Marvel Card System Ch 7

Chapter 7: Kills the enemy

In 1943, during the Second World War.

Headed by the German head of state, Adolf Hitler, the army broke the European region on a large scale.

As a recruit, Kyle was directly sent to the 102nd Regiment of the 6th Division of the Marine Corps in the frontline.

In the afternoon, military helicopters came to the training base to pick up people. Kyle came to the frontline area around 9:00. When the helicopter arrived at the temporary camp of the combat department, he knew why he was dispatched here in a hurry.

Looking down from the helicopter, under a dozen warm and dimly lit lights, the tents and military supplies in the temporary camp were built in a mess, and the officers and soldiers were like ants on the hot pot.

“The madmen are still desperately pushing in and asking for increased ammunition support!”

“Come and help me, give me a ambulance medical stand!”

“Do you have a hand? Didn’t anyone come over at the end?!”

“All the teams gave me to the combat zone to reinforce! Can’t let them trample on our territory half a step!”

The chief of the warfare screamed with a horn, and the mourning wounded who broke his foot was constantly carried into the tent by the military medical ambulance. Soldiers who were covered in blood carried the new ammunition equipment that had just arrived from the rear helicopter, sat on a muddy military vehicle, and drove a darkness in the direction of the battle zone.

The US military, which has always been known for its strict discipline, has been in a mess.

“Soldier! Are you a new reinforcement soldier?” A sweaty bearded officer came forward and took advantage of Kyle, who had just come down from a military helicopter.

“Yes, soldier Kyle came to report.” Kyle responded quickly.

“Just a recruit? You don’t have to report it, you don’t have enough people, take your weapon directly to the battlefield! Weaving afterwards.” The bearded officer said in a hurry, took Kyle’s backpack and threw it at the military camp tent. The deputy completely regarded him as a cannon fodder.

It is also true that the recruits who have no combat experience will go to the large battlefield for the first time, and there is basically no return!

“I know.” Kyle took a deep breath and wore a combat suit and steel helmet with built-in body armor. He held an assault rifle and jumped directly to a military vehicle that transported supplies.

The four-wheel drive military vehicle did not stop even after the fire, and the materials quickly rushed to the front battle zone, and the two light sticks in front of the car looked into the darkness.

Kyle clenched the assault rifle, and as the bombing in front of the military vehicle became clearer and clearer, the heartbeat and adrenaline continued to rise.

“I don’t seem to be afraid – but a vague excited?” Kyle muttered to himself, and he had too many abilities to draw, and there were more than a dozen cards that enhanced the will.

Forget it, let’s shift your attention.

Kyle’s gaze fell on the back of the car, and the idea was moved. The surface of the box showed a series of densely packed items.

[ambulance shelf]

[emergency medical kit]

[Military canned supplies]

[American Grenade]

[Assault Rifle]

[Medium caliber rifle bullets in a box]


These are a variety of white items, including a few green items, such as [high-explosive grenades], [high-powered sniper rifles] and [short rocket launchers].

These items are different in the past and are in an extractable state!

“It turns out that.” Kyle’s eyes lit up and said to himself: “I can’t extract the personal items in the state of others. These materials are temporarily unowned, so I can freely extract them. Converted to an item card with a belt.”

Kyle immediately began to extract the materials on the car, and part of it was converted into an item card. Anyway, these are also rushed to the front line for combat, and few less will attract attention.

However, he thought that the green item card is the same as the green ability card. It also takes more than three minutes to extract, but I did not expect to extract the items without the owner, all for three seconds.

“Five rounds of rockets, it’s almost like two shots.”

Kyle finally hesitated for a moment, when a sudden burst of gunfire broke out, and the driver of the military vehicle made a scream, and the military vehicle slammed into the obstacle and stopped.


Kyle responded extremely quickly, and the body was immediately in a tight state. He quietly held the gun and leaned against the back wall of the car, erecting his ears to hear the sound of the outside.

‘Step on step’

Several footsteps approached quickly. Kyle quickly understood that the enemy did not seem to want to directly destroy the material truck, but wanted to plunder it.

“They are reluctant to destroy the goods on the car. This is my chance.” Kyle was very calm, and hundreds of practical skills and ability cards were perfectly reflected at this moment.

He held the gun in his right hand and quietly spread his left hand to the air. A green item card was quickly sandwiched between the two fingers.

A dissimilar ability card can only be embodied in its own skill. The item card is the entity converted into a card, so the item card can be blurred and materialized, or directly transferred back to the original item for use.

“Be careful, look at the past.”

“Don’t relax your vigilance.”

The two enemy troops whispered in German, trotting down to the military car with a green shed, and when they wanted to pick up the shed with a rifle with a bayonet, a black round metal items were thrown out from inside.


“Lie down!”

As soon as the voice fell, two German soldiers in front of the body were directly torn apart, and the gravel and flesh and blood fluttered in the night, and a figure quickly rushed out from the back of the car.

“There are enemies!”

The remaining three German soldiers who were not far from alert shouted, and the area that fastened the wrench toward the rear of the car was a sweeping shot, and the bullets fell on the land and companion bodies.

Too fast!

Under the cover of night and high-pitched grenade, they don’t have time to lock Kyle. Kyle’s tough counterattack has begun when they react and look for it.


The high gunshots sounded from the darkness, and the first German soldier was directly shot by the bullet in the middle of the eyebrow, and the red and white liquid splashed back the other two.

Two soldiers were too scared to confirm the direction of the bullets, followed by two gunshots.

Not much more, adding up to three shots, the gunshots were like the order of death, and the remaining German soldiers soon became the same body on the ground.

“Not bad.” Kyle came out from behind a tree and glanced at the bodies of soldiers who fell in a pool of blood.

He just rushed out of the car after the warehouse, while Kyle sneaked to confirm the position of the enemy, waiting to escape the first wave of fierce rain, and then shoot with a gun.

The first battle in life, he is without injury and killed enemy, is perfect.

“The first killing.” Kyle looked at a nearby, wide-eyed, apparently deadly German soldier half-scarred.

His face is full of joy and no sorrow, and indifference is like the same god of death.

Kyle thought that he had experienced the first murder, plus the scene of extreme bloody eyes, at least vomiting.

In fact, his heart has no feeling. The incomparable and persevering heart is warning that if he do not kill them, they are now lying on the ground and become a cold body.

“Not for the sake of defending the American justice of the country, I am just for myself. And I can live in this world and stand on the footsteps of my career.” Kyle said indifferently to the bodies on the ground. “If you meet me, you can only say that you are bad luck.”

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