Marvel Card System Ch 19

Chapter 19: End of Campaign

In the final stage of the raid battle, Kyle’s long-term high-load sustained combat due to the massive blood loss has long exceeded the limits of the body. After relaxing, he quickly fainted.

Fury asked several soldiers to bring Kyle and the rescued girl back to the temporary camp, and they continued the raid with the remaining 90 soldiers.

Due to the large-scale explosion caused by Kyle, the large-scale base does not say that the defense mechanism, all organizational systems have long been worn by hundreds of holes.

Hundreds of surviving German soldiers lost their command of the sergeant. They wanted to rescue the wounded soldiers in the blast zone. At this time, they faced a fully armed and well-behaved US force involved in the raid, and they were suddenly hit.

The war lasted from late at night until five in the morning, and the sky was white. Fury took the troops to ‘clean up’ the large base. Even if it was a one-sided battle, it also damaged 27 soldiers.

The results of the war are against the sky – plus Kyle’s personal record, their troops’ raids destroyed a total of 1,200 German soldiers stationed, completely occupying each other’s large military base.

This is the US military first battle which has achieved such a luxurious record!

Of course, these Kyle are not known, he slept for a whole week.

When he woke up, it was the morning of the eighth day.

Kyle opened his eyes and found himself lying on the big white bed. The left shoulder was completely bandaged to the waist, the wrist was connected to the infusion tube, and the probes of various medical instruments were attached to the naked upper body.

Just a shot in the middle, is it so exaggerated?

Kyle smiled and realized that he had been in a coma for a long time. After all, during the period of losing consciousness, his mind was trapped in the card space.

But now, he feels very energetic, and the body should have recovered 70-80%.

Pulling the infusion and the instrument probe apart, Kyle pressed the wound on the left shoulder with his hand, and felt a little pain in the vagueness. The back rested comfortably on the bed.

The tables on both sides of the bed are filled with flowers and fruits. The breeze blows up the gauze curtains, and through the window you can see the blue sky and the forest grass, and the outside environment is quiet and peaceful.

“Where is this being transported?” Kyle was confused, which is obviously not a frontline combat zone or training base.

But what about it, it doesn’t matter where it is, anyway, he is healthy and alive.

Kyle, who had an amazing ability to accept, felt a little hungry. He immediately picked up the apple on the table and stuffed it into his mouth. He rubbed it into his stomach and dissolved the hunger that rushed into his heart.

When Kyle picked up the third apple, the door of the ward was suddenly opened. He bit the apple in his hand and looked up subconsciously.

This look can not help but be amazing.

Presented in front of Kyle is an exquisite face like an angel. The big eyes are blue and clear, the lips are pink, and the blond hair is curled on the shoulders.

The girl is dressed in a sky-blue knee-length dress, the immature body outlines a graceful curve, and the arms exposed to the air are long and fair.

This is the second top European and American beauty that Kyle has seen. The first one is the Carter of the training base, but Carter gives more of a mature and glamorous beauty charm, while the girls in front are more lovely and beautiful.

The girl saw Kyle biting the apple, a slight glimpse, and then excited outside the door like a rabbit shouted: “Doctor, doctor! Kyle, he woke up!”

“It turned out to be her.” Kyle stunned, and when he heard the familiar voice, he recognized the girl who was rescued from the German base.

It was really too dark to see at night, and at that time the girl’s weak face was bloodless, and her body was tied up very badly. It was quite different from the present.

“Hey, you can’t eat apples like this, you have to peel it.” After the girl informed the doctor, She quickly returned to the ward and robbed half of the apples in Kyle’s hands.

“How are you here…” Kyle just opened his mouth and realized that he had made a mistake. He quickly changed his mouth and asked, “Well, where am I?”

The girl replied: “We are in the first military hospital in the United States, in New York. You are on the frontline of the temporary base for rescue. After the situation stabilizes, it is sent by helicopter to carry out rehabilitation treatment.”

“It turned out to be like this.” Kyle nodded thoughtfully.

“You don’t know, the bullet is not just on your left shoulder. It’s only a few centimeters away from the heart. I was really scared. Fortunately, your body is very strong and superior.” The girl said while informing Kyle and reach out for his white bandage.

“What are you doing?” Kyle looked at her strangely, this distance, can faintly smell the aroma of the other blonde hair.

“Help you change bandages. My parents are doctors and nurses. I am still very good at this kind of small thing.” The girl said that her face could not help but show sad emotions.

Kyle naturally understands that since she is a prisoner, her family and friends in her home area should also be shot by the invading Germans.

Perceived that the atmosphere was solidifying, Kyle forced the opening of the topic: “That one, I didn’t expect… you will take care of people.”

“Of course. You have to understand that it’s not just a bunch of supplies that you have saved from the enemy base.”

The girl spit out the pink tongue, I wonder if she was reminded of being tied to Kyle’s back that night, with a bit of blush on her face. “And, I have a name – Lucy Jane. You can call me Lucy.”

“Ok.” Kyle smiled and let Lucy gently replace the wound bandage.

Soon, the deputy dean’s responsible doctor rushed to the ward to check Kyle’s injury.

“Doctor, how is he?” Lucy asked nervously.

“Nothing.” The responsible doctor smiled and pushed down his glasses and said to Kyle: “I didn’t expect that ordinary people are estimated to lie down for a month’s injury. You have basically recovered in a week, probably you can be officially discharged in three days.”

“It will take three more days.” Kyle shrugged helplessly. In the physique that others seem to be at the top level, it seems to him that it is really weak.

Responsible for the doctor to confirm the injury, leave the ward and leave a sentence: “Yes. There is an officer who wants to meet you after you wake up. I have already given him a call, it is estimated that he will come here soon to visit.”

Have an officer visit?

Kyle scratched his head. In fact, it is not difficult to guess. He knows fewer than ten officers, and the relationship is good with one or two.

After a little while.

When the officer knocked on the door and entered the ward, Kyle showed a completely guessy expression, but he pretended to be surprised and asked: “Joseph, how come you?”

That’s right, the officer who came down to visit him was the fighting instructor who asked Kyle to pick up several physical green cards in the training base.

“Bad boy, how can I not come!”

Chief Joseph smiled without a shelf, but when he saw Lucy in the ward, he couldn’t help but cough and be serious. “Oh, is there a family member?”

Lucy, who cut the apple, bowed his head in shame and did not refute.

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