Marvel Card System Ch 47

Chapter 47 Fighting on Aircraft

The gas torch in the narrow underground tunnel undoubtedly exerts an astonishing killing power than the energy weapon. The large-area flame column that continues to erupt is accompanied by the hot air.

Kyle frowned and stepped back to a safe distance, using the hollow wall of the tunnel as a shelter to block the burning of the flame.

If it is a good energy weapon, you can use the vibrating arm guard to directly block the laser. The large-area fire of the spray gun just limits the defense of the guard arm.

More deadly, and the venom of Kyle’s body turned into a war suit.

Even the bullets and lasers makes Venom fearless (the bullets are strong enough to defend, the laser can heal in the liquid), and under the threat of high-temperature flames, convey a fear of instinct to the host Kyle.

“Okay, endure a little bit more.”

Kyle verbally comforted Venom, and wanted to throw the sword in his hand to shoot the guard. The hand was just lifting the moment, and the first one screamed and flew past a disc object.

The disc shield accurately hits the guard head, and directly stun him, and then returns quickly with the flying arc.

“Adamantium shield?”

Kyle quickly looked back and saw a tall young man rushing forward to catch the shield that looks like a disc, but Steve himself was in a hurry to catch up.

“Steve, aren’t you blocking the guards?” Kyle asked strangely.

Steve’s firmly response: “The guards naturally have soldiers to clean up, so how can I only let you deal with Red Skull alone?”

“Lets compete, who will took the leader of the Hydra first…”

When Kyle’s words were not finished, he rushed toward the end of the tunnel.

“No problem… Wow, you cheater!” Steve screamed, keeping up with Kyle’s pace.

Two walked one after the other and quickly passed the last section of the underground tunnel.

Out of the tunnel, in front of them is a wide underground base square, and hundreds of armed guards holding energy weapons.

“It’s really troublesome.” Kyle ruthlessly raised the sword, and Steve also held up the shield with determination. Two men who fought side by side faced 100 guards without fear. However, if this was delayed for too much time, and the head of the Hydra was about to escape.

‘boom! boom! boom! ‘

At this time, from the underground tunnels in different directions of the underground square, American soldiers who poured in a large number of armed rifles quickly fired their guns and attacked when they saw the armed guards.

One of the troops was headed by Fury wearing a left-eye mask. He was at the forefront of the team and waved at Kyle with a smile. “Kyle, do you need reinforcements?”

Kyle sighed and nodded and said, “It’s just right, it’s still reliable!”

As if to hear his words, the other side took the woman who had just emerged from the tunnel with a cold voice. “Who isn’t it?”

Steve looked at the glamorous woman and joked: “Carter, you are almost late.”

“It is already late.” Kyle corrected him, which made Carter’s beauty come over again.

“Hahaha, is it worse for me?” It was just a slower half-step than everyone else, and an unfamiliar voice rang from the rear.

As the lights continued to illuminate, a craft-savvy car drove over and stopped in front of Kyle. Howard, who was in the driver’s seat, always waved to them.

“How come Science Strategy Department member came here, and also drove Schmidt’s car into the base.” Kyle unexpectedly raised his eyebrows.

Howard smiled and said, “This is the final battle of the European War. I certainly want to come. After all, we are a team!”

We? What about the team…

Kyle stunned and looked around at Fury, Carter, and Steve. Finally, the corner of the mouth tilted by a subtle arc.

Yeah, I don’t know when to start, they are already a team, an invincible team of combat elites.

“Now is not the time to chat, Schmidt wants to fly off the plane!” Steve suddenly reminded that the finger pointed to the end of the underground square.

There is a large fighter plane that is slowly starting up, speeding up to the exit outside the base.

Howard quickly said: “Get on the car, I will send you two there!”

Kyle and Steve didn’t hesitate to jump on the car directly, and Howard stepped on the accelerator pedal. The engine slammed and the car speed soared to the large fighter.

“Must win!” Carter clenched her fists with some worries and watched the backs of the two until the car disappeared at the end of the underground square.

The gliding wings on both sides are up to 30 meters long. The speed of Plane is getting faster and faster. Not far from behind, a car with three people is chasing at full speed.

“The plane is about to take off, we can’t catch up with this speed!” Steve frowned and looked at the Plane in front.

Kyle didn’t have any worries. He took a look at Howard, who was still calm in the driver’s seat. He urged: “What is the black technology device at the bottom of the box?!”

“This makes you see it again. Unfortunately, I have refurbished the car once.” Howard smiled and pressed a button under the steering wheel. The tail exhaust of the car immediately exploded flames and powerful jets.

In the case of a car that was over 100 kilometers per hour, the speed suddenly increased by a factor of three. The strong wind pressure made both Kyle and Steve grab the car seat.

The distance between the car and plane is constantly getting closer. There is still a distance of about ten meters. The front area is brightly lit with white light, and the wheels of the plane are also lifted off the ground.

“The plane is going to take off! Steve, send me up first!”

Kyle took the initiative to stand up from a high-speed car. Steve seemed to know what he was thinking, squatting slightly in the car seat, his hands slanting the shield high.

“Up!” Kyle took a deep breath and stepped on the round shield and jumped forward with all his strength.

Steve also pushed forward the shield to increase the power of the jump.


Kyle leaped high and quickly crossed the mid-air of ten meters. When he was a little farther away from the fuselage, the long sword held by his left hand was suddenly fixed on the wheel frame of the plane.

“Kyle!” Steve yelled, then jumped over, and Kyle stretched out his right hand and grabbed his arm, pulling together and taking off with the plane.

Howard stop the speeding car to the front of the cliff. He looked at the plane flying into the sky. The two men standing at the bottom of the wheel. He whispered, “I hope you have a successful battle. After you come back, we will have a good time together, and drink a toast!”

The important thing is that you must come back!

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