I am Vegeta ch 30

Chapter 30: Improved combat power.

In case if Ginyu killed Bulma’s family, and keep their body’s they could not be resurrected.

The people who have died before more than a year can no longer be resurrected.

Because, if more than a year, most of them will be reincarnate.

“Vegeta, make your decision quickly, Ginyu is coming.” Shenlong urged and then continue to speak again: “I also know that your body contains extremely powerful energy, but you can’t use that power by your own will even after drank super god water. But after this physical transformation, you may be able to use that power by your own will.”

Vegeta became a little happy, and quickly asked: “How much time does it take? Is there any problem with the base?” ”

“It depends on your ability. I am not sure about it now.” Shenlong replied.

“Okay, then Dragon Shenlong this is wish.” Vegeta made up his mind and said.

Vegeta don’t want to take a step back.

At least after transformation he can use his own hidden energy.


Dragon’s eyes flashed, and then a golden light came from the sky and landed on Vegeta.

“Your wish is fulfilled, goodbye.” After said that Dragon Shenlong was disappeared, and then seven golden flames came from Dragon Balls then they spread in all directions.

Suddenly the dark night sky became blue, and the sun hangs high in the sky.

Vegeta looked up at the sky and felt the raging energy in his body.

No matter how, but his own wish finally came true.

Suddenly he felt that he have full control on his body and soon, he realized that his combat power has also risen to a new height.

According to transformation, Vegeta’s combat power has increased at least three times at this time. That means now, his combat power has reached 180,000.

Since crossing into Vegeta, he had discovered that his body contains a very powerful energy, and at this time, he uses that energy according to his will. Right now he is naturally very excited.

In addition, according to Dragon it seems this energy is very large, it means that he don’t know about his own energy.

After improved the combat power Vegeta became calmed.

Vegeta looked at Kami and said: “You can go.”

“I want to see if your combat power has improved or not?” Kami did not leave, and said quickly.

“Look at me do you think I care about you anymore.” Vegeta said coldly.

“I have already felt that your combat power is improving.” Kami said with a smile, and after that he speak coldly: “Vegeta, your wishes have been fulfilled, and now it’s your time to you fulfil your promise”

“You really want me to leave the earth?” Vegeta asked with doubt.

“You also know that, if you didn’t come to earth, then those aliens are also not came.” Kami said with a serious expression.

“Hey, don’t you know the purpose of my coming to the earth?” Vegeta asked.

“I understand.” Kami knows the meaning of Vegeta and laughs at himself and then speak again: “When I make the Dragon Balls, I had hope that someone can achieve a good wish through the Dragon Balls, and the result is completely opposite of my expectations. From today onwards, I will not make Dragon Balls again, let them disappear from earth.”

Vegeta didn’t say anything. He thought that Kami is too stubborn, it seems that if he want to completely transform his body into Majin Buu’s physique, he have to go to the Planet Namek.

I believe that Dragon Porunga from Planet Namek may be able to transform his body successfully in the shortest possible time.

“I advise you to hurry up and run. Ginyu is coming here.” Vegeta looked up at the sky and said to Kami.

Kami hesitated for a moment and found a place to hide.

“Scared to death…”

Karin, who jumped from temple, looked back and saw that Ginyu and others has already gone, then he takes a breath of relief, he was so scared that his whole body sweating.
Fortunately, at the crucial moment, Shenlong appeared, and attracted Ginyu and others attention.

“Hey, it seems that little monster’s wish come true. I don’t know, now he can deal with them or not.” Karin said.

Mr. Popo didn’t say anything.

Although Guldo used his power several times in a row, but when he reached to Vegeta with Ginyu force, Vegeta has already completed the process of making his wish.

“Useless things!” Ginyu insulted Guldo, and then looked at Vegeta with a smile.

Vegeta smiled and said to Guldo: “Guldo, your captain doesn’t seem to care about you, is it better to follow me later?”

“Hey, what do you mean?” Guldo asked angrily.

“Idiot.” Vegeta shook his head and flew towards Guldo’s position.


The next moment, Guldo’s body was blown apart, and he disappeared into the air.

Vegeta was not angry on Guldo, but he is like a hidden danger, although his combat power is not so high but his time stopping skill is very dangerous.

So it’s the best choice to kill him.

“Vegeta, you are thinking too highly about yourself, huh? But if I kill such a waste like you it will add shame to me?”Ginyu smiled coldly and said.

“Stop taking nonsense, get ready to die, Captain Ginyu!” Vegeta said with a smile.

“I want to ask you something, what happened just now? The monster, where did he came from and where he go?” Ginyu asked curiously.

“It may be the special reaction on the planet.” Vegeta said, he certainly won’t tell the truth about the Dragon Balls.

“But, I wondered, why don’t you run? Are not you the first prince in the world, who escaped?” Ginyu said and smiled sarcastically: “However, I want to how much your combat power has improved after half an hour of cultivation.”

After said that Ginyu pressed the detector and said: “I don’t think there is any improvement. Your combat power is still 60,000. Wait its improved 300, hahahahaha”.

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