I am Vegeta ch 48

Chapter 48: Deliberately Shows Weakness

Vegeta had already known that the blow of Kuriza didn’t cause much damage to him so he took the blow.

The reason why he did this, was Vegeta wants to take this opportunity to make Frieza fool because if Frieza knows that his strength is already equal to his son, then maybe that guy will commit suicide.

Although he is close to the realm of the Super Saiyan, Vegeta wants to be sure.

After the war, he vomited blood, and he was hurt by Kuriza. So according to Vegeta, after heard this Frieza will not come. After all, he wants his son to grow up.

In addition, Vegeta also wants to check that his body can automatically heal or not.

Today, he has a three-inch hole on the left side of his chest.

Vegeta resisted the pain and walked towards the gravity chamber.

“Son, why don’t you go to the treatment room?” King Vegeta chased him up and asked with concern.

“No, I want to recover myself. I am going to practice. I don’t want anyone to bother me.” After Vegeta finished, he opened the door of the gravity chamber and stepped in.


King just opened his mouth to say something but…

The door was closed.

At the same time, Kuriza arrived at his father Frieza.

“Is he back?” Frieza sat on his throne, looked at his son from up to down.

“Dad, that Vegeta is very powerful, but in the end, I won”. Kuriza said excitedly.

“You transformed in your first layer but only win, are not you feeling embarrassed to say this?” Frieza said coldly.

“Dad, it is not that I reluctance to win, but Vegeta is definitely facing death, in fact, I have already won”. Kuriza said dissatisfied.

“I don’t think so, Vegeta was deliberately showing weakness, so that you can despise him…” Frieza said and his mouth sneered: “Exactly, I want to despise him, a little boy has such a plan, this person must be removed as soon as possible!”

Deliberately weak?

Kuriza’s eyes widened.

However, when he heard that his father said that he would kill Vegeta, then he said hastily.

“Dad, don’t worry, I will go back ten days later. Then that time, I will personally finish him.” Kuriza said. He knows that it’s very difficult to find such a rival. And he also felt that he had gained a lot of experience in this battle.

“You not be his opponent.” Frieza glanced at his son and said faintly.

“I was obviously beat him so hard that he vomited blood, he didn’t pretend! I don’t believe, he can be better than me!” Kuriza said with conviction.

“But, ten days later, I will go with you.” Frieza said after a moment: “You go ahead, heal your wound as soon as possible, and strive to enter the next layer. But I am telling you in advance. Next time, no matter if you win or not. I will not let this Vegeta continue to grow.”

“Understand!” Kuriza said and nodded dignifiedly.

When Vegeta came to the gravity chamber, he tried to use energy to repair his wounds.

When the energy was concentrated on the wound, Vegeta found through the mirror that his wound was recovering slowly and new bones, muscles, and skin are also growing slowly. With this speed, his body will fully recover in a day.

The speed of recovering is still very slow.

He knows that Majin Buu can regenerate in just second.

However, it’s better to have something than nothing. Vegeta was satisfied.

After one day, Vegeta came out of the gravity chamber. And when he came up, many Saiyan people start cheering.

In this regard, Vegeta just gave a smile, and there are more powerful enemies waiting for him, he can not slack off.

When King learned that his son was completely recovered in only one day, he was surprised.

Others didn’t know, but he clearly remembered that his son had not been to the treatment room, he just spent a day and night in the gravity chamber, and the body was recovered.

He knows that his son was badly injured. Then how?

King Vegeta was very confused.

After a long silence, King called Nappa.

“Nappa, are you coming back?” King asked.

“King Vegeta, we are on the way, and we will reach the Vegeta planet in two hours”. Nappa replied.

“Well, I am waiting for you at the palace”. King said.

Two hours passed quickly, and the spacecraft of Nappa and Raditz finally arrived.

After sensing the breath of Nappa and Raditz, Vegeta wrinkled his brows together and then flew, the next moment, he appeared in front of them.

Saw that Vegeta suddenly appeared in front of them, Nappa and Raditz start shuddered.

“Why you come back? Didn’t I tell you to protect Dr. Brief’s family?” Vegeta asked coldly.

“His Royal Highness, it is the King who said us come back…” Nappa trembled in shock and stunned. And said “But Prince you can be relieved, Dr. Brief’s family is very safe. Before we came back, we made a robot specially created for them. That will protect them.”

Vegeta was relieved that Bulma’s family is fine.

Then Vegeta doesn’t care about Nappa and Raditz, he waved his hand and leave from there.

Simple cultivation doesn’t improve combat power quickly, even it will make the body uncomfortable. Vegeta also knows this.

Vegeta already overcomes 300 times of gravity. So now he just has to rest of the few days.

He believes that Frieza will come soon after the battle in nine days.

Vegeta is even considering whether it is possible to transfer the battlefield to other planets so the planet Vegeta will be safe.

At this moment, Nappa and Raditz had come to the palace and saw King.

“Tell me, what happened on Earth?” King asked.

Nappa and Raditz didn’t dare to neglect, so they told everything about what they saw on Earth.

After listening to them patiently, King shook his head and didn’t say anything.

However, there was one thing that has attracted his attention.

“You said that there was a long dragon appeared in the sky, and then the sky was suddenly dark?” King asked.

“Yes, even Ginyu was also shocked, and after the long dragon disappeared, Prince Vegeta suddenly stopped hiding”. Nappa explained.

“Who knows this thing besides you?” King asked, his face suddenly cooled down.

Seeing that King Vegeta was so demeanor, Nappa and Raditz were so scared that they kneel down on the floor.

“Tell me!” King Vegeta screamed.

“No one else…King Vegeta, we didn’t tell anyone!” Nappa knew that King Vegeta would kill him if he lies to him.

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