Marvel Card System Ch 26

Chapter 26 Exposure Ability

In night.

Storms, lightning thunder, flying bullets.

Kyle’s face is facing down, and the natural falling body is accelerating and falling down. The night wind will sizzle in the windbreaker.

This time he chose to come to the rescue team with Steve, one is to test the strength of his own transformation with the actual test.

The second is that there are a lot of warfare brushes, a lot of trophies in the factory!

Not far below, Steve opened the parachute. Kyle also estimated the opportunity to open the parachute device behind him. The two floated and fell to the wilderness.

‘Da da da! ‘

Only when they reached to a height of 20 meters, the enemy soldiers below found their traces, and start shooting into the sky.

“I am going to attract them.” Steve yelled, lest the bullet hit Kyle, and immediately controlled the parachute to attract fire and rushed down.

He still want you to block bullets.

Kyle shook his head and smiled. The left hand took the Nepalese saber at the waist and pulled it backwards. It was actually cutting off the parachute rope behind him!

This is still a height of more than ten meters from the wilderness ground, losing the buoyancy of the parachute, and Kyle fell down again quickly.

Seeing this scene, not only Steve, but even a few German soldiers below were paralyzed.

“Is that person who wants to commit suicide?”

The idea of the German soldiers just emerged. After seeing Kyle fall from a height of more than ten meters, he took a roll on the muddy ground and stood up again lightly.

“The legs are a bit numb. But now I can do it – something that ordinary people can’t do.” Kyle’s cold face showed a smile, without testing, he just thought he could do it. He took the risk and tried it.

Nowadays, this physical quality is beyond the human level. For the cards of hundreds of combat skills, just like the treasure house encounters the key, the sports car meets the expressway, and the cooperation makes an unimaginable qualitative change.

“What are you waiting for, shoot him!”

Several German soldiers were still watching Kyle stay in a daze, and the team leader shouted a reminder before they hurriedly raised their guns to aim at the shooting.

Kyle’s reaction was faster, and he did not retreat. The left-handed saber quickly rushed up to the German soldier’s muzzle.


Kyle suddenly stepped forward to the left, a pile of bullets rubbed his right shoulder and hit the mud on the ground. When the German soldiers panicked and turned the muzzle to the left, he quickly moved to the right.

The movement of the left and right body is just to avoid the firepower of the bullet, the important thing is that it is a super-class speed!

The sprinter’s moving speed is about 100 meters in ten seconds, and Kyle’s 100 meters sprint, only three or four seconds!

After the conversion, there is only a distance of 20 to 30 meters between the enemy and him, but also a time of breathing.


Even the second wave of bullets did not give the opportunity to shoot. Kyle approached the enemy soldiers in front of him, his hands fell, and a bright, sharp blade smashed through.

The head of the team leader was still full of horror. The rifle gun on the hand fell to the ground with a broken gun barrel. Soon, a flat bloody mark appeared on the neck and the brain was detached from the body.


The soldier behind the leader shouted in fear, and he run away. Kyle stepped forward and his right hand stretched out his back neck, pulling the other person out of his face with one hand.

“Give me away!” Another soldier screamed in confusion, pointing his gun at Kyle nearby, but he hadn’t had time to shoot. He suddenly jumped over his head and stepped it under his feet.

“It’s really slow.” Kyle chuckled, and the soldier carrying the hand, smashed 360 degrees, and pressed the squat into the dirt.

“Kyle, your speed, strength, what is this all about?” Steve stepped on the struggling German soldiers.

Kyle’s face was calm. He had never thought of concealing his super soldier’s ability in front of Steve. After all, as long as he wants to play the corresponding strength, he will have a rhetoric with the army sooner or later.

“I didn’t tell you, because I only mastered this force soon.” Kyle sighed and explained to Steve seriously: “Remember the counterattack campaign I had ten days ago. In that enemy. In the warehouse of the large base, I found a tube of reagent from the commander. I wanted to bring it back to the base for scientific research. Unfortunately, the reagent tube broke when I fled, and the reagent liquid flowed into my wound.”

Steve had no doubts about Kyle and asked urgently: “Is the reagent liquid light blue?”

Kyle nodded, exactly: “Yes. The reagent liquid is fused with the blood, and I am fainted because of that. After waking up in the hospital, the body has undergone an unprecedented variability, strength and speed are superior to ordinary people.”

“Kyle, congratulations. It seems that you got the original serum of the super soldier and successfully merged with the body.” Steve said happily.

“Super soldier’s original serum?” Kyle couldn’t understand.

“Yes. The doctoral is the person in the German science department. Later, he fled the institute. I heard that some people in the upper German army used the super soldier’s original serum. I didn’t expect to leave one, and you were lucky to get it.” Steve felt that he was really happy for Kyle. After all, the opportunity for the super soldier experiment is given to him by Kyle. This has always been awkward for him.

Kyle also knows that his ability to weave is a bit rough, but based on Steve’s 100% trust in him, this is a lie that can easily be justified.

After Steve believed, he went back to the military and he had the basic dust settled in Kyle’s possession of the super soldier.

“I was still worried about you. Now you are also a super soldier, plus more combat experience than me. The probability of sneaking into enemy factories to rescue soldiers is greatly increased!” Steve said excitedly.

“In this case, the sneak into the war is handed over to me.” Kyle confidently dagger, said to Steve in a meaningful way: “So, first give you a simple lesson in the battlefield.”

After the words had not been finished, Kyle raised his left foot and stepped forward, and Steve stepped on the head of the still struggling soldier to completely step into the mud.

The soldiers were even more frantically dancing and struggling, and the soil was splashed. It was only under the suppression of absolute power that they soon suffocated and died in the land.

“On the battlefield, don’t have any mercy on the enemy, you can directly kill him with one hit. Killing is not necessarily justice, but killing the enemy in military is justice.” Kyle said coldly, his killing intent starts to radiate outside to the freezing point.

“I understand.” Steve nodded hesitantly.

Stronger physical fitness, but also a rookie not on the battlefield, to make a good adjustment… Oh no, it should be a teaching.

“That follows me, go to the main entrance of the factory! The patrol enemy that can avoid it will avoid it, can’t avoid it, don’t give the other party the opportunity to communicate, directly kill!”

Kyle finished, stepping forward to the factory that he saw on the plane, Steve followed.

The two quickly disappeared into the night rain again.

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