Marvel Card System Ch 27

Chapter 27 Dive into the factory

The fortress like factory in Germany is just outside the gate.

Under the rain curtain, the fleet of six German-style vehicles was slowly driving through the mud, and the destination of the transportation was obviously stationed in the fortress.

The two figures swiftly passed from the side jungle, glaring at the night, lurking to the rear of the last material truck.

Kyle took the lead in turning into the back of the car, which was only covered by the leather cloth. When he saw two armed German soldiers sitting inside, he whispered: “One person.”

He quickly rushed to one of the soldiers, his right hand holding the other’s mouth, and the left hand had also sent the half of the Nepalese saber to the soldier’s heart.

The comrades were killed in front of him, and the other soldier reacted to the enemy and was about to throw out the gun. At this time, a young man behind Kyle also rushed up.

As the Captain America steel shield hit the soldier’s forehead, Steve took a sharp hand knife and stunned the soldier’s cervical spine.

“The action is not bad, it is too slow.” Kyle beheading sitting next to the play, giving a pertinent evaluation.

“You are too fast.” Steve dragged the soldier’s body and said with a smile.

“If you want to fight side by side, you must learn to keep up with my rhythm.” Kyle shrugged and threw the body of the soldier he had solved, and Steve followed suit.

Killing and burying the body, always simple and rude sneak way.

Since the German factory here is located at the rear of the combat zone, and the number of transportation materials that come in and out every day is numerous, the soldiers at the main entrance have not checked the rear compartments one by one.

The transport team did not expect the car to carry two enemy super soldiers, so they entered the fortress.

After the transport cars were stopped, Kyle and Steve came out from behind the car and hid between the bunkers of the pile. This sneak was no difficulty, than the large base that was attacked last time. It’s much simpler.

The light rain has completely stopped at this time. Under the dim light of the night, a large factory building is located in the fortress, and soldiers are constantly transporting the materials into it.

Many soldiers who hold Blu-ray special effects guns patrol, and there are also high-end armed forces such as tanks in the fortress, all of which are guarding the factory.

“Unlike the base where the soldiers camped, it was really a manufacturing factory.” Kyle said to himself, and the probe looked around to see the 20-meter-high factory building, with a faint sound of mechanical operation.

“They are building factories here and working around the clock, what do they want to make?” Steve said puzzledly.

What to make?

This made Kyle’s mind flash a glimmer of light, and Steve, who was next to his eyes, said in his heart that he said: “Steve, let’s move separately.”

Steve looked at Kyle strangely: “Divisional action? Shouldn’t it be safer to act together?”

“What is the use of safety? The key point is to quickly find the place where the hostages are being held. If it is discovered by the enemy, the strength of our two can be safely taken away, but the hostages may be uncertain.” Kyle explained: “The factory is so big, we look seperately, find the first time to rescue the hostage and then say.”

“It makes sense, then you should be careful.” Steve agreed to nod, eagerly avoiding the soldiers guarding and touching the construction factory.

Looking at Steve’s back, Kyle’s face showed a sly smile.

Brother, sorry, it is up to you to attract the attention of the enemy of the factory, this is also the weight-bearing exercise that the brother gives you – after all, there is nothing better than the actual learning method.

“The production factory… At this point in time, is there any better energy for the Germans than the gems?” Kyle licked his lips, his body contours gradually faded in the darkness, and soon disappeared completely in place.

Sneak start, night walker mode.

From a close look, Kyle is as silent as the shadow of the world, followed by Steve.

In the factory building of the fortress, the internal machinery and equipment are more scientific and technological than the outside, and the German workers constantly operate the instruments inside.

Steve lurked along the way, he was very cautious, there was no guidance from Kyle, and his hands and feet were released a lot.


After the door was used to smash the head of a patrolling soldier, Steve completely entered the factory interior, and a group of fog kept a distance of ten meters behind the tail.

“It’s not bad, that is, the shield is a bit of an eye.”

Kyle couldn’t help but spit it out. It was really Steve who sneaked in, and he had to carry a shield of steel texture. The shield was painted with American stripes and stars.

It seems as if people are not aware that he is an American soldier.

“As the pioneer of the Captain America, it really is the life of the shield.” Kyle shook his head and continued to follow.

Steve went to the third floor of the factory. Below the railway was suspended with metal-like pipeline equipment. On the third floor aisle, there were rows of blue-and-light materials shelves.

“Energy cartridge?”

He was surprised to pick up a clip with a blue light from the box. He didn’t have much time to think too much and continued to search for the hostage.

Steve’s forefoot had just left, and the sneak Kyle stopped at the shelf of the goods and watched the rows of blue-brick clips in front of him, and couldn’t help but get excited.

Gemstones, how much is there! How many times can I draw a card?

Kyle secretly hid, just just focusing on the materials, the excitement on his face instantly converges back.

[New Energy Clip]: Extracting new energy clips made by Gems, which can emit laser rays with amazing destructive power. Rare green item card.

Do you choose to extract?

Take your head!

Kyle was speechless and thought that these energy cartridges were all blue in quality. I didn’t expect it to be a rare green one.

A rare green item card, which is provided as a material for the sacrifice, is counted as a green card!

This is also the reason why Kyle is embarrassed, and the energy cartridges in front of them can only be used in actual combat. It is better to exchange the materials of the card for the ordinary green materials on the battlefield.

“Forget it, still go with Steve to save people.” Kyle was a little helpless, but just got up and stepped forward, and soon thought of something, the whole person stopped.

What is the main material for such a large new energy manufacturing plant?

“Right. I just looked at these junk supplies. Here is one of the most precious items of the whole earth and even the universe.” Kyle’s heart shook his head and excitedly clenched his fists.

Tesseract cube! Here is the Tesseract Cube as a space gem carrier!

Kyle quickly entered the sneak, and did not care about whether it was exposed, and set the fastest to the hub control center of the factory.

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