Marvel Card System Ch 40

Chapter 40: The eve of the final battle

At a height of hundreds of meters from the bottom of the glacier valley, Kyle, Steve and hostage, the three people fell quickly against the cold wind and snow, and the trains of a dozen or so cars not far away also burst into the bottom of the mountain.

It’s like they are skydiving but this time there is no parachute tool at all.

The super-soldier’s physique is only the strength range in which humans can reach the perfect value. The range of the deadly crisis is only three to five times that of normal humans.

Hundreds of meters of high-altitude cliffs fall, this should be a mortal situation.

The moment before jumping out of the carriage, Steve still couldn’t understand what was the means of escape in such a situation.

But Steve did not hesitate to jump, because Kyle from the training base, is constantly creating miracles, the forerunner like to go ahead and lead the teaching of his progress.

More importantly, he believes in Kyle, this is enough.

Kyle himself did not think as much as Steve thought. After he jumped in the carriage, he opened his hands and seemed to be waiting for something.

At this moment, the glacier mountains are above the height of 10,000 meters.


A light blue animal shadow quickly broke through the atmospheric clouds. Its sharp golden eagle looked down, and the huge wings of the feathers shrank, and the head dipped down to the ground.

It is like a single arrow, and the speed is really fast, then it breaks through the sound barrier and leaves a series of white waves in the sky.

“Come on.” Seeing the sky clouds were torn open, Kyle smiles.

He has summoned the Blue Eagle for a long time, allowing the Blue Eagle to investigate in the sky within a few miles of the body, which is to create an exclusive personal air defense field.

After all, now he is a big worry for the German army and the Hydra organization. A month ago, the enemy had sent a fighter jet to the battlefield, and the thunderbolt wanted to kill him and Steve.

The Blue Eagle’s flight maneuverability is extremely strong. In the case of one-on-one single-fighter plane, it will be destroyed by sharp claws.

The creatures summoned by the biocard are intimately connected with the cardholder, obedient, and subtle contact with the ECG. However, if the biocard is held in a call state for a long time, it needs to be supplied with food on a daily basis.

“What’s coming?” Steve asked strangely, his eyes were always looking down, his own constant fall make him look at the bottom of the valley.

Kyle has not yet explained, the next moment, huge shadows shrouded several people’s bodies, accompanied by strong wind pressure.


The blue eagle screamed and slammed his wings quickly, first picking up Kyle with his body, and then one paw held Steve together with the hostage.

“My God, what kind of bird is this.” Steve was shocked and looked back at the blue eagle with his ten meters wide wings, and his mouth wide open.

The Blue Eagle glanced at Steve on the paw, and the wings of the blue feathers swayed down, tearing the snow underneath completely, forming a small area of hurricane rushing into the sky.

Steve was a bit embarrassed and hesitated: “How do I feel that I have been despised by it.”

Kyle sat on the neck of the Blue Eagle and said, “It’s an eagle. It’s very smart, it has an IQ of ten-year-old human.”

“I have never seen such a big eagle.” Steve knew that he was out of danger and relaxed a lot. He said with a smile: “Also. How do you sit on it, I want to be caught on it by the claws.”

Kyle seemed to fall into the memory, and began to compose the story: “It was when I was a child, I met in the forest on the mountain. At that time, the blue eagle was just like the normal eagle, and later it was infected by a factory’s radiopharmaceutical, the body has changed, not only the feathers are discolored, but also getting bigger and bigger.”

“It turned out to be the case.” Steve nodded, no doubts and questions, and directly believed Kyle’s words.

“Steve, I hope that after you go back, don’t disclose the Blue Eagle message to anyone, including Carter.”

Kyle stroked the feathers on the top of the blue eagle and entered the topic: “The blue eagle will not harm humans, and it will be the beasts of the mountain. If some people know that it exists, they may try to hunt it.”

“Okay, I won’t say it.” Steve simply promised.

Kyle also has a sigh of relief, and the Blue Eagle is now too early for the Marvel world to appear.

After the 21st century, various kinds of variability and technology emerge in an endless stream. After the gods in the mythology Thor come on the earth for a few days, and the alien magic is used to expand the thinking of the Earth, the existence of the Blue Eagle is not so fussed about.

After the blue eagle took the three out of the valley, they laid them down on the ground around the snowy mountains, and then she disappeared between the clouds at high altitude.

Kyle and Steve, took the target hostage and merged with the troops where Fury was, and then returned to the base.

That night, the base of the basement warfare department.

The large combat map is like a wallpaper posted on the wall. Among the enemy factory base operations map, the six flagpole areas have been circled and crossed, the representative has been annihilated.

“That is the case. Sergeant Bucky Barnes, in the mission, fell to the bottom of the snow valley. The target hostage has now been handed over to the base professionals for torture.”

“The Hydra organization has now left the German army. According to our knowledge, the leader of the Hydra has a mysterious object that can create unlimited energy.”

“Do you need to grab something over? I can remember Red Skull.”

“Of course, even if we don’t make unlimited energy, we can’t let the Hydra have it.”

On a light-focused combat desk, Kyle, Steve, Carter, and the colonel officer of the base commander, four people sat in a chair to discuss.

“Mr. Kyle, Lieutenant Steve. Please prepare both!” The colonel officer looked at Kyle and Steve, who were facing each other, and said sincerely: “If we find the target person, then it is up to you to attack him.”

A shield represents American justice and guardianship, and a sword represents American power and killing.

The ranks of Kyle and Steve are not low, but they are not very high. The prestige in the country is far above the generals.

Therefore, at this time, the commander of the base and the officer of the colonel did not have any shelves, and they treated them in equal status.

Steve nodded and responded: “I understand, I will be prepared in advance, and if there is news, I will leave immediately.”

“The goal is Red Skull. You don’t have to say it, I will insist on going.” Kyle said coldly.

I haven’t gotten the revenge from the last time!

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