Marvel Card System Ch 49

Chapter 49: Frozen in the end

Plane traveled gently above the clouds, bathing in the golden sun and flying at the end of the Atlantic.

Kyle and Steve, one person holding a sword and other with a shield, cautiously entered the driving hall.

Red Skull apparently fled in a hurry, and there were not many armed guards carried on the Plane.

On the driving instrument of the Plane, the figure is not visible, and the flight is automatically driven according to the flight route determined by the system.

Behind the driver’s seat is a storage machine that glows with a mysterious blue light. Through the glass reservoir, you can see the inner square of the object.

At the first time, Kyle stared at the items placed in the storage instrument. The blue eyes reflected the blue brilliance of the appearance. Even if the distance was not enough, no card information was displayed, and it was confirmed that he did not admit wrong thing.

Tesseract cube, there will never be a mistake!

After all, 10 meters away, plus a metal and glass storage frame, you can still clearly feel the mysterious charm of power.

Steve also wanted to lift the shield and slowly stepped into the hall. Kyle shook his head and looked at it. Just as big as the movement in the back cabin, Red Skull obviously knew that they had caught up with the plane, and it was absolutely unnecessary to attack them.

Kyle took the sword and walked straight forward. He whispered: “Schmidt, you are left alone. If you call yourself Hydra, don’t hide like a mouse! What other means you have, hurry up show it!”

Steve spread his hand and walked forward, opening his mouth in a warning tone: “It’s time to end all your bad deeds, Schmidt!”

In the face of the ridicule and questioning of the two people, from the driver’s seat of the main hall of the fighter plane, suddenly there was a cold response: “You two are really endless, do you really think that you have won? I have seen the future. It is a beautiful world without a country division that simply yields to my rule!”

Confirming the location of Red Skull, Kyle and Steve look at each other, and they have a tacit understanding of the past.

Red Skull in the driver’s seat is still self-satisfied and said: “Under the last moment, we can’t tell who wins and who lose!”

His voice just fell, the palm of his hand was shot directly next to the steering instrument, and the steering wheel was pressed to the end –


The flat-moving plane suddenly dived towards the sea with ninety degrees angle.

All the objects in the main hall of the aircraft, including Kyle and Steve, also lost weight.

“This is just the beginning…” Red Skull with the seat belt on the driver’s seat snorted and lifted a large laser weapon. The muzzle was not aimed at Kyle or Steve, who was constantly rolling behind him. Go to the driving window in front of you.

“Die!” His scarlet face was slightly distorted, and the hollow eyes flashed in a crazy mood, shooting the glass window with a laser weapon.


At the moment when the window was destroyed by the laser, under the strong pressure difference between the inside and outside of the fighter plane, a strong hurricane was born to attract the things in the main hall, and swallowed up to the outside of the plane.

This is the sky above 10,000 meters! If it is an ordinary person, it has long passed out under a strong pressure difference!

“Kyle, be careful!” Steve was lucky enough to grab the iron frame at the top of the main hall, and his worried eyes turned to Kyle, who was still floating.

“That guy really want to suicide!”

Kyle bit his teeth and, when he was being towed to the window, responded quickly to the sword in his hand to the floor of the cabin.


Kyle, who inserted his blade on the floor, fixed his body, but when his gaze moved down, his pupil suddenly shrank.

Unfortunately, the sword of sodium carbon steel is fixedly inserted on a glass storage device with a blue glow. The glass breaks through the cracks and gradually reveals the mysterious atmosphere of the inner universe.

My God, this…

Kyle’s scalp was numb, and his mind flashed through the film. The consequences of the direct contact with Tesseract Cube: forced to be banished outside the cosmic galaxy, and one person alone guarded the soul gem for seventy years on the desolate planet.

At this point, Tesseract cube is completely exposed to the air, less than half a meter away from him!

As if the sword hits a certain kind of stimulation, the mysterious blue light on the surface of Tesseract cube is more and more bright, and then the ray of light rushing out reveals a cosmic star map in the void.

The space is twisted in an inch, and Tesseract cube is attracting Kyle!

“Finished…” Kyle is in a dilemma. He can only look at Tesseract Cube in front of him and slowly open the space tunnel.

Have you been sent away?

Kyle smiled, and he closed his eyes with a fate. At this time, Steve’s voice came to his ear: “Kyle! Let it go!”

In the next moment, a round shield quickly swept over a distance of more than ten meters, and suddenly slammed it on the Tesseract cube of the starry sky map, and knocked it away from Kyle’s side, flying to the gap of the window.

“Good risk!” Kyle’s face was white, so it was a little bit worse. He was going to be sent by Tesseract Cube to a place where I don’t know!

I love the earth!

From the danger, Kyle’s joy is almost bursting! He can’t wait to give Steve a bear hug.

“No!” Red Skull shouted. He looked at Tesseract Cube which thrown out from the window. The whole man was stunned and hurriedly reached out to grab the cosmic cube.


The fading starry sky map continues to shine, and a rainbow of light beams blasts from the sky on Red Skull, drowning his figure and evaporating.

Tesseract Cube completed this simple space manipulation and continued to throw the plane down to the sea.

The height from the ground was less than a kilometer. Kyle moved under strong wind pressure and reached to the driver’s seat to drive the steering wheel back to the right position.

Just after this action, the aircraft immediately resumed normal driving conditions, and the instrument can be manipulated as if it is on the verge of damage and smokes outside.

“Fuuuu.” Kyle tired of sitting down on the floor.

Although there is still strong wind pressure, fortunately, the plane have finally moved smoothly, and the height of the plane is not high, and the attraction is greatly reduced to an acceptable range.

“It’s okay.” Steve laughed, coming down from the top of the hall and coming to the driver’s seat.

Kyle waved his hand and said, “Nothing. Hurry and contact the base and let them arrange for the plane to land.”

“OK.” Steve nodded, sitting in the driver’s seat and starting to operate the instrument. After a while, he found something like that, and his relaxed face turned to dignity.

“What’s wrong?” Kyle noticed that Steve’s face was different and couldn’t help but stand up and ask.

Steve took a deep breath and said coldly: “The situation is not good, the automatic driving can not be lifted, and the large number of functions of the manual driving are damaged. This fighter is still positioning on the original New York.

“What!” Kyle heard and realized the potential huge crisis. He said: “Don’t worry, let me think about it!”

“There is no time.” Steve shook his head, his fists clenched quietly, as if he had made some difficult choices in life, and said with a smile: “Kyle, go to the rear cabin and prepare for the parachute.”

“What do you mean?” Kyle gave a slight glimpse.

Steve firmly said: “I want to sink the plane into the sea, and you have to prepare for the parachute to jump.”

“Don’t worry, there must be other solutions. Besides, even if you want to stay on the plane, I will…”

Kyle’s words have not been finished, and Steve simply interrupted: “Okay, let me do this.”

Steve grabbed the driver with his hands, and the young and handsome face was full of determination. He said, “Kyle, you don’t know. I have been chasing you.”

“From the training base, to the later test and battlefield, I can only look at your back, while constantly catching up, while still accepting the opportunities you give.”

“Since I declare that I am Captain America, let me overtake you this time and walk in front of you!”

Having said that, Steve seems to have returned to the young man who was weak and will not accept the loss.

“I know.” Kyle finished, and silent to go to the back of the fighter plane, knowing that even if he said more, it can not stop the decision of his comrades.

Because the other party is not only the best comrade, his brother, is the Captain America of the world! Even if he encounters thousands of times of distress, he will still be steadfast in the forefront, preferring to sacrifice himself and defending everything he wants to protect.

“Right, Carter is pleased to take care of you.” Steve did not forget to remind.

“Well, who will help you take care of your girlfriend! I can wait for you to come back at the base!” Kyle turned back and swears.

“I… really like Carter, but she is not my girlfriend.” Steve shook his head and said with courage: “Carter, the person she likes has always been you.”

“Don’t mess with international jokes, how can she like me. You are not afraid of misunderstanding?” Kyle was a little aggressive, no matter what, he had no intention of teasing a few times.

“Then I will be kidding.” Steve shrugged and said, “At 8 o’clock on Friday night, I asked her to go to the bird club. If I didn’t arrive, you will go for me.”

“Reassured. I will give you a seat, waiting for you to come back and dance with her.” Kyle waved his hand and left the main hall of the cabin. Steve’s voice was still faintly behind:

“Big Brother, everything is up to you…”

Fifteen seconds later, a figure jumped from the high altitude of the rear cabin of the plane. After reaching the sky above 100 meters, the parachute was opened and slowly suspended to land on the blue sea.

Kyle under the parachute looked up at the end of the sky, where there was a plane that was constantly moving away and soon disappeared into the other side of the cloud.

“Steve, no matter how the results are, no matter how long. I believe that one day, we will definitely see you again.”

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