Marvel Happy system ch 30

Chapter 30: “Death” is coming.

The chase is still going on.

However, because Lyon had killed an SUV, the bullets that soldiers aiming at Natasha is comparatively become even smaller.

However, while alleviating the offensive against ‘Black Widow’ Natasha, it brought even more trouble to Lyon himself.

The remaining four SUVs were split again. In addition to the first two SUVs, the enemies of the other two SUVs turned their targets to Lyon, which was driving behind them.

Da da da…

The bullet storm is more violent than it was just now!

This also makes Lyon’s dodging more and more difficult.

“Well!” With a snoring sound, Lyon’s left arm was swept through a bullet, gently rub it, left a blood mark.

The battlefield was transferred from the urban area to the suburbs, and while avoiding the innocent people being shot, the moving bunkers (vehicles) that allowed Lyon to avoid bullet attacks were also less.

The wound on the arm reminds Lyon that if he does not solve the other party as soon as possible, the next time he hit would not be just the limbs…

If the enemy stops, he can use his “secret weapon” to solve the problem very quickly.

However, unfortunately, they are at high speed.

Moreover, there is only one exit and entrance, and the bottom is the bridge across the Ob River in Novosibirsk.

Just thinking about it, that how can he stop the enemy in front of it, Natasha has another accident!

With a shout “It hit her!” Lyon saw a scene that made people feel awkward. Natasha’s motorcycle was hit by the tires behind!

The motorcycle driving at high-speed suddenly slammed and lost control. And the sudden inertia is to take Natasha out of the crowd!

‘Black Widow’ slammed into the ground, and after rolling a few laps, she slammed into the ground.

At this time, when the target was finally hit, several SUVs slammed the brakes.

Seeing that the enemies are stopped, and going up to shots Black Widow dead, Lyon’s eyes suddenly brightened, and he whispered in his heart. “It’s the time, I’m looking for!”

At the same time, the black Ducati smashed a beautiful tail and made a clear trace on the ground, and stopped the pace of running.

He picked up his suitcase from the rear of the car and placed it on the ground. He slammed and opened!

Inside the suitcase is a foldable black recurve bow and a beam of sharp arrows!

This is his ‘secret weapon’!

“Hey! Baby, are you ready for a big fight?”

He placed the arrow behind his back and picked up the bow. His right hand shook. The whole bow was like being stretched up and down, and it quickly exploded to form a complete recurve bow.

In just ten seconds, Lyon COS had a wave of “Hawkeye”.

However, with his skills, he can also be called the second “Hawkeye”…

Looking at the enemy, the SUV was parked in the middle of the road. As a shelter, Lyon felt that there was not much time left for him.

No more shots, Natasha will be cool…

Thinking of this, his right foot slammed on the ground, just like the jaguar attacking, quickly found the scene and rushed over.

Looking at Lyon, who rushed to them with very fast speed, several bald-headed men with Uzi could not help but reveal the fierce color and shouted. “Open fire!”

Da da da!

For a time, a dense barrage swept through Lyon, which was running fast.

However, before the other side pulled the trigger, Lyon’s sensitive nerve center ordered the developed muscle group to respond ‘a gorgeous slippery’!

While Lyon is avoiding a lot of bullets, his left-hand does not know when.

Lyon took an arrow and pulled the bowstring into a perfect full moon!

“Call out!”

The hand is loose, the arrow from the string, Like fast black lightning, instantly hit the enemy standing on the left side of the SUV.


Then, Lyon quickly turned around, kneeling on one knee, and once again pulled out a sharp arrow, and shoot!

A set of actions, like practicing thousands of days and nights, is flowing.

With a scream, another enemy hiding behind the SUV door was shot in the eye and suddenly lost interest.

In just a few seconds, Lyon killed two enemies who blocked the way.

“Two, and seven!”

In the heart of the number of enemies, Lyon’s footsteps did not stop, an acceleration, the right foot stepped on the SUV’s hood, and boarded the roof of the SUV.

Standing on a high place, Lyon stood with a bow and swept around, quickly locking the enemy’s position.

Draw arrows, wind up, let go!

Before the enemy’s bullets came, Lyon once again solved a recent enemy from Natasha.

A sideways turn, Lyon leaped from the roof and hid behind the SUV.

“There are six!”

Originally, the killers sent by these “Red houses”, in order to be a bunker, and to block his way, specifically blocked the SUV in the middle of the road.

Who knows that these bunkers have not played their part and they have been used by Lyon.

The bunker is still a bunker but has become a bunker of Lyon.

Using a few SUVs that are parked on the road, Lyon and the remaining enemies, playing guerrilla warfare…

The two extraordinary skills learned from “Hawkeye” – [“Archery” and “Spirit Sensitive power”], in this battle, finally fully exerted their effects!

After the intensified senses, listening to the footsteps of the other side, and gaining insight into the actions of the enemy, Lyon is always one step ahead of the enemy.

The archery in the hand makes him feel like a god of death. His hands are light and loose, and he takes away a fresh life.

At this moment, these killers finally understood that what they faced was not an opponent with a bow and arrow X, but a sharpshooter who let go of his hands and feet for the first time!

One enemy fell under the terrible archery of Lyon…

In the battle, Lyon did not forget to take a look at Black Widow who was lying on the ground.

From the bloodstream that her forehead is constantly flowing, and the eyes that are closed and completely unresponsive, the situation is not optimistic.

If you can’t solve the battle as soon as possible, take Natasha to a safe place for treatment. Perhaps the famous “Black Widow” will disappear in history…

Lyon certainly can’t let this happen!

At the risk of being caught, Lyon violently jumped out of the bunker and used his terrible rate of fire to constantly shoot from behind him and suppress the other.

Finally, when the distance was zoomed in, a sudden raid, directly close, twisted the necks of the last two enemies.

After the end of the battle, came to Black Widow, Lyon, hands up to the unconscious Natasha, calmly left.

And the scene of the mess, leaving only the shells and nine bodies…

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