I am Vegeta ch 32

Chapter 32: I will return.

“People of the earth are really liars. They said that they can help me improve my combat power!” Vegeta gnashed his teeth, and his mouth was still bleeding. He said: “Ginyu, kill them, they are the one who helps me kill all the aliens, who came on earth for me!”

“What?” Ginyu asked.

“This bunch of bastards, they said that they can help me improve my combat power, but it’s consuming my energy. Just my one blow, and it completely consumed my all my energy. Now, I have no strength.” Vegeta said while he was gasping, his full mouth was covered in his own blood.

“Ha ha ha ha.”

After hearing Vegeta’s words, Ginyu laughed so much that he has to sit on the ground.

Jeice and Recoome also smiled forward and came forward.

“Little Prince, you are really naive, how can you trust them, hahahaha.” Ginyu smiled so proudly, and he thought Vegeta is stupid.

Vegeta wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and asked: “I just have a request. I hope that Captain Ginyu will promise me.”

“Little Prince, are you out of your mind?” Ginyu asked, though he lost his arm, but right now he feels very happy and then he grinned and said: “You are a Saiyan who doesn’t have much combat power. Why should I promise you? Besides, I think that earth people have done this very well. Hahaha, you are an idiot!”

Vegeta gnashed his teeth, but didn’t say anything.

“Jeice, Recoome, bring the Prince!” Ginyu said.

Jeice and Recoome quickly used their detectors to detect Vegeta’s combat power, when they were cautiously flying towards Vegeta. When they saw that Vegeta’s combat power had indeed dropped to less than 100, then they took a sigh of relief and hold his arm.

“Ginyu, what do you want to do with me?” Vegeta gnashed his teeth and asked with a sigh.

After that, Vegeta’s energy burst out again.

With a powerful airflow, Vegeta throw Jeice and Recoome to the ground, and they two were so scared that they protect their heads, fearing that Vegeta would give them a fatal blow.

“He… how does he have such a great energy?” Jeice was shaking all over and asked.

Ginyu brows wrinkled and he watched Vegeta with vigilance.

“Ginyu, you have the ability to kill me!” Vegeta shouted.

“Vegeta, your energy is not much, I advise you to save some strength!” Ginyu said with a smile.

“Oh, although the earth people lied to me, but I still have a lot of energy.” Vegeta said and then his whole body’s momentum once again increased, and a huge energy ball came out from his hands.

Ginyu Force member’s faces became pale and white at the same time. They thought that this kid is definitely a freak. How can he have such powerful energy?

Just as they were ready to fight, they saw the energy ball that Vegeta had just condensed, was disappeared.

Even the air smells hot.

“This is impossible, it’s impossible!” Vegeta shouted.

However, his voice just fell, and his face suddenly changed.

Vegeta was spurting the blood again, and his whole body was also trembling, he again fell on the ground.


“His fighting power is only 5, and he trying to kill us, haha.” Jeice said with a bright smile.

“You, kill me.” Vegeta smiled bitterly and said to Ginyu.

“Kill you? No, no, I won’t kill you.” Ginyu smiled softly and said: “Lord Frieza wants to see you, so you have to count your life, I won’t kill you first. When you meet Lord Frieza, Lord Frieza will naturally dispose of with you.”

After that, Ginyu waved his hand at Jeice and Recoome and gestured to bring Vegeta to the spaceships.

Ginyu Force brought a total of five spaceships, but it was not suitable for them to ride individually.

Under the escort of Jeice and Recoome, Vegeta was taken to the spaceship.

“Okay, know we should go.” Ginyu mumbled, but he didn’t do anything to earth and peoples from the earth, because he felt that the earth peoples were too bright.

Soon, the spaceship started, with a loud noise, in the next second, they arrived in space.

“Captain, there is no use of the earth, it would be better to destroy.” Jeice suggested.

“No, the earth’s ecological environment is not bad, and the peoples of earth, they made Vegeta a fool. I think the earth is very cute now.” Ginyu smiled and said: “But the earth is too far from us, let’s not destroying it.

When he heard this, Jeice nodded and then he didn’t say anything.

However, when three peoples didn’t see, Vegeta’s face was clearly ridiculed with a mocking smile.

Vegeta was just pretending to be ill.

He just wants that they didn’t destroy the earth.

The reason why Ginyu didn’t kill him was because this time they themselves took a very long time. According to the style of Ginyu Force, it is impossible to waste time on anyone. They can completely destroy the earth and let him disappear with the earth.

But they didn’t know what Vegeta did.

Vegeta intentionally took this opportunity, to leave the earth with them, which is the best choice for him right now.

He took away all the danger from earth with him.

After all, if he stays on the earth, then the next opponent will be Frieza.

And right now Vegeta’s strength is not enough to fight with Frieza. So it’s better to avoid the fighting.
Anyway, the cells in Vegeta’s body can be regenerated, although the regeneration time is longer, but it is better than nothing.

Of course, if they were actually going to destroy the earth, so he kills them.

He wasn’t scared by Kami’s aggressive attitude. The reason why he did this was that he doesn’t want to see the earth being destroyed and he didn’t want to lose Bulma also.

When Vegeta left the earth, Kami finally had a long sigh of relief.

After taking a break, Kami went to look at the egg, which was left by Piccolo, and then returned to the temple.

“God, this little monster has finally left, and now the earth is finally peaceful.” Karin was so happy, as if he had achieved a great victory.

“Yes ah, the Earth can’t afford a toss.” Kami also smiled and nodded: “But I didn’t think that this little devil will leave the earth so easily.”

Suddenly Vegeta’s words came in Kami’s mind: “God Kami, you wait, one day you will say to me for return to the earth!”

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