choice, she could only open her eyes and slowly sit up from the bed, while touching her hand to the pistol at her waist.

However, what surprised her most was that it was not there!

Before she could wait for her reaction, she heard the sound of Lyon’s teasing.

“Are you looking for this?”

She saw Lyon standing not far away, took a pistol from his waist and looked at her with a smile.

Natasha recognized it right away. It was a pistol that should have stayed at her waist.

Not only that, but she also recognized at a glance that the man standing in front of him was the one who had collided with the opera house two weeks ago!

All of this, let Natasha’s heart, once again waved.

Her green eyes, staring closely at Lyon, asked in a word. “Who, who is it?!”

Lyon didn’t care about the alienation in the other’s tone. Instead, he grabbed his left chest with his hand and made a sad look. “Hey, you make me sad…”

“Do you treat your savior like this? Don’t you have a thank you?”

However, Lyon’s performance is not to let Natasha, who is also squatting in this way, show a lost expression.

It is still the sleek look of the refusal.

Lyon shrugged and spread his hand and said: “It’s time for me to perform with you.”

Then, a gentle smile gradually disappeared from his face, and his tone became serious: “Who am I?”

“I am your savior!”

After that, Lyon opened the chair next to the desk and sat down.

“I will introduce myself first. My name is Adrian. I am a secret agent. As for which organization I belong to, You don’t need to know now.”

“As for why you are here, where is this, I think this can be answered for you.”

Lyon opened his arms and said: “As you can see, It’s my bedroom. I bring you back from the bridge, where you were dying, and also helped you deal with your wound.”

Explained briefly, Lyon looked at Natasha, who was still sitting on the bed, and asked: “Now, do you have any questions?”

It seems that Lyon waiting for her to speak and just then Natasha immediately asked:

“Why save me?”

“This is a good question!”

Lyon smiled and stood up from the chair, staring at Natasha with that very affectionate look: “Since I met you at the Opera House last time, I was attracted by your mysterious eyes! ”

“I miss you all the time…”

“So, when I know that when you are being chased, I can’t stand the anxiety of my heart and follow up!”

“When I came to the bridge, I discovered that the scene was a mess. The people who chased you have fallen to the ground and all were killed.”

“And you are lying on the ground not far away, unconscious…”

“The next thing, you know.”

After that, Lyon used a full of affectionate eyes to make a perfect ending to this performance.

However, there is no egg to use…

In front of Natasha, who deceives others’ trust by acting, and sets out the intelligence, Lyon’s poor acting is simply playing a big knife in front of Black Widow – not self-sufficient!

Faceless Natasha even has a little bit of laughter.

When Lyon saw it, his color of the face turned little red. “Cough… well, I am telling the truth.”

“Actually, you have what I want.”


“Intellectual!” After that, Lyon thought about it and added: “All the information about the Red House!”

“What can I get in exchange?”

It is a Black Widow, the most outstanding elite agent in Russia…

In this dilemma, it is still so sensible, not rushing to go to the doctor, knowing how to choose the option that is most beneficial to her.

While Lyon praised the other person in his heart, he began to talk about the price.

“We can take you out of Russia and provide you with a new identity, and a new life…”

Not waiting for Lyon to finish, Natasha interrupted him. “Useless!”

“No matter where I fled, the end of the world, is the cape, they will not let me go.”

After hearing the desperation between Natasha’s words, Lyon felt that it was time to propose a proposal that she could not refuse…

“So, I think you should join my organization!”

“Hmm?” Natasha was a little embarrassed.

Didn’t you just say that you want intelligence? How do you want my whole person now?

“I can propose to my organization, to accept you, and provide shelter for you, and also make you a member of the organization.”

“In this way, even if the other party wants to continue to chase you, it will not be a problem.”

“Not to mention, in the situation you are facing now, I believe that there are not many people who are willing to lend a helping hand to you…”

“Maybe, I am your only option!”

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