I am Vegeta ch 34

Chapter 34: Don’t bother me

Jeice widened his eyes and was speechless.

However, just as Recoome flew out of the spaceship, Vegeta held his red hair and pulled him hard.

“Save…help…” Recoome looked at Vegeta almost desperately, for fear that he would let him go.

“Hey wait, what is your name?” Vegeta asked with a smile.

“My name is Recoome…” Recoome said while he was crying.

“Oh, Recoome, you just didn’t say it, can you survive in the space? Let’s try.” Vegeta smiled softly and relaxed his five fingers a little.

“Stop…I…I lied to you, I can’t live in the space.” Recoome said and tears flowing from his eyes.

In fact, Recoome can survive in the space, but he knows that there are no living planets in the vicinity. If Vegeta really leaves him in this space, he will definitely die.

“What? You, lie to me? I don’t like liars.” Vegeta said coldly and relaxed his five fingers a little again.

“Wait…eerr…” Recoome looked at Vegeta with a desperate look, for fear that Vegeta would really let him go.

“Vegeta, I advise you not to be too much!” Jeice screamed.

Jeice said, but he didn’t dare to go forward, as if he was afraid of what Vegeta would do to him.

In addition, Jeice wondered, before some time Vegeta vomited blood, then how he has such a powerful force, so strong that Recoome can’t resist.

Jeice on the detector, and when the detector showed the value of Vegeta’s power, he almost collapsed.

How Vegeta’s combat power is still only 5.

“I have only 5 fighting power? You can help…. this….” Vegeta smiled back and looked at Recoome and asked, “Hey, what is your name?”

“Recoome, Recoome!” Recoome shouted.

“Oh, Recoome, I now remember, I will give you a grave next year.” Vegeta’s mouth evoked an evil arc, and the next moment, he leaves his hairs.


Recoome made a scream, and when he looked again, he was gone.

Vegeta’s didn’t care, that this guy can survive or not.

Vegeta closed the hatch and looked at Jeice with a sneer.

Jeice’s face lost his color. Seeing the expression of Vegeta, he took a step back.

Recoome can still survive in the space, but what about him? He doesn’t have this kind of any ability.

Jeice was scared and his legs were shaking.

“What’s your name?” Vegeta looked in his eyes and asked with a smile.


“Oh, can you survive in the space?” Vegeta asked.

“No, no, Vegeta, don’t mess with me…” Jeice waved his hand and said.


After a moment later Jeice suddenly widened his eyes, because he found that Vegeta spurted blood.

Thank god, he finally spurting blood!

Jeice smiled, but he didn’t dare to laugh.

“These people on earth are really hateful, forget it, I am spare you today.” Vegeta gnashed his teeth, and then he no longer pays attention to Jeice, and he sits on the ground and closes his eyes.

Seeing that Vegeta was in such a state, Jeice was wondered.

But after a moment later, Jeice’s heart was entangled in whether or not to treat Vegeta. However, it had been tangled for a long time and he was always afraid to start.

Jeice thought about it, even if he had cured Vegeta, he would not sour to save his life.

Thinking of this, Jeice was completely quiet and found a place to rest.

Vegeta just took a break and suddenly noticed a breath coming from a distance.

Vegeta quickly went to the window and looked outside.

The next moment, he saw a spaceship flying from a distance, and then he fixed his eyes on that spaceship, his heart suddenly sinking.

In the spaceship, there is a small baby who has not been born for a long time.

With a tail of Saiyans.

At this time, he is sleeping in the spaceship.

“Goku!” Vegeta whispered.

The child, who was in the spaceship, was Goku.

Looking at the spacecraft’s sailing route, it looks like it is preparing to go to Earth.

Goku is already on the way to the earth. So, is the planet Vegeta already destroyed?

In the history of Dragon Ball Z, Goku just left the planet and then after some time the Vegeta planet was destroyed by Frieza.

He took a deep breath, then leaves the topic for right now, and then once again sat down and closed his eyes.

This time, although Jeice was curious about Vegeta’s move, he didn’t dare to ask anything.

After some time, Ginyu finally came out of the treatment room. After he was treated, the ruined arm was re-growth. In addition, the spirit was much more heart-wrench than before.

“Jeice, where is Recoome?” Ginyu didn’t find Recoome’s figure and did not think much at the time, he thought that was in another room.

“He… he was thrown out by Vegeta.” Jeice looked at Vegeta and explained.

Ginyu’s face became gloomy, and he looked at Vegeta.

There were a total of five people in Ginyu force, and now there are only two of them, and the other three were destroyed by this Saiyan prince.

Ginyu controlled his anger.

However, Frieza said, don’t kill Vegeta, that’s why Ginyu did not dare to act.

“How did he do it? He doesn’t have much energy?” Ginyu controlled his anger and asked.

“I… I don’t know, anyway, Recoome had no resistance in front of him.” Jeice said dejectedly.

“Hey, Vegeta, don’t sleep!” Ginyu’s anger raged, and then he looked at Vegeta, but he was in a deep sleep and right now he didn’t care about anyone.

Vegeta’s eyes twitched slightly and he said faintly: “Oh, your injury is good? Don’t bother me, I have to rest.”

“Hey, who do you think you are? Do you think we are your servant? I am telling you, you are my prisoner now, you better give me the answer, and otherwise, I will punish you!” Ginyu is almost crazy, he can’t wait to slap Vegeta to death.

But Vegeta didn’t behave obediently, and Ginyu has never seen such a crazy guy.

“Captain Ginyu, I want to ask you, can you survive in the space?” Vegeta asked with a smile.

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