I am Vegeta ch 40

Chapter 40: Group of Gorillas

At this time, King Vegeta looks like a majestic mountain, looks at the little one below, Saron.

Vegeta found that his father’s combat power has increased to 100,000 after turning into a giant. Now it’s easy to deal with Saron for him.

Vegeta sat down with a smile, intending to appreciate his father, that how he will going abused this Saron.

Finally, Saron stands up from the ground, he gnashed his teeth and then he flew towards King. He looked at him with his red eyes and asked: “King Vegeta, do you want to rebel? ”

“Saron, you are wrong. Right now I am just an ordinary father who fights for his son. Do you understand?” King Vegeta said, and then he screamed loudly towards guards “All the Saiyan people listened to me. This is the personal fight between me, my son and Mr. Salon. No one can interfere.”


All Saiyan people are extremely excited. After turning into a giant gorilla, Saron who was always mocked King, today looks like a dog in front of King.

For a time, the group of Saiyan was also very angry on Frieza’s force and after seeing this scene they start cheering King.

“Okay, no one will interfere in this fight, doesn’t matter who will die. Today is the personal grievance of me, King and his son.” Saron said. He is so happy because he didn’t dare to kill Vegeta, but Lord Frieza didn’t say that King is also the same. So what if he can not get rid of his anger on Vegeta now he can transfer his anger on King.

“Saron, you can’t compete with me. I advise you to leave from here.” King said, of course, he doesn’t want to offend Frieza.

“Not be your opponent?” Saron said and sneered. The next moment, his whole body suddenly swelled, and the ugly face appeared in front of everyone.

After saw the transformation of Saron, all the Saiyan people became deeply shocked.

100,000 combat power!

After the transformation, Saron’s combat power was increased to 100,000!

Even Vegeta was also amazed by Saron’s power. He didn’t expect that Saron will be much stronger than Zarbon. Fortunately, Vegeta’s combat power had already been raised to a very strong height. Otherwise, this Salon will be a tough enemy.

“Now I will you, King!” Saron said and laughed, and then a powerful flame came from his mouth and went straight to King.

When King Vegeta saw the attack of Saron then a fash also came from his hand, which is also a huge wave of energy.


With a loud noise, the two energy waves met in midair, and then a tremendous explosion happen.

The sky seemed to be torn apart, and lightning flashed from the sky and cover the whole land.

In the air, everyone can smell the hot taste.

Even some of the Saiyan people who had low combat power were got into the grip in this energy storm and turned into cloud smoke.


The two men launched a fierce fight on this piece of land.

Of course, there are also many Saiyan people who had to use the man-made full moon created by the King Vegeta because of their low combat power, and they have turned into giant gorillas to avoid the powerful energy.

Vegeta also enjoyed the fighting.

At this moment the planet looked was too spectacular.

A lot of gorillas stood there, they are like a Group of gorillas!

King Vegeta and Salon gave each other a big blow, and then quickly retreated back.

“Mr. Saron, I didn’t think that you will like that.” King Vegeta sneered and said, he was not afraid of anyone right now.

The old King finally returned!

King of Saiyans, the pride of Saiyans!

Many gorillas are also screaming and cheering, and they are felt very proud of King.

“Hey, King, don’t think that after becoming a giant, you can beat me. I am telling you, my transformation has no weakness, but your giant transformation has so many weaknesses.” Saron said with a cold smile, a radiant flame came from his hand.

“Oops!” Vegeta was shocked.


A loud noise heard everyone. When everyone saw it, the artificial full moon was destroyed by Saron.


King Vegeta and the other Saiyans who turned into giant gorillas, their bodies gradually reduced and finally returned to their original appearance.

After that King’s face became difficult to look because his combat power dropped a lot suddenly.

King Vegeta watching Saron with vigilance.

However, Saron didn’t attack immediately, he starts smiling.

“King Vegeta, now what? Are you again going to make a personal full moon?” Saron looked at the King with a smile, he looked he already win, and then he said: “Oh, I forgot that no one else can make a man-made full moon, except you and your son, and with your current strength you can’t. But wait.

Saron turned towards Vegeta and asked: “Vegeta, can you make one for your father?”

Vegeta smiled and asked: “Oh? Are you sure?”

“I am very kind, look at your father, I let you help your father to create a man-made full moon, at least after that I can bully him.” Saron looked at Vegeta with a smile and said.

Vegeta knew that Saron wants to humiliate them through the artificial full moon.

After all, a man-made full moon consumes a lot of energy in other words for making a man made full moon you need a lot of energy.

“I hope you wouldn’t regret it.” Vegeta smiled lightly, and then a flash came from his hand.

The next moment, Vegeta throws a newly created artificial full moon into the sky.

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