I am Vegeta ch 38

Chapter 38: Throne

Now Vegeta understood that he easily overcome the 100 times gravity because of his 180,000 combat power.

But King Vegeta’s combat power is only a little more than 10,000, for him in this level of gravity means direct killing.

“The place of cultivation? Gravity? 100 times?” King asked and looked at his son incredulously.

After just entering in the gravity chamber, he was vomited and fell on the ground, but nothing happened to his son.

Is his son’s combat power is so high that he is able to move freely under this 100 times of gravity?

“Are you brought this thing from the earth?” King asked.

Vegeta nodded, he didn’t want to conceal this for his father.

“Well, father, I have to practice so can you go out?” Vegeta doesn’t want to waste his time in chatting with his father.

King Vegeta took a deep look at his son then adjusted his energy in the body, and then turned and left.

After the king left, Vegeta once again turned on the gravity button, gnashed his teeth and increase the gravity 200 times.

The gravity was so powerful like a mountain, Vegeta fell on the ground and was unable to move.

Vegeta gritted his teeth, run the energy in his body, and stood up hard. However, his body was already sweaty, and the bones of the whole body seemed to be broken, the pain was intolerable.

“It’s so painful.” Vegeta pinched his fist and try his best to resist.

After some time Vegeta finally able to walk smoothly.

200 times of gravity, the distance didn’t take a long time to overcome.

King left the gravity chamber but after a few moments, he starts feeling uncomfortable.


King Vegeta was spurting blood, and couldn’t able to support his body and then fell on the ground.

The guards in the palace of saw this scene became so worried that they hastily sent the king to the treatment room.

Three days later.

When the king came out of the treatment room, the whole person was refreshed and seemed to be reborn.

However, when he thought of the terrible scene of the gravity chamber, his body became numb.

He doesn’t know what happened to Vegeta?

How did Vegeta move easily under 100 times of gravity?

King was very curious and couldn’t help but once again went outside to Vegeta’s gravity chamber.

At this moment, King found that the door of the gravity chamber was opened. The next moment, he saw that his son coming out from the inside.

“Son, congratulations, your combat power has improved a lot, it’s 25,000 now.” After saw the value on the detector, King said happily.

Vegeta smiled gently, 25,000?


After three days of cultivation, he has overcome 300 times of gravity, and Vegeta was also aware that he is not too far from the realm of Super Saiyan.

As long as he becomes a Super Saiyan, he doesn’t have to be afraid of Frieza.

This time, after the practice Vegeta seems to be reborn, and looked more matured, although he is only six years old this year.

Frieza, wait, you will regret it! Vegeta said in his heart and smiled, then he glanced at the king, and said: “Father, your combat power is also improved a lot, it’s 15,000 now?”

“You… how can you know my fighting power without a detector?” King was amazed and he said.

Vegeta smiled and didn’t explain.

He was just preparing to visit the old friends, Ginyu, and Jeice in the cell. At this time, he heard the guard report to his father.

“King Vegeta, Mr. Saron is here to meet you.”

“Okay, let him wait for me at the palace!” King said. After he finished speaking, he looked at his son again, and then he left.

Vegeta thought for a while and then told the guards to do so, and then Vegeta followed King.

When Vegeta came to the palace, he saw Saron from far away, who was sitting on the throne but when Saron saw King Vegeta, his face became blue.

There is no doubt that this throne is of the king, and if someone else will sitting on it then anyone can get angry.

“Sorry, I am sorry, when I saw this it was looked very comfortable in sit, So I couldn’t stop my heart from sitting, I have no other meaning, hahaha.” Saron quickly got up and explained with a smile.

However, the casualness in Saron’s words can be heard by anyone.

The guards, who were behind King became angry, they only to wait for King to make a move.

However, although King was angry, he didn’t dare to speak out, because the only cost of doing it is to die.

King still doesn’t want to die.

“Since Mr. Saron like this seat, then I will look someone to build a piece for you.”

“No, I just wanted to try that one, and by the way also this comfort will not be in the other one.” Saron smiled and then glanced at Vegeta and turned the subject on him: “Little Prince, is this seat will be yours in the future?”

Vegeta couldn’t listen, and some impatient said: “What do you think!”

“Oh? The little Prince seems to be very angry, haha, angry is also inevitable.” Saron smiled and said again, “I don’t know if my brother was not respectful to you when you are on earth? It’s no wonder that you are Prince of Saiyans, but you are not our Prince. We are serving to Lord Frieza.”

“Your brother was indeed disrespectful to me, but he is already dead.” Vegeta sneered and said.

“What are you saying?” Saron said and his face became pale.

“I said, your brother is already dead.” Vegeta said indifferently: “Do you have hairs in your ear that’s why are you asking me the second time?”

“You… you liar! This is impossible!” Saron yelled because he couldn’t believe that his younger brother has died.

He knows, in Frieza’s army, he and his brother are counted as one of the best. How can his brother die?

Even King was also shocked by Vegeta’s words.

Zarbon is dead?

The possibility doesn’t seem to be big?

Because, the person who followed his son was indeed not Zarbon, that was a team.

However, the two men claimed to be a member of that team.

After hearing the name of the team, King was also felt shocked. He wanted to ask his son about this matter. As a result, he accidentally entered the gravity chamber and was seriously injured. He was cured today.

“What do you think, how far you will go?” Vegeta asked impatiently.

King Vegeta was happy to his son’s attitude, he also wants to do something but he can’t.

“Okay, very good, I will show you my power today!” Saron was angry and glared at Vegeta.

“Mr. Saron, my son is young so you should ignore…” King advised.

“You shut up, I want to fix your son, so you don’t interrupt me”. Saron screamed and then didn’t put King in his eyes.

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