I am Vegeta ch 49

Chapter 49: Bardock

“King, we are Saiyans and Saiyan people will never betray their companions!” Raditz who was also squatted in front of King quickly responded.

“King Vegeta, we will be tight-lipped, please rest assured”. Nappa said seriously.

“Okay, I hope that you will do what you say.” King looked them meaningfully and said coldly.

If King doesn’t trust them, then he actually destroyed them.

However, at the time of this Saiyan crisis, he didn’t want to make a mistake. If the only thing was to Nappa, then he doesn’t think so much, but there is also Raditz and his father is not an ordinary person.

Raditz’s father, Bardock, performed very strongly when he went to the Mitt Planet.

Guards were reported that Bardock’s combat power had reached 30,000.

King thinks that it’s not worthwhile to offending a high- ranking warrior for no reason. Moreover, there are many people in Frieza’s force who had gone to the earth. It’s impossible that they have not revealed a bit of news.

Seeing that King Vegeta leave the thought of killing them, Nappa and Raditz looked at each other and took the breath to relieve.

When they just preparing to leave, at that time, King asked coldly.

“When you reached on earth, why didn’t you contact me?”

“King Vegeta, we are also confused. That time, we couldn’t communicate with the outside world, we don’t know, why it happened.” Nappa quickly responded.

“Yeah, King, when we were on Earth, we couldn’t communicate with the outside world, but since our Prince left, the situation has improved.” Raditz said: “We heard that there is a god called a Kami on earth. I suspect that that is happened because of his involvement.”

King Vegeta didn’t say anything, he waved his hand to indicate that the two can leave.

Vegeta wandering around the planet, and suddenly felt a strong breath.

Good fighting power, at least 50,000!

Vegeta was a little surprised.

On the planet of the Saiyan who is this guy? Who has 50,000 combat power?

Under the curiosity, Vegeta flew in the direction, where the breath came.

However, after seeing the other person’s figure, Vegeta suddenly stopped.


This person was actually Bardock!

Bardock actually has 50,000 combat power!

This discovery made surprised Vegeta.

In original Dragon Ball World, Bardock’s combat power was just 10,000. After all, he couldn’t even beat Dodoria.

And here Bardock’s combat power actually reached 50,000.

Vegeta thinks that Bardock could have been the first Super Saiyan in the Dragon Ball world. But because of his own appearance, the situation is changed. Even, his combat power has reached 50,000, which is not quite normal.

“His Royal Highness Prince.” After seeing Vegeta, Bardock respectfully bowed.

“Bardock, what are you doing here?” Vegeta asked.

“I am practicing here, I want to be a strong man like His Royal Highness”. Bardock said with a smile and looked at Vegeta.

“After me, your combat power is highest in the Saiyan, Bardock. You are not easy.” Vegeta smiled evilly.

Bardock didn’t have any nervous expression, even he said very calmly: “I know that Prince is also endless. The potential of the Saiyan people is endless. I can also sense the enormous energy in my body. One day, I will find a way to dig out this energy.”

“Oh?” Vegeta said, but he looked differently at Bardock.

“His Highness, I guess that Frieza will come to supervise his son in the next war. Other can be stupid by Prince’s trick that it’s very difficult to win against Frieza. But you can’t make Frieza stupid.” Bardock said with a long sigh and looked at Vegeta with some helplessness.

You know it?” Vegeta asked.

“His Highness is superb, but I think, when I can see it then Frieza will definitely see it.” Bardock explained: “If Frieza will know that Prince is stronger than his son then he will not leave Prince. Besides, he has long looked dissatisfied by all of our Saiyan people and he wants to destroy us.”

Vegeta constantly listening Bardock and don’t speak anything.

However, when he heard Bardock’s word, Vegeta thought that Frieza can’t be much smarter than he thought.

“Actually, When you left the planet Vegeta, Frieza was about to destroy the planet.” Bardock said with a bowed head, “However, At that time, Frieza had a child so he delayed the matter until his child was born.”

“Wait.” Vegeta interrupted Bardock’s words and then asked curiously: “Is Frieza have a wife?”

“No…they are hermaphrodites”. Bardock explained.

“Androgynous? Then how he have children?” Vegeta is always curious that how can Frieza have a son?

“I…..don’t know about this…” Bardock didn’t know what to say.

Vegeta thought about it that Frieza is self-proclaimed, otherwise, how he has a son.

“It seems Frieza gave an egg, and after a year the eggshell was broken, and then Kuriza came out.” Bardock said: “I also listen to this from others.”

Vegeta nodded. If it really took a year, then Frieza really didn’t have time to attack the planet Saiyan.

“Well, you do your practice, I won’t bother you anymore.” Vegeta was too lazy to talk nonsense and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute”. Bardock said to Vegeta.

Vegeta looked back at Bardock.

“His Royal Highness, the battle is indispensable after nine days, so I think if His Royal Highness can transfer the battlefield, then It will be very good.” Bardock said, “Frieza is very powerful and if become irritate, I am afraid that our planet Vegeta will be destroyed by him.”

“Hey, do you I can go out now?” Vegeta said and smiled coldly and then stopped paying attention to Bardock and flew away from there.

Bardock looked blankly.

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