I am Vegeta ch 33

Chapter 33: Tail Tickling

In Ginyu’s spaceship.

Ginyu gave a call on Frieza’s phone.

“Lord Frieza, I am Captain Ginyu. The task you have arranged has been successfully completed.”

“Good, now send him to the planet Vegeta, and keep in mind that he does not run away from there.” Frieza issued the order.

“Lord Frieza, I assure you, he can’t run away.” Ginyu responded with a smile, and then asked: “Lord Frieza, what we do next.”

“When I have work for you, I will inform you.” Frieza said.

“Okay.” Ginyu respectfully replied.

After hanging up the phone, Ginyu stretched out his lazy waist and said to Jeice and Recoome: “Keeps your eyes on him. I am going to use the Medical Machine.”

Vegeta looked at him and didn’t speak.

“And, you can abuse him if you have nothing to do, but don’t bother me.”After Ginyu finished his talk, he entered in the treatment room to treat his arm.

The technology used by Frieza’s force is very developed. Even if the arm is broken, it can grow out through the Medical Machine.

After Ginyu entered the treatment room for using Medical Machine, Jeice and Recoome watched Vegeta tightly, as if they were afraid that he would run.

The spacecraft became abnormally quiet.

After a long silence, Recoome gave a look to Jeice, and Jeice would also like to.

“Little Prince, how is your injury?” Jeice smiled and asked with a very concerned look.

“There is almost no energy in my body, it’s awful.” Vegeta said and sighed.

“Is your energy really gone? Those earth peoples actually very cunning.” Jeice smiled and sighed.

“One day, I will this settle account with these earth peoples.” Vegeta said coldly.

“Little Prince, right now your situation is very bad. I mean, look at you, your combat power is just 5. With this power level, how do you go to earth and settle the account?” Jeice looked at Vegeta by the detector, and said with a smile.

“I have a way to gather my energy.” Vegeta said and tilted to the other side.

“Is it?” Jeice smiled and said. “Then, what about our account? We had a total of five people in the team, and you have eliminated two, and then what?”

“What do you mean?” Vegeta asked coldly.

“Meaning? You killed our two companions, but you are here like an okay person. And you want to know the meaning.” Jeice sneered, looking at Vegeta’s eyes.

Seeing this scene, Vegeta just smiled but didn’t do anything to them.

After all, with the current strength of Vegeta, it’s easy to kill those three.

Actually, that was the original plan of Vegeta, that he would kill them after leaving the Earth, and then find a planet and live there.

But after hearing the conversation between Ginyu and Frieza, Vegeta temporarily changed his mind.

According to Frieza words, Planet Vegeta still doesn’t destroy by him, even he wants to send him back to his hometown.

Vegeta was a bit puzzled. What is going on?

Vegeta is six years old now, and in the original history of Dragon Ball Z when Vegeta was 5 years old, Goku was sent to the earth, and planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza.

Vegeta speculated that perhaps his arbitrary behavior, changed Frieza’s mind so that the history of Dragon Ball has also changed.

Since Frieza wants to send him back to the planet Vegeta, then he is ready to return on his own planet.

Anyway, Vegeta now has the ability to regenerate. Although the regeneration time is a bit long, he thought that it’s better than nothing.

One more thing, Vegeta is fortunate, he has got a 300-fold gravity chamber from his father-in-law.

Moreover, Bulma’s father is very nice, not only he makes the gravity chamber, but he also changed that in a capsule, so that Vegeta can be carried with him.

Recoome, who didn’t speak too much, looked at Vegeta and smiled, and then said with a provocative look: “Hey, what are you thinking? I tell you, you better not try to run away from here because right now we are in the space, and don’t forget that Saiyan’s can’t survive in space.

“Oh? Can you survive in space?” Vegeta asked with a smile.

“That is nature, mutant’s physique is special, not like you, a group of wild monkeys that have not fully evolved, and still want to turn the sky?” Recoome sneered and said.

Vegeta didn’t say anything, he went to the position of the spaceship hatch, and took a look at the cosmic space.

“Little Prince, don’t be idiot, do you think you can learn to survive in the space by looking outside?” Recoome swept his eyes to Vegeta with a mocking look and touched his bright red hair with his hand: “I am telling you the truth, if Lord Frieza did not tell us to bring you alive, then we would have killed you”.

“What is your name?” Vegeta looked at Recoome, asked.

The history of Ginyu Force member’s is not very clear, especially Recoome and Burter’s.

“I am Recoome.” Recoome said his name arrogantly.

“You come here.” Vegeta waved his hand at him and said.

“What?” Recoome watched Vegeta with a vigilant look. Vegeta’s calm behavior was still frightening.

“Are you afraid?” Vegeta smiled and said: “You can use your detector to check my combat power.”

“Recoome, use your detector, I still don’t believe it, that he can play tricks?” Jeice yelled from the side.

Recoome also thought that Vegeta can’t do anything even he didn’t have the strength also.

“Little Prince, my hand was itching, and we are several miles away from your planet Vegeta. It takes a month to reach there, in that period we will get bored.”

Recoome was getting ready to hit Vegeta.

When Recoome just finished his talk, Vegeta smiled and suddenly opened the door of the spaceship and then pushed him by his tail.


Recoome screamed, and the whole man was flown out of the spaceship.

“Sorry, my tail is itchy.” Vegeta stroked his tail and smiled at Jeice.

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