Marvel Card System Ch 22

Chapter 22: Met Steve

Early the next morning.

After eating breakfast in the hospital early, Kyle replaced the new military uniforms that Joseph sent to him in the ward, and the badge of rank.

Lucy’s dressing up to Kyle was more than his own, and he surrounded the sleeves of the military officer’s collar, and carefully folded the pleats of his clothes with his hands.

“I am not going to participate in any celebrity banquet. Isn’t it necessary to make me such a gentleman?” Kyle said, Lucy had something to mind, and silently did not answer.

“What’s wrong? Who is bullying you?” Kyle continued.

Lucy seemed to have the courage and nervously asked back. “Kyle, I didn’t know that you have to return to the battlefield so soon?”

“I am not going to the battlefield just now, I currently have no mission, so just going to the recruit base that has been trained before.” Kyle looked at her and smiled and said: “What is going on, even if it is an officer position, it is normal to go to the battlefield now.”

“Then can I go with you.” Lucy lowered her head and tangled her hands together.

Kyle said patted her head: “Lucy. What do you think is a fun place on the battlefield, forget how you escaped?”

“But I… my family is dead on the battlefield, and my family is gone. If you are gone, then I will…” Lucy said, tears in the beautiful big eyes.

“This is a problem.”

Kyle touched his chin and thought about it in meditation. He said, “Yes. My home was originally in New York, but my parents have also died because of the previous war. Now there is no one living. If you don’t mind. If you want, you can go there and live in that house.”

He had seen his archives at the training base and knew that his identity before joining the army as an orphan and lived in a retro villa left by his deceased parents.

The house keys are placed in a depository in New York and can be removed with an identity slip.

“Live in your home.” Lucy’s eyes widened, and the white face was dyed pink, and Kyle’s words were heard by her, which was another meaning.

This is not to live together in advance, although the other party is not always at home.

“It doesn’t matter how long you want to live.” Kyle smiled and touched Lucy’s golden hair.

He had no other thoughts about Lucy, just treated as a close friend.

“Kyle, you are very kind to me.” Lucy was eager to jump, tipping her toes on Kyle’s cheeks, and then flicked away from the room like a frightened rabbit.

“Ohhh, this is really…”

The subtle feelings came to life, and Kyle touched the cheeks that had been kissed, and quickly threw the thoughts behind his mind.

Now, it is not a time to talk about feelings comfortably.

I must continue to grow stronger enough to face all the unexpected crises that have occurred in this world.

Accumulating military merits and promotion ranks, gaining certain prestige and rights, even wealth, there are still many things waiting for Kyle to work hard.

Rebirth, if you only want to be an ordinary person, then you are too sorry for the ability to draw cards.

Kyle has his own blueprint for life, waiting to add pigment color one by one.

Around 8 am.

Joseph personally drove the jeep and took Kyle to the military stop airport.

Kyle and Lucy bid farewell to New York, then boarded a helicopter with Joseph and returned to the original training base.

At this time, the training base on the other side.

The military set up a speech stage on the plaza open space. Steve gave a speech as Captain America, but with political factors.

Commander issued an order early, forcing all the soldiers in the training camp to listen to the speech on the square on time, and whoever did not go to expel from the military. What is intriguing is that this speech is in addition to the soldiers, No officers participated.

Because not only the soldiers, all the officers, scornful towards Steve who had not been on the battlefield but claimed to be Captain America.

It is conceivable that Steve, who wore the American flag tights, gave a speech and was destined to be strongly resisted by the soldiers.

In fact, it is true.

“Are you going to beat Hitler with me?”

Steve stood on the podium, facing the silence under the stage, and wanted a warm atmosphere to speak to the hundreds of soldiers below: “Well, are there volunteers?”

“Crap. Didn’t volunteer what we are doing here?” A soldier under the stage shouted impatiently, and all the soldiers sitting on the square floor suddenly burst into laughter.

“We have to watch the girls dance!”

In the face of the noise of the soldiers, Steve replied: “I think they will only sing one song, so I will think about how to deal with it in extra time.”

“Go your way!”

“Little fairy, you should dance in boots!”

The soldiers under the stage did not give him face, and became more and more noisy. Some soldiers began to put the fruit or water bottle in their hands directly on the stage.

Carter behind the stage pinched her fist and wanted to make a clearance for Steve, but there was no way.

“Please, don’t do this, I am also participated as a training soldier here.” Steve had no choice but to use the decorative props in his hand as a shield to block the debris that was constantly coming under the stage.

“What are you doing?”

A cold and powerful voice suddenly came from behind the square. Suddenly, all the soldiers in the square cast their eyes on the strange side.

They saw a young young man wearing a military uniform, not knowing when to stand behind the soldiers. He had a faint majestic atmosphere, and his eyes were sharp and cold and he looked at the soldiers.

“It’s a Sergeant Major, sir.” The soldier who just wanted to retort noticed the military rank mark on the chest of the young man, incredibly swallowed their saliva.

“So young Sergeant officer? I haven’t heard of it.”

“Isn’t you older than us?”

In the nervous whispers of many soldiers, some soldiers seem to recognize the identity of the youth, and the expression is complex and loudly said: “It is Kyle, Kyle!”


Many new recruits glimpsed, and the eyes of young officers once again became fanatic.

“Hey, is that really?!”

“Crap! So young Sergeant Major, who else besides Kyle?”

“Oh my god! American hero, he is my idol.”

“Who is not, I came to join the army because of his deeds!”

The soldiers in the square were so excited that they couldn’t speak. In the end, I didn’t know who was leading the shouting of “standing and saluting.” Hundreds of soldiers all brushed up and turned to make a salute to the youth.

“Sergeant has worked hard!”

In the face of their worship, Kyle responded in the rear: “The salute is free. I was only one of you in the last two weeks. But how did you treat my brother like this? The quality of the soldier is nothing more than that?”

The soldiers looked at each other and finally bite their teeth. The collective reaction quickly turned to Steve on the stage to apologize: “I’m sorry!”

Steve on the stage did not speak, watching the cold young man standing behind the soldier, his heart was really excited and ashamed.

He suddenly remembered that he had no reason to come. Before he was at the training base, Kyle won the sunset scene after the shooting.

At that time, Kyle said to him: “Steve, from now on, no one will dare to look down on us.”

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