Marvel Happy system ch 29

Chapter 29: Sudden killing

It was Wednesday morning.

At six in the morning, the sun was projected through the window and reflected on Lyon’s face.

Some warm, so that he just got up, picked up his eyes, could not help but stretch a bit lazy.

“It’s a new day…”

He first came to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of milk, and then took the cup and went to the window of the living room.

After observing the movement of Natasha’s house with a telescope placed in front of the window, Lyon looked up at the clock hanging on the wall and said to himself: “Well… it’s almost time to get up and run in the morning.”

However, before he even wore sportswear, Natasha, who was going out in the morning, was waiting for a wave of unexpected “guest”.

On the street in the morning, suddenly there was a burst of “rumbling” sound.

Five black SUVs came from a distance and entered the sight of Lyon’s telescope.

“That is?”

Lyon feels something wrong with the subconscious. It is often said that there must be demons when things go wrong. What’s more, from the standpoint of these SUVs, it is clear that they are not good.

Lyon did not guess wrong.

However, the goal of several SUVs is not him, but others…

The few black SUVs that came to the fore, in the eyes of Lyon, stopped in front of Natasha’s house!

From the car, a group of cold-faced bald-headed Han Han, with a murder weapon Uzi submachine gun.


Seeing this scene, Lyon also instantly understood, the identity of these bald big men – Red house!

Without hesitation, he immediately turned and ran to the bedroom, picked up a silver suitcase and rushed out of the apartment.

When he came downstairs, bursts of gunfire, like the dense rain, passed to his ear!

Lyon jerked his head up and looked out of the direction a few blocks away, his eyes filled with urgency.

These people have a very clear purpose: Not living ‘Black Widow’ alive!

At the thought of this, Lyon was in a hurry, three steps and two steps directly jumped onto the already prepared transport tool – a black Ducati Sport 1000 biposto.

Put the suitcase, turn the throttle, the front of the whole motorcycle, suddenly lifted up!


At the moment of landing again, Lyon and the motorcycle incarnation became a black flash and flew away.

Fortunately, when he rented a house, it was only a few blocks from Natasha’s house, less than a kilometer away.

In this eruption of a giant beast with a displacement of nearly one thousand CC, just 10 seconds later, Lyon saw a veiled man who was holding Uzi in the distance and pounced a 9-mm bullet to the house.

Seeing that the bullets were destroyed by the bullets, the crumbling house, the bald brawny, stopped the shooting.

Judging from the tragic appearance of the house, no matter who it is, the people inside may have been fierce.

However, just as Lyon thought so, the scene changed again!

“Hey!”, a motorcycle from the house broke out.

On the motorcycle, a strong figure sitting on it.

Seeing the familiar face, not far from Lyon, he could not help but exclaimed: “Natasha?!”

Driving a motorcycle, Natasha rushing out of the house, a sudden brake and the tires marked a black mark on the ground.

In front of the bald-headed men, after a bright tail came out, Lyon saw that she had pulled out a pistol from her waist, and “snap” two shots, the two men who would block her escape route, directly killed!

Then, immediately twist the throttle, the whole motorcycle, like a string of arrows, from the gap, rushed out of the encirclement.

This series of actions, It only happened in a few seconds, so that the killers of the Red House did not have time to react, and they were killed by Natasha and broke out.

“What are you looking at? Go on the car!”

Suspecting the small head of the big bang, only let the remaining killers wake up like a dream, have opened the door of the SUV, and catch up.

Two bodies were dropped, and several SUVs started the engine again, chasing up Natasha, who was far away.

When Lyon saw it, he didn’t think too much. He drove the motorcycle again and followed it up.

Although he feels that even if he does not help, Natasha may escape from the hands of these killers. However, Lyon is more willing to do things and maximize foolproof.

What’s more, he couldn’t watch it, and Black Widow who found it hard just fled.

Or being killed…

Natasha drove the motorcycle and hurriedly swayed on the road, avoiding the bullets from behind.

From time to time, she also turned back a few shots, trying to delay the speed of chasing troops.

And a few black SUVs, followed closely behind Natasha, chasing after her.

Several bald-headed men came out of the window, armed with guns and constantly shooting at Natasha.

Da da da…

Wherever she went, the gunshots began.

Fortunately, it is not the time of work, the number of vehicles and pedestrians on the road is relatively small.

Otherwise, the unlucky ones hit by the stray bullets along the way are enough to fill a bus…

All the way, Natasha took the chase, gradually moved away from the city, and headed for the suburbs.

At this time, the killers of the Red House, through the rearview mirror, perceive Lyon, who has been chasing after them.

With the idea of “doing mistakes and not letting go”, the gunmen on the two SUVs immediately turned their guns to the back of Lyon, madly pouring angry bullets.

“Oh, shit!”

Lyon saw the black lacquered gunpoint aimed at himself, he whispered, and quickly launched the secret technique “left and right dodge”


The bullet hit the ground and made a screaming sound.

“This kind of passive beating is not a solution. It is necessary to find a way to counterattack…” Lyon, who was annoyed, thinking in his heart. “Why, in a hurry, I carry a suitcase and not a gun…”

If there is a gun in his hand, he has already killed these guys three or two times…

However, at this moment, he suddenly remembered that a small toy that he carried with him could also make this embarrassing situation fall apart.

“Right, I still have that thing!”

He saw his right hand holding the handle, while continuing to control the motorcycle to fly forward, while extending his left hand, pulled out a black round cake-like device from his trouser pocket.

“Ha! It’s time to fight back!”

With a light press, the wafer device makes a “drop” sound.

After the device was started, Lyon threw his left hand and put the round cake on the butt of one of the SUVs.

Then, Lyon accelerated, driving a motorcycle and passing by directly from the left side of the SUV.

What made the other driver feel inexplicable was that in the moment of overtaking, Lyon also said a word to him with a smile.

However, Lyon has not waited for them to react, and the difference is steep!


Along with a huge explosion, the entire SUV seemed to be flipped from the rear of the car by a big hand, rolled a few laps on the road, and finally hit the guardrail on the side.

It wasn’t until the whole person and the car flipped in midair that the driver realized what the words that Lyon had just said.

“Farewell!” – Goodbye!

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