Marvel Card System Ch 44

Chapter 44: Is coming

A night passed.

Early the next morning, Kyle was woken up by the communications soldiers, conveying the instructions of the colonel to let him go directly to the underground command of the base.

Kyle did not drag, after the simple washing, the venom attached to the body surface turned into a black combat uniform, wearing a sodium carbon steel sword and walk to the underground passage.

Upon arriving at the door of the brightly lit command room, Kyle was surprised to find that Steve, who was wearing the captain’s combat uniform, arrived early.

And the colonel not only refers to the two of them, but also Howard, Carter, Fury, Colonel officers, and a dozen intelligence analysts to the scene, the seat of the commanding table is almost full.

“It’s such a big bang, it seems that you got a very important information from the professor.” Kyle said, stepping into the command room.

“Mr. Kyle, Good Morning!” Seeing Kyle, the intelligence personnel gave a salute with an admirable expression.

Howard shook his head and laughed: “Man, how come so slow, this combat meeting can be worse.”

“I thought you were a war madman. I have to take the initiative to miss this battle.” Fury’s black face smiled and revealed a row of white teeth.

“Kyle, here.” Steve kept beckoning and let him sit in the open space next to him.

Carter still sat in the seat without saying a word, as if still angry because of last night’s things, just seeing Kyle on the scene, her dignified face is also relaxed.

Colonel’s officer in front of the strategic map waved his hand and urged Kyle to hurry and said: “I just prepared to explain the information, not too late, just find a place to sit down.”

Kyle nodded.

The simple wave of gestures was a response to the people who met, and then sat in the empty seat on Steve’s side.

In any case, the arrival of Kyle himself has eased the atmosphere of the underground command room, and the crowded face has also relaxed a lot, and there is no reason for it.

This is the exclusive charm that symbolizes the hero of American power. It is not only the name of the identity that is touted, but is created by the actual personal record and the number of killings.

“Then I will get into the subject.” The colonel officer coughed and said awkwardly: “Last night, the intelligence personnel learned a very urgent intelligence message from the professor who joined the Hydra organization!”

“The founder of the Hydra organization – Johann Schmidt (Red Skull), his strategic goal is not only to occupy the land of Europe, but to destroy half of the earth and then rule the whole world!”

Hearing this horrific message, most of the people in the command were frowning.

“This madman should be thrown into a mental hospital. He really thought he was a god.” Carter snorted.

Fury thoughtfully whispered: “It’s crazy, this may be the root of the Germans’ reluctance to cooperate with the Hydra organization.”

Howard frowned and said: “You can’t let him go. Schmidt has the power to surpass our imagination. Energy weapons are the best proof.”

Kyle nodded in agreement. After all, what is in the hands of Red Skull, he is more clear than anyone else.

Tesseract cube! Carrying the space gem with the cosmic law, the basic usage is enough to create unlimited energy, and the explosive power of the gemstones is generally difficult to match.

Colonel raised his voice and solemnly said: “We also got more important information: Schmidt plans to fly to the United States today, as long as he crosses the Atlantic Ocean, the entire East Coast will be flattened in less than an hour! From the United States, then upgrade to half the world!”

“How much time is left?” Kyle asked simply.

Colonel quickly replied: “Not less than twelve hours.”

“That’s enough.” Kyle nodded confidently.

Colonel shook his head and said: “The biggest problem now is that the last base of the Hydra is different from the factory base that you attacked before. The ground is below 500 feet in the Alps and is easy to defend.”

“I have an idea.” Steve, who has been silent, said: “If we send troops directly, Schmidt will definitely shut the base door and then flee. So I must send someone to lure them out. The door of the snake base opened, and our army took this opportunity to launch an assault siege.”

“Then let me go.” Kyle shrugged indifferently. His life-saving means was far-reaching. Even if he was alone in the Hydra base, he could confidently retreat.

“No.” Steve vetoed and looked at Kyle. “You are good at attacking. It is more appropriate to lead an army raid outside. And your presence, surely scare Schmidt directly?”

The last sentence is obviously a little exaggerated. The people in the command room did not deny, but nodded in deep approval.

The German hangman, the battlefield meat grinder, the hero who symbolizes American power, and the demon code that kills the savage.

The deterrence of Kyle’s positive presence on the battlefield is no less than a well-armed army, so that such men can lure the enemy.

What a joke!

Colonel also half-smiling and said half-heartedly: “To tell the truth. If I were Schmidt and saw Major Kyle break into the base, I would choose to run straight.”

“Don’t describe me as a non-human monster.” Kyle embraced his chest with both hands and gave them a cold look.

“The plan is what I proposed, please let me go.” Steve stood up and said calmly: “As Captain America, I will attract the Hydra organization as a bait. So I am the only suitable candidate.”

Kyle looked at Steve, who was resolute and upright. There was no such thing as an adjective in his mind: I, Captain America, the hardest shield.

“The situation is urgent, and we can’t delay too much time. The plan is set! This mission, all the base personnel will cooperate with your two attackers.”

After Colonel finished, the palms were heavily photographed on the table and expressed his firm determination: “So let us start now! Crusade to destroy the last Hydra base, and send Schmidt madman to hell!”

Three hours later, near the Alps.

The sun was shining at noon, and the snow in the mountain forest reflected the dazzling light.


A burst of noisy engine sounded loudly, and Steve, carrying a round shield, rode a motorcycle and swiftly passed the snowy forest road.

His hands clenched the handle and continued to speed up. The rear of the motorcycle was sprayed with blue flame and exhaust gas. The wheels crushed the snow and the leaves. The horsepower was fully rushed toward the main entrance of the Hydra base.

‘Boom, Boom, Boom!’

These sounds came from Steve’s back, but it was followed by another dozen enemy motorcycles, like the shadows.

“The fish is hooked.”

Above the snowy mountains beside the forest, Kyle looked down at the chasing of the motorcycles in the forest, such as the hunters preparing for hunting, waiting patiently for the fierce battle.

Venom war suits he wore were also excited, constantly conveying their excitement.

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